Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 128:

Good news! Karin & her amazing K9 team are coming to OKC tomorrow to confirm sightings of Maddox!! Please say some extra prayers for Karin & her team to lead us to Maddox!

Also please share our purple awareness campaign and get everyone to change their profile picture to a purple Maddox picture for the month of May! This will help us spread the word about my sweet baby so everyone in the world knows how important he is to us and how we will NEVER EVER give up on our baby!! We just want him home safe!!!!

Day 127:

Please share & help us spread the word!!

In order to help increase the awareness of our search for Maddox, we have decided to try to get as many people as possible to change their Profile Picture to the same picture to grab attention from those that might not be aware of him. He is so little we need as many people possible looking out for him! His family loves & misses him SO MUCH and we just want him home!

Team Maddox is dedicating the month of May as: PURPLE Maddox Search and Awareness Campaign! So please change your profile picture to the attached picture and share our press release to help us spread the word about Maddox for the whole month of May!



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 125:

Today is a special day... My Mom's Birthday.. Happy Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much & miss you!!! I know they are having a big party up in Heaven for you & I wish I could celebrate with you!! =''(( I Although I have no pictures o...f Mom & Maddox together... My Mom loved him so much & knew how much in love with him I was.. I used to send her huge albums of pictures every week (yes I take that many pictures of my baby) & she used to tell me it was the highlight of her week seeing pics of her Granddoggy.. When Maddox was little he had strange thing happen & he got sick.. We had no idea what was wrong with him & Mom & I literally sat on the phone for a good hour & just cried together.. Luckily Maddox was okay but I remember that day so well.. I know my Mom would be here with me every step of the way searching for my baby... Only thing that has given me some peace is knowing she is one of Maddox's guardian angels & I know she is watching over him from the Heavens and keeping him safe for me..

I know life isn't fair but I have to admit I ask myself alot lately why everyone that I love more than anything keep getting taken away from me.. When I lost my Mom.. I was devastated but I had Maddox to help me through it.. When I cried, it was Maddox who licked my tears away.. When I could hardly get out of bed, It was Maddox who snuggled with me.. When I was sad, it was Maddox who brought me a squeaky ball or did something silly to make me smile.. I am sharing this picture because after losing my Mom, Maddox & I would always go to the Beach on her Birthday and that was the only place I found peace.. We always had the best day together! And now I can't even bring myself to go to the Beach because I can't go without my baby.. That is our special place.. That is the place that Maddox & I would go to have the best day ever! I miss him & my Mom so much.. My heart is literally empty without them both.. =''''(((((

Please keep praying for my baby!! I know he is out there somewhere and I am trusting God to help bring him home!! I know God knows I need Maddox.. My heart needs Maddox.. He needs his Mommy!! We need each other!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 121:

I have been waiting to post some more good news but as normal Maddox appears and tells me Mommy I am okay but then he disappears again.. We have several feeding stations up and several cameras but he definitely likes to avoid the camera! I guess he is just not ready for his adventure to be over!! He is very stubborn that is for sure! =''((

A few different people messaged me just yesterday and told me they had dreams Maddox was found and he was safe! Scared and hiding but okay and found! I was also sent a few different stories of babies trapped that had been on the roam for years! Sam a Golden Retriever was found after 2 Years! And Meggie a Sheltie was found after 9 months! I believe they are signs from God and eventually our dreams will come true and Maddox will be home safe and we can go back to the Beach and be a family again!

Please continue voting for Maddox for the Modern Dog Contest! You can vote once every 12 hours!! Winner is chosen on Monday!! Please share!

Also Maddox now has a book! Thanks to Kathy Miller for creating this for Maddox. All proceeds of the book will go to the Maddox Fund to help Bring Him Home!

Please share! And Please keep Praying for my sweet baby boy!! Anything is possible with God! His family is devastated without him and we miss him so much!! WE LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 120:

Please continue voting! You can vote once every 12 hours!! Winner is chosen on Monday!! Please share!

Of course, I want to raise awareness for my sweet baby Maddox. But I also want this story highlighted because there's a very dedicated Team of local volunteers in Oklahoma working tirelessly to bring Maddox home and a Team here on Facebook who are my eyes on the Internet. Everyone's support means so much to me. I could never begin to explain or repay it.

The world needs to meet my offense and my defense!


We love our sweet baby boy more than anything & just want him home safe so we can go to his favorite place.. the beach!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 117:

 It has been a very hectic and crazy week... Wanted to share some good news.. We received several calls on Thursday night of possible sightings all in the same area!! We got a good description this time and feel very strongly this was Maddox. This is where he was tracked previously and had another sighting right in same area.. This is one of the first times since he went missing we have had multiple sightings in same area that was already scent confirmed.... We now have more cameras and feedings stations set up and have upped the prize and stocked feeding stations with fried chicken, chicken strips, cheese, hotdogs with cheese, etc..

So everyone Please Please Keep Praying for Maddox to come home! We have an Organized Time of Prayer set for every night at 9PM Central Time so please share and invite your friends & family. Also please keep sharing our page since I am still locked up in FB Jail with no bail! =(

Also to not scare Maddox out of the area we are keeping all sightings confidential. We are removing the calendar with sightings from our website. We feel he has been in the same area for awhile or has circled back & want to be careful this time so he will feel safe to come back and stay around!

So everyone in Oklahoma City area. Please put our Maddox Hotline (405) 283-6863 in your phone and call us if spotted! We have a new number just for sighting calls. We do not want ANY sightings to be posted on this page and want people to CALL US IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT CHASE BUT KEEP AN EYE ON HIM, & SNAP A PICTURE IF POSSIBLE FROM A DISTANCE!

Thanks everyone for your continued support, prayers, and dedication to helping me find my sweet baby boy Maddox.. I miss my little baby so much and can't wait to see him again and give him the biggest hug ever!

LOVE YOU MADDOX!! Please come out wherever you are!! It is time to come home to the Beach & snuggle with Mommy & Daddy!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amazing Gift....

Wanted to share this with you all.. A team Maddox member from Ohio that I have never met painted this for me.. I can't even describe how much I LOVE IT! I opened it and told Brandon "WOW I LOVE IT!!!" It is one of the most special gifts I have ever received in my entire life.. There is a long story to go along with it that I can't type up here or it would take me all night but let's just say it gave me chills & shocker but lots of tears fell down my face.. She told me she had a very strong urge to paint Maddox and it came very natural to her.. She sent me the painting and the dog tag with Maddox's name engraved on it.. She told me after she was done with the painting she thought to herself "He looks like a little trooper in his camo with these dog tags...just on an adventure, coming home soon." We both feel strongly God told her to paint this for me and I feel God was sending us all a sign.. Maddox is SO much stronger than I originally even thought he was... I mean he is my little baby boy and I clearly baby him to death BUT he has amazed me and I know he is so STRONG & BRAVE & a FIGHTER!! I can't wait to wrap my arms around my sweet baby boy again! I know he wants to come home!!!!! Maddox Mommy & Daddy Love you so much!!! We can't wait to have a big party to welcome you home!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 114:

So... I am in "FB Jail" for 15 days and can not share Maddox's page nor can I even comment on any other page but my own.. Apparently FB considers capital letters and excessive punctuation "spamming".. =((( So I need your help!!! Please Please keep sharing Maddox so everyone in the world knows he is still missing and we are still looking and we will NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON HIM.. EVER!!

I keep getting questions about sightings, what have you been doing, etc, etc.. For sightings.. We get calls every single day of possible sightings and although we can not confirm they were him some calls from just a few days ago we feel are very likely to be him since they are in the same areas as previous sightings.. And for what we have been doing.. Thought pictures are worth a thousand words.. Although we have been somewhat silent on this page.. We have not been silent in Oklahoma City! The AMAZING volunteers that are helping me find my baby have been working their butts off putting flyers all over the city & spreading the word about my little baby boy! They are not leaving any rock unturned that is for sure! It has been extremely difficult for me to be so far away. And I have honestly been freaking out... BUT knowing I have so many amazing & very dedicated people that will never give up makes me feel better.. Still very hard to be so far away but they all have been lifting my spirits that is for sure..

God is good and I believe every person has been sent to mine & Maddox's live for a reason.. And I know he will lead us where we need to go to BRING MADDOX HOME!!!!! Please keep praying for Maddox & trusting in God!!!

I had the best dream last night. Maddox was home with me and we were playing and goofing around and laughing.. He is such a silly little guy that he always makes me laugh. And I believe he likes to laugh also.. He is always smiling and showing his dimples.. That is what we were doing in my dream and I literally woke up so happy! Then I realized it was just a dream.. But I believe dreams do come true and that dream just made me so excited for that day to see my baby boy again!!!



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 113:

I'm going to keep it short & sweet today...

♥ ♥ ♥ WE LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

"Live by Faith, Not by Sight."

"Put Maddox in God's hands and Trust in God".

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1


Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 112:

I have been SO incredibly sad since I left Oklahoma City and came back to Cali without my sweet baby boy, my best friend, my heart, my soul.. I can't stop crying & miss him so much!!.. =''(( But am trying so hard to not worry, to trust in God, to not be so afraid, and keep positive..

Someone sent this to me and just wanted to share because this is what I am trying so hard to do...

"Envision Maddox returning to me safe and sound... while thanking the heavens for Maddox safe return. And anytime I feel angst or fear of his disappearance to dissolve all fear ~ and instead hold the hope and promise of his return... Anything is possible with God."

"keep my heart & mind positive" and ""put Maddox in God's hands and trust in God" and "realizing that the reason for all this will present itself.. in God's time.. Not ours.."

Everyone please keep praying and sharing our page! My family is ready for our MIRACLE and for our sweet baby boy to be home with us! We want to see his adorable smile & dimples, watch him look out the window and watch the neighborhood, hear him squeaking his balls non-stop, snuggle with our baby,go to the beach, and just be a family again where we laugh & play together!!

♥ ♥ We LOVE you MADDOX! Please Please come home!!!! ♥ ♥

Thank you God for bringing Maddox back to our family and wrapping your arms around him and protecting him while he was away from us. Thank you for sending us so many amazing new friends that also fell in love with our baby boy.. Friends I will cherish the rest of our lives.. In the Name of Jesus, we pray... AMEN!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 110:

 Waking up and seeing my sweet baby boy WON the "First Dog" contest literally made me start shaking and lots of tears fall down my face.. Yes I cry so much these days but I just wanted everyone to know how grateful I am to have so many people looking for my baby boy!! I miss him SO MUCH & my heart hurts without him.. ='''(((

From Bo "The First Dog"..... "Say hello to Maddox! His story is still unfolding because, unfortunately, he is lost in Oklahoma City and needs to be found so he can return home! To help, go to bringmaddoxhome.com and once again.... congratulations Maddox on being the first "First Dog Pick" ;)"



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 108:

I've been struggling to find the right words the past few days but here it goes...

These past few months since that terrible night when Maddox went missing have been EXTREMELY difficult & each day that goes by that I still can not find my baby my Heart breaks more and more and more... =""((( I have to find my sweet baby boy!!! I miss him SO MUCH!!!

I wanted you all to know that even though past few weeks I have been somewhat silent, it is not because I stopped looking or gave up.. I assure you all I will NEVER EVER EVER give up on him EVER!! He is my CHILD, my HEART, my SOUL, my EVERYTHING!! I will do whatever it takes to find him & BRING HIM HOME!

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I had to come back to Cali to return to work so I can continue to pay to search for my sweet baby boy... It has been extremely difficult & one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my entire life..I literally almost could not board that plane & was shaking & felt sick! After we boarded.. I was sitting there and wanted to run as fast as I could off that thing!! =''((

It is killing me being so far away and I have only been here a few days now.. The only thing that gives me some peace of mind is I have a bunch of AMAZING volunteers & new friends in OKC that have all ASSURED me they will never stop looking for my baby and will be relentless!!!

We all met before I left and have a small team dedicated to doing everything I can't do since I'm not there physically... They are my eyes, ears, hands & feet in OKC & will check sightings, post flyers, check shelters, check cameras & feeding stations, etc, etc.. I will obviously continue doing everything I possibly can from here & am already trying to figure ut when I will be back there hopefully to pick up my baby boy... I will continue to be the voice behind Maddox's page, I will continue to track sightings, I will continue to manage where feeding stations are, I will continue to probably be blocked from FB for sharing too much, I will be a fax machine faxing flyers everywhere.. So basically I will be involved in everything still & those not in OKC you won't even tell a difference (except maybe more tearful posts). I am in touch with the local team Maddox daily & we have lots of plans in motion already.. We even have a new Maddox hotline for sighting calls only (405)-28FOUND / (405)283-6863 and just mailed out a bunch of postcards!

Brandon & I are truly so grateful to have so many amazing people in our lives that are all so dedicated to helping us find our baby boy!! We love & miss him SO much!! Being home without him is even more difficult than I anticipated & I literally can't stop crying like a baby!! =''((( Every little thing reminds me of him.. From his millions of toys, to the stool we got for him and he looks out the window and watches the neighborhood, to no squeaky balls going non-stop, to just sitting on couch & not having him by my side & have even been avoiding neighbors just so I don't have to talk to them because I know they will ask where is your baby.. I saw Maddox’s best friends (two neighborhood poodles) and had a melt-down this morning.. Every little thing reminds me of him & it hurts so bad to be here without him.. =’’(((

Maddox has been by my side every single day for 7 years and I can't even explain in words how much I love that little guy! I am that crazy mommy that has millions of pictures & I am sure my friends are like ‘does she ever not talk about Maddox?’ I admit I am crazy in love with that little guy!! I hate that I cant protect him right now & hate he is out there all alone! I'm so lost & hate being here without my baby boy!

As a team Maddox member stated “the donation of time...love...prayer...deed...hope...all of these "donations" are the common thread that keeps us all looking each day behind, under and over everything looking for Maddox. that little guy is peeing on someone's mailbox...we just got to find which one...”

Please please keep praying for my baby boy!! I know he is okay & out there somewhere!!! We LOVE you MADDOX!!! Please Please come out wherever you are!!

Wow loss of words turned into a novel.. =''(((


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 106:

Sorry for the silence.. We have received lots of calls but same where we have not been able to confirm Maddox or not.. We are continuing to spread the word about Maddox because believe it or not there are people that still do not know about Maddox so we have been using calling services, mailing services, ad in Edmond paper, ad in Oklahoman, etc, etc.. We have done so many different things and continue to do anything and everything to find our baby.. We also still have our feeding stations and cameras set up but Maddox seems to avoid the camera.. I think it is because he hates his picture getting taken! I would have to take the blame for that one since ever since Maddox came into my life as an itty bitty baby, I pretty much take pictures of him non-stop.. He gives me looks like Mom seriously?!?!

My heart breaks more and more each day that goes by and I literally can't stop crying.. =''((( And I hate this weather.. Ughhh..

Please keep praying for him & sharing our page so everyone in the world knows Maddox is still missing and we are still looking for him & will not stop until he is safe at home in Cali!~! We LOVE and miss him SO much!! =''(((

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 102:

Have you seen Maddox?? CALL ASAP (323) 217-9337 or (405) 615-3279 with any info!! Last Seen Wednesday 4/3 around 3PM!!!

Please share this candle & continue praying for MADDOX.. Th candle will burn bright until he is home with his Mommy & Daddy and back at the BEACH IN CALI!!!

And also please continue to share/like our page, check out our website, or follow us on twitter. You never know a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend might be that ONE person that God sent to see him and call us immediately so we can BRING MADDOX HOME!! His Mommy & Daddy will NEVER EVER give up and just want him home! We love our little baby boy more than anything & miss him so much & our hearts are broken & empty without him!! =''(((


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 101:

Lots of questions about sightings, etc.. It has been raining non stop the past few days in OKC and I prayed Maddox would show himself at someone's porch but instead I think he stayed hidden during the rain.. ='((( We aren't used to this crazy weather back in Cali so I am sure he is like what is this crazy stuff!! =((( We are sad because he seemed to keep moving and our feeding stations did not keep him contained in the centralized area as we had hoped.. That is what has made this search so difficult.. He never seems to stay in the same place for very long & we are always behind him vs ahead of him.. On one hand I am grateful he does keep moving because I know this is what is keeping him safe.. We are still getting calls but nothing confirmed.. Hard to confirm without a picture oR with calls coming days later or without a K9 tracking dog.. =(((

I miss my sweet baby boy SO MUCH! He brightens each and every day and as each day goes by that he is not with me my heart breaks more and more and more and more... Maddox is such a special baby boy.. I always say he is the cutest min pin in the entire world!! He has the best personality, he has the cutest dimples & biggest smile!! He is so silly and makes me laugh!! I miss playing ball with him all day long.. I miss snuggling with him.. I miss waking up with him all sprawled out next to me or burrowed under the covers by my feet.. Words can not describe how heart-broken I am and how much I miss him.. He is my little baby & has been the highlight of my life for the past 7 years.. I have never been apart from him for more than a few days and the past few months have been so empty..

Lately I have been posting prayers and verses from the bible and that is because I do believe in miracles and I do believe God is listening to all of us and I do trust in God and I do believe he is figuring out how to guide Maddox back to me. I still keep envisioning our re-union and the call that I get that says I found Maddox and I literally get chills.. I will be jumping up and down and that will be the happiest day of my life!! Until that day we continue to spread the word about Maddox..

We need everyone to know he is STILL missing and we are still looking for him and we will NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!

SO PLEASE KEEP SHARING OUR PAGE & KEEP SHARING MADDOX! You never know a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend might see him.. Even if you don't live in Oklahoma you might have a friend of a friend of a friend that you don't know about that lives here..


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 100:

Jesus said in MATTHEW 18:19-20...
"Truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gther IN MY NAME, there I am with them.

I know some are already doing this but we had lots of new followers join us after we started this & someone suggested it yesterday. Lets continue our organized time of prayer for MADDOX... EVERY NIGHT at 9PM...where we can all pray together in agreement for Maddox to be re-united with his Mommy & Daddy safe and sound. I know God is already hearing our prayers...he obviously is, or this wouldn't be becoming a FB page with 3000 followers who are praying already but we need to continue Praying and trusting God to hear and answer our prayers!!!!

Please share Maddox's candle as is still burning.. =( It will continue burning until I can take him home to Cali and will continue to burn until our family is back together again..

Maddox~ Mommy & Daddy love you & miss you more than anything!!!

Dear God, St. Anthony, St. Francis & all the Saints.. Thank you wrapping your arms around Maddox and keeping him safe and giving him food and shelter. Thank you for re-uniting him with his Mommy & Daddy who love and miss him more than anything in this world! Thank you for sending us such amazing new friends and people helping to re-unite our family. Thank you for this journey. Although it has been a very difficult journey, we know everything happens for a reason and we know you are guiding us through the journey. OUr lives have been forever changed. We trust you Jesus. In Jesus Name, I pray.. AMEN!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 98:

Team Maddox we have reached 3,300 LIKES!!

I was sitting here trying to come up with something to say.. I hate when I have no new exciting news but reaching 3,300 likes is exciting.. That shows how many amazing supporters & new friends Maddox and I have in our lives.. We are so grateful for all the support, prayers & encouragement!

There is something about the Holidays & Birthdays that always make me sad when they are without the people I love... I lost my Mom a few years ago so my bday, her bday, every holiday has been just not quite the same without her.. And now every holiday that has passed without my sweet baby Maddox is also just not the same... I find myself being so sad and can't stop crying... My heart hurts needless to say.. =''((( But we hope everyone else had a Happy Easter!

Please keep praying for our happy ending, for our miracle.. I know in my heart God does have a plan and is working on guiding Maddox back to me.. I just don't know when that will be.. I pray it is soon.. I had a dream he was under a porch with a skunk.. I don't know if it is because I really want him to find my feeding station at a vacant house with a perfect porch to hide under that I know a skunk lives there or if it was a sign.. Whatever it is.. Please pray Maddox finds one of our stations soon & we catch him on camera! OR we just get that one call! I get calls every day but they are all or "I saw him a few days ago" OR "I saw him but I could not stop".. I need that one person to call that will STAY with him until I get there or snap a picture so I can confirm it is him!

Thank you God, St. Anthony, St. Francis & all the Saints for wrapping your arms around Maddox and protecting him and keeping him safe and sound. Thank you for guiding him back to his Mommy & Daddy. Thank you for sending someone to stay with him if spotted. In Jesus Name, I pray, AMEN!

“Anything under God's control is never out of control.”
~Charles R. Swindoll