Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 158:

Maddox Montage - Maddox perfection

Maddox is perfect in every single way inside and out!! I always say he is the cutest Min Pin in the entire world!! But he also has this special soul that is contagious and is one of the sweetest little guys in the world!!

Last night was one of the most difficult nights for me during this crazy roller coaster ride.. We got a call saying a guy had found a Male, neutered, Min Pin with clipped ears and a docked tail.. We anxiously waited for what seemed like forever to get a picture but then decided to just send someone over there to look at in him in person. Tears started flowing as I really thought my sweet baby was finally found and I really thought my miracle was finally here!! I got the pictures and it was so hard to tell from the pictures so I told my friend about some unique things about Maddox to compare. We decided to take him to the vet to get scanned. We all prayed as he was taken to the vet. I even face timed with Stephanie & Debbie and talked to him. I was devastated when there was no micro-chip and this baby did not have the same unique things that Maddox does. We all wanted it to be Maddox so desperately but it was not him. It is Maddox's twin brother but not him. ='''((Thanks to Jenni, Stephanie, Debbie, Jennifer, Brandi who were with me every step of the way during this crazy night! Love you all!

It was so hard to realize it wasn't him, but it just shows - it will only take the right person to call. We just need to do everything in our power to make the world know about Maddox & think about him every time they see a black/tan dog. And keep the faith and keep praying for our Miracle! I believe God was giving me a glimpse of what it will be like when my baby is found!! God is good and I know he has a plan and I know he has brought you all in my life and Maddox's life for a reason! So please keep praying for Maddox and for our miracle!

I miss him so much and I know he misses me so much also.. We have a bond that will never be broken and when I first found Maddox I knew he was special. I know God sent him to me when he was just a baby and I know he will bring him back to me!!! Maddox has made me a better person.. He has made me who I am. He has shown me that love is powerful and when you love someone as much as I love that little guy it does amazing things.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 156:

Maddox Montage - Maddox's two favorite things - Beach & Squeaky Balls!! ;))

Where is your baby's favorite place to go with Mommy & Daddy and what is their favorite toy??? Do they like to squeak toys as much as Maddox??? ;))

If you haven't seen it already we were in the news again on Life with Dogs!

Also Maddox is Modern Dog of the week! Since I am in FB jail for 60 days if you all don't mind going to their FB page or Website and thanking them for choosing Maddox so he has more of a chance to be in the magazine, I would greatly apprreciate.. I know they are reading their FB comments.. I got a response from them! ;)) More exposure means better chance of getting him home safe!!! Modern Dog FB page OR the website

Everything I do is for MADDOX!! I live and breathe for him and just want him home safe!! I live every second of every day for him!!! I love that little guy more than life itself and miss my sweet baby boy so much!!! I have cried an ocean of tears at this point & am so lost without him & miss him squeaking balls every second of every day.. ='''((( Sounds crazy to miss something that sometimes drove you crazy but I do miss him squeaking that ball all day long & constantly putting the ball on me over & over & over & over... Can't wait to play ball with my baby boy again!!! =''(((

But special thanks for Team Maddox's support & prayers & encouragement & kind words when people are attacking me.. I could not get through this wihout all of you!!! ♥

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 155:


I believe God is telling me something because within the past 24 hours I have been sent some incredible stories of lost babies being re-united with their families all because they were MICRO-CHIPPED! A chocolate Lab was just re-united with this family after 18 months, a baby named Jasmine was found 500 miles away from her home! She somehow traveled from Indiana to Atlanta within a few weeks. And a cat named Dallas was found 13 years later!!! I thank God every single day MADDOX is CHIPPED and PRAY that will be the key to get him back to me someday.. hopefully soon!

Ironically we have been working on a Maddox Tip about the importance of micro-chipping and have been wanting to help educate people on micro-chips since there seems be common mis-conceptions like if he is chipped, why can't you find him? Well micro-chips do NOT have GPS tracking. Also many do not know that if you find a lost baby you can take them to any vet or pet smart to get them scanned.. It takes seconds..

We believe micro-chipping is so important because you never know what can happen! I am the most over-protective mommy in the entire world and never leave Maddox anywhere but look what happened the one time I did. And look what is happening in Oklahoma from the tornado, so many mis-placed babies that just want their families back but they are not chipped and can't talk to tell us who their families are..

Micro-chipping gives these babies a voice so they can always tell you if someone finds them who their Mommy & Daddy are if they get scared and run away or if a disaster happens or if they end up out of state!!! Please share Maddox's Tip and help get all lost or misplaced babies back to their families!!! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Modern Dog of the Week!!! =))))

Maddox won Modern Dog of the Week!!! Yay!!!! Thanks so much for all that voted every day a few times a day via computer, ipad, iphone, kids ipads, etc, etc.. We greatly appreciate it more than you know!! We are hoping incredible honor will get more exposure so we can help Bring Maddox Home!

What does this mean that he won? Well now that Maddox won he now will be featured Dog of the Week on the homepage AND will have a chance to appear in an upcoming issue of Modern Dog magazine!

It seems the photo selection for inclusion in the magazine is solely at the discretion of Modern Dog so we were thinking.. What if everyone in Team Maddox goes to both their FB page and their website and comments how Thankful we are Maddox won Dog of the Week and how much we want him to be in the magazine!!

So please take a few seconds and go to the Modern Dog FB page OR the website and post something ... a YAY or his fb link or Maddox Rules ... anything you want to say about Maddox & how much we all love him!! ;))

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Maddox was in the News again on Life With Dogs - The World Leader in Dog News & Entertainment!! ;))

I was so excited to share this story but unfortunately timing seems to be against us with everything about Maddox's story so since the story came out the same day as the devastation happened in Oklahoma last Monday evening, we decided to not share the story and instead decided our place was to be posting about OK and helping the misplaced babies there that needed our help ... I know exactly how it feels to lose one and was devastated to know so many were feeling it on such a large scale.... =''(((

We are truly so sad and devastated by what is happening in Oklahoma.. We are praying that Maddox comes out of hiding and since so many are trying to save the Tornado babies that Maddox will be saved also! We know he has to be so scared since he is from California & is not used to that crazy Oklahoma weather!! Praying for Maddox & all the lost Oklahoma tornado babies!

So please share our story...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 152:

Maddox Montage - Family Day at Beach!!

Maddox and his favorite place with his favorite people!! What's your dog's favorite place?

I know this sounds weird but I can't bring myself to go to the Beach without Maddox.. It was our favorite place to go together.. We always have the best days there & it is my peaceful place & Maddox's favorite place!! I can't even explain it but he is SO HAPPY there and smiles non-stop!! As soon as we would get here he would run in circles!! Praying for that day that we can go back there TOGETHER & I can see his smile that brighens my day!!! I miss my sweet baby boy SO MUCH!! =''((

Maddox is moving up in the Modern dog photo contest!! He is in 3rd place and only 100 behind 2nd place!! Here's the link. PLEASE VOTE! You can vote every 12 hrs & winner is chosen Monday!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 151:

It seems the Moore/South OKC area is getting the most media attention, and is flooded with volunteers and supplies. But right now volunteers are most urgently needed in the Shawnee/Bethel Acres area...

Last night I received an incredible story that literally is news worthy to me and seriously gave me chills & made me cry... Since I lost my sweet baby boy Maddox, I have met so many amazing people!!! I had to share the story because I am honored to know these two ladies & call them friends...

This is their story..

Two amazing Team Maddox members (Joanna & Deborah) drove to Shawnee yesterday to help search for any furbabies that might need help...

Lots of people there, not much to do, they walked and called for pets, Joanna pulled stickers out of a snapping turtle.... They met a couple of girls and they all decided to go to Little Axe because they heard they had no help at all. They were lost and stopped in the middle of a road talking and someone stopped Red Cross and convinced them to come with them to Little Axe. So Red Cross followed them FOREVER and finally blew them off..

When they arrived at the Little Axe PD command center, they said they needed Red Cross there, so Joanna chased the Red Cross down to get them back there! They gave her 1/2 their supplies and promised to come after their drop off. Joanna got on the phone with someone from Newalla (FEMA maybe) and told them NO ONE IS HELPING IN LITTLE AXE....

Well an hour later, they were unloading tons of supplies at a convenience store in Little Axe, diapers, water, cleaning supplies, etc... Then they helped Bella Foundation save five puppies and three dogs. They called even got a canopy and food donated for a rescue site in Little Axe!! And on the way home, Deborah said she passed two more Red Cross Trucks and a HUGE Food Bank Semi! Little Axe got the help they needed!! These ladies are AWESOME & I know with their help we will find MADDOX & BRING HIM HOME!!!

And don't forget, Team Maddox will be at the Rub-A-Dub event tomorrow!!!

And of course our continued thoughts & prayers are with OKLAHOMA!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 150:

We know this week has been sad and lots of tears have been flowing so today just wanted to share a picture to hopefully make you smile... Maddox's smile is one of my most favorite things in the world!! It brightens my day even when I have been in tears. His dimples and his smile and his soulful eyes melt my heart!!! Mommy Loves and Misses you more than anything sweet baby Maddox!

Some good news.. Maddox is now #10 in the modern dog contest and is only about 300 votes behind #3 so he is closing in on those ahead of him! There are 3,752 of us so we can take the lead if everyone just votes once! And remember, you can vote every 12 hours!!

And Team Maddox will be at the Annual Rub-A-Dub Race this Saturday from 10-4pm to spread awareness about Maddox! They will be at the Full Circle booth under pavilion and also giving away purple bracelets with & the Maddox Hotline on them. Rub-A-Dub Race for Rescues is an annual event to bring awareness to local animal rescues and more importantly the fact that pure breed animals are found in rescues. The event is still going on as planned as the OKC rescues now need more help than ever!! They are working around the clock to help save all the lost and found babies from the recent crazy weather!! =''(( See links below for details about event & check it out if you are in area! I am sad that I am stuck in California.. =''((

And of course our thoughts & prayers are with and will continue to be with Oklahoma! xoxo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 149:

Past few days have been very stressful to say the least & anxiety levels are off the charts but we are still desperately searching for Maddox and praying this weather brings him out of hiding. Good news is Maddox is now in the top 11 of the Modern Dog contest. Please vote! And remember, you can vote every 12 hours.

Maddox even saved another baby yesterday when the guy that found him messaged us to help locate his owners & it was the power of Craigslist that re-united him with his family!

While searching for Maddox, we have been doing everything we can to help all the tornado victims. Watching the community come together for a common cause to help all the lost & found babies is amazing! I have seen it first hand with Maddox... People coming together for a common cause to find my baby.. And now it is hundreds if people coming together to find all the tornados victims’ families... I have seen both devastating but also amazing things these past few days & have to say the Rescue world in OKC is awesome!!! Babies reunited with families less than 24 hours after tornado hit safe & sound with only a few scratches. Chloe, Bella, Baxter, Phoenix, Norman, Levi, Tucker, Ace, list goes on & on... The lady that found her baby in the rubble on while being interviewed, the K9 dog that was re-united with his daddy, the little black doggy that sat by his owners side until he was found. All these stories give me chills & make me cry like a baby. It also gives me encouragement and re-assures me that dogs are amazing & so strong & tough!! And hundreds more of doggies have been found and are safe and alive.

I know the fear of losing a baby & my heart goes out to everyone.., praying lots more are re-united with their family & many more found on the rubble alive! Team Maddox will continue to do all we can for Oklahoma and everyone is in our continued thoughts & prayers!!!

By the way.. We are working on providing a post to share that has a link to albums on the various FB pages for the tornado babies.. to get albums in one place.. Stay tuned!! Also Please continue to share Maddox’s Camo picture with several links to Tornado Relief Info to help find lost pets from the Moore Tornado (Pinned Post at top of our page).. .My very special baby boy apparently still has a mission to do and save more babies before he will come out of hiding…

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


CURRENT OK Tornado PETS NEWS& Links- Link to notepage of many links for lost & found pets below. Also a Vet list link. UPDATED regularly by Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc

MESSAGE FROM TEAM MADDOX - Don't give up hope! Remember, when your pet went missing, it was during a very traumatic incident. Your pet may not have been picked up because it hides instead of roaming the streets. Take it from Maddox, he was lost on Christmas Eve in OKC and is now roaming and staying mostly hidden in Edmond. He is still alive! Pets are very resourceful and are survivors! Because your pet has not been picked up, does NOT mean it isn't still lost.

GO to HOME DEPOT with found or looking for lost to CHECK database! Home Depot Triage Ctr (650 SW 19th Moore) should be FIRST place to go for lost OR found. Providing complete triage services, tagging/ID,etc.
LOOKing for your dog? At Home Depot Triage Ctr you check their computer for pet. If there, you get its ID# to go where it's housed.

Newest lost/found page posting (see link below to take you to a page of links)

Per OKC shelter - OFFICIAL site for posting pets displaced by tornadoes- Anyone with a lost or found animal from ANY town affected, PLEASE post OR SEARCH @

*LOST/FOUND PET TORNADO PAGES/GROUPS* (MANY links on this notepage) -

Animal Resources Ctr 7941 S I35 Service Road. For Lost and found 405.604.2892, --Volunteer Hotline
405.604.2894, --Additional ?'s 405.403.4464

AEC Animal Emergency Ctr of Okc -receiving and vetting displaced 931 SW 74th St 405-631-7828

McClain CountyAnimalResponseTeam McCART - assist rescue & sheltering 405-301-7904

OKC Shelter (405)397-3100

OK Humane(405)286-1229 ext. 4

Lost dog help.

VETS in alpha –

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 147:

PRAYING FOR OKLAHOMA!! Please SHARE this poster for anyone who may have lost their baby ...especially in light of the weather and babies that may have been lost during the storms!
For those of you that are probably panicking like Maddox's Mommy, I want you all to know that thank goodness Maddox is no where near where the tornadoes hit, the sightings of him are further North & I have been able to get ahold of almost everyone that is part of Team Maddox that lives Oklahoma and all are okay.. But I have heard it is really bad so LOTS OF PRAYERS for EVERYONE with 4 LEGS & 2 LEGS in OKC Area!!!

Everyone has told me "Maddox is a strong, smart boy..he survived through the winter! Animals know bad weather is coming before we do..I'm sure he hunkered down somewhere." Good point but that doesn't make a very worried Mommy feel any better especially when we are from California and his Mommy is so far away and can't protect him and my poor baby is probably like what in the world is going on here?!? Get me out of this place! =''((( No offense to Oklahoma but tornadoes are one of the scariest things in this world to me.. I grew up in Kansas so yes I have been through a few.. VERY SCAREY!! =''(((

LOTS OF PRAYERS for everyone & every furbaby in the OKlahoma area!!! And praying for all the Lost babies like Maddox that are out there and praying they found a safe place and maybe some friends to hunker down with!! These things are horrible to deal with far away. I have been freaking out since I heard the news.. Not only am I worried about my sweet baby boy but all of Team Maddox whom I love so much!!!! Love you all & Praying you all are okay!!! And MADDOX PLEASE GO TO SOMEONE's PORCH & LET THEM HELP YOU & BRING YOU HOME TO MOMMY!!! LOVE YOU & MISS YOU SWEET BABY BOY MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Video on how to calm skittish dogs...

I hope everyone in the Okc area made it through the storm ok. It sounded like it was ugly!! And thank you for the prayers, thoughts and concerns for Maddox. I know he was aware of the weather long before it arrived .. and that he took cover, but it doesn’t keep a mom from worrying, does it? =''(((

I did want you to see this video. Please share this post. It explains calming signals and skittish dogs. Remember when I said Maddox will probably even run from me and how he will act if called or chased? This video explains everything. People really need to see it, so they know what to do when they see a stray or lost dog!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 145:

Maddox Montage - Touchdown!
Maddox and his favorite kind of toy!! What's your dog's favorite?

FB ate my post the first time! ...and the photo contest isn't registering votes very well for people, today. Here's the link. Maybe it will get better! (You can vote every 12 hrs)

I'll just leave it at that right now ... and see if fb eats another one!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 144:

The Street Monitor
Maddox loves to sit at the window and watch the world. Where is your dog's favorite place in the house??

Since I always say I have so many pictures of my baby, I thought I'd start a Maddox Montage. (not all at once... maybe one a day)
Maddox is always in the window when I drive up from work and then starts crying. I can hear him all the way from the street & all the neighbors always ask me ‘is that your baby in the window?’. Everyone in the neighborhood who walks their dogs always looks up to see Maddox in the window.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 141:

Awhile back I saw this post on Bring Rudy Home.. I reached out to Donna (Rudy's Mom) awhile back and she has been helping me alot with my search for Maddox.. I admire her for her strength and for keeping up the search for her baby for over a year now.. Our stories are so similar it is scarey from the way they went missing to the date to how skiddish our babies are but also gives me hope. Rudy & Maddox are almost long lost twins! Rudy has been recently sighted and spotted on the cameras a year after he went missing. So when people give me that look like I am crazy I always share Rudy's story.. I hope & pray we find Maddox soon and I do not have to search for him as long as Donna has had to search for her little man but if that is what it takes. I will do it.. I will NEVER EVER EVER give up on my little sweet baby boy!

The efforts that we continue to put forth for Maddox is due to a very loving bond that we have always shared!!! Please continue to share Maddox with your Facebook Friends and acquaintances. And please keep praying for Rudy & Maddox to be home soon!!

Within LOVE lies all POSSIBILITY…...

When I think of these missing pets and the families who are searching for them….one emotion comes to mind…..LOVE….what else could it have been that created such a lasting bond between two BEings…..Unless one has known the love of a dog one has not yet lived…..LOVE, the softest yet most powerful of emotions by far….able to sustain one through creation and loss, felt in the deepest part of our BEing, a path to comfort……sought after by all BEings….and the greatest of the commandments of God…..Is it not worth all the treasures in Heaven and on earth to have known such LOVE as our dogs do bestow on us…..could it possibly be that they are asking us to LOVE more like they do….within each one of us resides an inexhaustible supply of LOVE….and sometimes life's circumstances have roared louder than LOVE….but sit quiet beside your dog and try hard as you can not to feel LOVE… is not possible………….so within LOVE lies all POSSIBILITY…….when LOVE is the gift….the one who gives….also becomes the receiver…..feel the gift of LOVE today…Hug a dog and pass it on……you will be blessed beyond all POSSIBILITY and measure…..

Look up to the stars that twinkle bright in the night
And know in your heart…. that LOVE makes that LIGHT
Step into the sun feel its warmth set you a glow
It's LOVE that does this….and this you must know
The rain from above carries LOVE to the ground
Just look at the flowers that all do abound
Hear the wind when it blows…. sometimes strong sometimes weak
It too brings us LOVE…. in words we can't speak
Rise up at dawn and embrace the birds' song
For LOVE is in each note….try singing along
A new baby born is a simple delight
Created in LOVE and a beautiful sight
When you're met at the door by your beloved pet
It has to be LOVE….THE BEST you can get
For in all that we see…. wherever we go
It's LOVE in our hearts that we all want to KNOW
Take a moment to pause and reflect on this thought
It's the power of LOVE…. that to us once was brought
It was placed in our Souls when we first saw the LIGHT
So it's LOVE that stays with us through the day and the night
Hand it out when you can…to someone in need
It will circle back….at lightening speed
So ask for a chance in each day that you live
A chance for your LOVE to someone do GIVE……

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 140:

I have an idea.. I am trying so hard to get people to catch on to our "purple awareness" campaign & keep voting for Maddox for the Modern Dog contest. Will you all please share with 10-20 of your friends or 10-20 pages?? PLEASE!!! There are now 3,635 of us so if we all share it will help spread the word!! I shared this message all over this weekend and the votes have finally got to 2000 so I think it is working but we need to spread it more!!! You can copy and paste the message below and it will link to the contest and to the purple photo.. ;) Thanks all for the continued support & prayers for bringing my sweet baby Maddox home safe!!!

Please Share & CrossPost! For the month of May we want everyone to change their profile picture to our sweet baby Maddox to help bring him home! Maddox is a Min Pin Lost in OKlahoma city but from California & his family loves & misses him more than anything in the world!! And please vote for Maddox to win Modern Dog of the week! You can vote every 12 hours via computer, iphone, ipad or all the! Thanks for the continued support & prayers! I just want my sweet baby boy home.. Would be the best Mother's Day present ever! Love You Maddox!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 139 (second update):

This is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen so wanted to share!! Thanks Carrie & Guinness for making me smile on a very tough day!! I'm going to have to frame this one!! Hopefully it will bring my baby out if hiding!!

Day 139:

Happy Mothers to all the other Mothers out there with 2 legged & 4 legged babies & especially to the Mommy's with furbabies who would move heaven & earth for our babies like me!! This Mother's day is sucky for me since I don't have two of the most precious things to me to celebrate with.. My Mom & my sweet baby boy Maddox whom I miss more than anything in this world.. =''((( But hope everyone else has a very special day!!!! And praying my sweet baby boy comes out of hiding soon!!!

We did get a sighting last night right after dark that we feel strongly could be him since it is an area with lots of construction houses & creek!! We are starting to think he is hanging on the creek & then finding shelter at all the construction houses.. And strangely the person that saw Maddox was searching for him all day but then was coming home from Walmart & possibly saw him running into a pasture area! Her husband also had a dream Maddox was in those construction houses! I got chills when I heard the story! I feel so close to finding my baby & that God is showing us the way! Divine intervention! ;))

Please Keep praying for my baby!!! I miss him more than I can express in words!! My heart is empty without him & I just want him home!!! It is so quiet at home and I want to hear him squeaking balls constantly & making me play ball with him ALL Day!! And then napping under the covers with me on the couch.. And most of all I just miss snuggling with him and seeing his cute smile with dimples!! That face brightened each & every day... But now tears constantly fall but I can't wait until the tears become happy tears!!!! I Love you sweet baby boy Maddox!!!! Please come home!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 138:

It has been a week of ups & downs. A baby I saved from the shelter who was named "Jack" crossed the rainbow bridge. =''(( I have been devastated beyond words but I know Maddox has another angel doggie watching over him & guiding him home.

We received several calls this week of other babies found but unfortunately none were my sweet baby Maddox. We also re...See More

In this situation I can honestly say it has been very bitter sweet. I have seen so many things. Good & Evil. Some of the things I have seen makes my head spin but at the same time there has there has been so much Good out of this terrible situation!! I feel as if I have so many new friends that I will cherish the rest of my life and I feel I have a new family & feel very blessed!! I have been speechless by the kindness & generosity of people. Team Maddox in Oklahoma City has been working their butts off for Maddox & me and I have no idea how to every repay them for their kindness & generosity! I have realized there are truly amazing people in this world! I wish there was way more of us in this world and the world would be a much better place!!!

"Do not fear what this day, or any day, may bring your way. Concentrate on trusting God and on doing what needs to be done. Fear no evil, for God can bring good out of every situation you will ever encounter."


PS Don't forget about Modern Dog contest & our Purple awareness campaign!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 136:

Please share this poster. Signs bring home so many babies. I know sometimes signs are removed by the city, but a lot of the time, people just don't want signs in their neighborhoods.

I know I don’t usually ask questions, but if you had to pick a breed that could make it on their own, even through winter and everything for all these months, what breed would you have picked?

It’s been very busy since the newscast and I know every day I'm closer to bringing my sweet baby home!!! The Team is still working with feeding stations and cameras, passing out fliers, replacing posters, getting calls on the Maddox Hotline and we are working on doing a mailing! And more things I know I'm forgetting.

I never dreamed Maddox was so strong. I can remember at Christmas, I was worried about him out alone in the cold winter. I don’t think it ever occurred to me he could manage that and so much more! He’s my baby, so I only saw him that way. I guess I thought he had to be a big, strong breed to make it through what he has!! I'm beyond amazed.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 134:

The past week or so has been crazy as always.. Karin confirmed sightings & we got another sighting in same area a few days ago so pray we are hot on Maddox's trail and he stops at one of our several feeding stations to get a bite to eat and say Hi Mom!! I just want so badly to see his cute face again!!!! We wanted to share this tip in honor of Karin.. Someone said to me "With all the bad luck that has come your way, I realize the serendipity is that you had the scent article. Without it ... where might you be?" And it is very true.. one good thing about this nightmare is I had the perfect scent article (his harness that he has worn everyday for the past year) to keep tracking Maddox's scent...

We have been busy super spreading the word about my sweet baby boy Maddox so we get sighting calls!!!

1) We launched our purple awareness campaign.. Don't forget to change your profile picture to the bone picture with his face for the Month of May & if you get 5 friends to change it we will send you a wrist-band!

2) We still have our modern dog contest going.. We realized it is weekly but it keeps going on until they win. So lets' get Maddox to the top and we can stop voting!!

3) Maddox was also shared biggest Dog pages on FB!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 133:

Maddox was in the news again!! Big thanks to Jenni Shrum for representing Team Maddox!!! This is by far one of my favorite stories the news has done about my baby. It shows the dedication and over-whelming support I have received from so many amazing people & new friends! It also shows how many others have fallen in love with my baby boy!! And it shows what I have felt as if was God's plan to help other babies and that is why I always say Maddox saved another!! Without Maddox so many babies would be still out there.. Maddox has always been my hero but now I know he is so many others as well! I can't wait for everyone to meet him and see how special he is!! We love you Maddox!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 132:

Hey Team Maddox ~ For our purple awareness campaign we are trying to get everyone to change their profile picture to the same photo for the whole month of May so others that might not be aware if Maddox will see his cute face & share our story to help bring him home! We have decided we love the attached photo so please share it!! Also as an extra incentive, if you can get 5 friends to change their picture we will send you a free purple bracelet with on it!! All you need to do is email us at with your friends names & your address & we will send you the bracelet to the first 150 people!

Also, please vote for Maddox You can vote every 12 hours.
We have made lots of changes to our website so check it out!! It tells our whole story.. We have a new resources tab of what to do if you have lost a pet (it is pretty much everything we have done for Maddox), we have a page dedicated to all the babies we have saved, tons of pictures & adorable videos of my baby boy. And a donations page if you want to contribute to the Maddox fund..


Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 131:

Maddox was shared on one of the biggest pages on FB!! They have over 500K followers!! Praying it helps bring my baby home!!!! Thanks to Pet Pardons for sharing our story!!

We LOVE YOU MADDOX!! Mommy & Daddy miss you more than anything in this world! It is time to come out from hiding and let someone help you so you can come home to Cali to the beach!


Oklahoma City/Edmond Area - Oklahoma

Maddox's Heartbroken Mom says:
"Little Maddox went missing on Christmas Eve last year in the Oklahoma City area. Maddox is a 7 year old Miniature Pincher, black & tan, about 12 lbs, neutered, bobbed tail & cropped (short/pointy) ears. He is microchipped and was lost wearing his OKC Thunder collar with tags. He will be very scared and having been on the roam for so long, he might even run from me. So please don't chase him, but please keep an eye on him until we get there."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 129:

Karin & Team were able to confirm recent sightings of Maddox today!! These are the sightings I got really excited about and just knew it was my baby!! Call it a mother's intuition!
So good news is he is finally staying in the same area.. Bad news is we still have no idea where all his hiding spots are! =''(( I feel strongly he has a few different hiding spots and stays hidden.. Based on the confirmed scent trails we plan on moving some of our feeding stations & cameras closer to his travel path & adjusting the food to be something more high value of a very picky doggy and one that has been out this long & can survive on his own.. We are going to get some better cameras and hit the area hard with new flyers, etc..

So please keep praying for my baby! He is smart & tough & very stubborn but it is time for him to come home!! Someone told me this today and it stuck with me.. In past I have said "my baby should not be out there all alone" but they reminded me that nobody is ever alone and God is always with us and Maddox is not alone. He has several angels around him always and God is always with him.. We all have to trust in God and know that this is his plan and his timing and I know he is figuring out how to guide him back to me.. All things are possible with God.