Sunday, April 27, 2014

So on Facebook I get so many messages & so many comments and I really do try to read every single one of them BUT I recently realized I am missing on some of the best comments.. And that is what people say when they share our story...So today I am letting someone else's words be my post.. I like the story being from a different perspective other than mine.. I feel like I say the same things over & over again.. I think it is because I can't really find words for how I feel because there are no words to describe how a mother feels when her child is lost and no matter what you do you still can't find them and no matter what you do you feel so helpless and the part of this that is the worst is that I can't protect my baby.. =''(((

I want to thank you all for always sharing our story and staying with me and Maddox and never giving up on us! Together we WILL find my baby boy!!

This is so perfect and so touching... Made me Cry... Of course... ="""((((

"My Name is Maddox and there is something confusing me. I am being kept away from my real Mommy and my real Daddy. I wandered off from a family friend's house on Christmas Eve 2012. I haven't seen my real family since then. I am so unhappy...Mommy used to kiss me and hug me. And Daddy played football with me. Around October 2013 Mommy almost found me.. dogs followed my scent into a house in Edmond, Oklahoma but those people wouldn't help Mommy find me! If you know me or recognize my tags or collar, please help me! A vet or rescue shelter can scan the microchip under my skin. The microchip has information about my real Mommy and real Daddy and the vet or rescue will help make sure I get to go home with my real family! My little doggy prayer is to go back to my forever home where Mommy and Daddy are waiting for me. I even seem my real Mommy and Daddy when I sleep and dream of them...I wake up so sad...please copy and paste and share until some kind person returns me to my real family! Thank you Maddox."

 — with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Several of you have probably seen this by now but today wanted to just share the story about Molly.. Click here to read full story..

 Molly was stolen from her family's backyard a year ago and her family searched desperately for her, but lost hope after months passed with no word. Molly was found roaming around a few months later, just skin and bones. Her rescuers cared for her and adopted her into their family for 7 months. Molly slipped her lead on a walk and when she was found, they scanned Molly for a microchip. Well she did have a chip and it was still registered to her first family!!! When they called Molly's owners, they were in disbelief that Molly was safe after a year away from them. And then.. Just a few minutes later, they received another call asking about Molly from the rescuers! The rescuers showed tremendous selflessness in being willing to give up a furbaby that they love so much so she could go back home to her original family... They were very sad to say goodbye to Molly but they were so happy to hear that Molly was going to be reunited with her family, including young children who had missed her all this time. 

This story brought tears.. First of all I do feel in all my heart that this might be how I get my sweet baby boy Maddox back.. I feel like he will get away from whoever he is with and that is how I will get him back..

Also strangely as I was walking my girls just the other day, I though to myself, how could nobody be looking for my little girl Bliss. She is so cute and sweet and loving and a total goofball. And I thought to myself she is all over Facebook and I thought what if someone called me and said Bliss is their baby.. I thought well that is going to be the hardest thing I ever do to let her go but I would have to let her go back to her original family with visitation rights of course :)) But I would have to because that is the right thing to do and how could I not considering I expect whoever has my sweet baby Maddox to give him back to me.. I can't be a hypocrite..

And if there is a family that has loved Maddox for the past year.. I would give them visitation rights.. Because they have taken care of him when I couldn't and I am sure they love him too.. Heck thousands of people have fallen in love with Maddox and they haven't' even met him.. He has that effect on people.. When he was a baby.. this is strange but people would want to buy him from me.. Of course I would say Hell NO I a not selling my baby to you even if you paid me a million dollars but you get the point.. 

Always Praying and always believing in my miracle!!! Love you and Miss you Maddox!!! Wherever you are know that Mommy is still searching and I will never give up on you so I hope you have not given up on me!! =''((((

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today Maddox wants to save more lives since he is STILL MISSING!!! =''((( 

Please share this article about The Scary Truth about "Free to a Good Home" Ads on Craigslist and other Classifieds..
To read article click here.. <<<

I admit until Maddox got lost I had no idea how scarey and evil this world is but now my eyes are WIDE OPEN!! And I have even contacted several people listing Min Pins as "Free to a good home" to try to help get these babies in a safe place.. Unfortunately not all have I been able to help and I only hope and pray those babies are okay.. I have had some people get really nasty with me and mean and won't let me help them when I try to educate them and that hurts my heart.. ='''(((

I know the truth is hard to hear sometimes but we can't keep turning our backs on things like this! This has to stop!! These babies do not deserve to be bait dogs or be in labs for testing who knows what.. These babies deserve love and happiness and to be spoiled rotten!! One lady was mad at me because she felt like I was not upfront and honest with her.. I was only trying to help the baby.. I want to help every single baby that comes acors my path and I truly feel nausous when I see free to a good home..

True story.. One baby we saved.. He was found and then they could not find his family.. Then a few weeks later he was listed on Craigslist as free to good home.. We contacted them to save this baby.. The lady didn't ask for credentials or anything and just made the person that saved this baby promise he would be okay.. This world is very dishonest.. My friend is very honest but she is the minorty and this baby is Okay and he is spoiled rotten and loved like he deserves but if my friend wouldnt' of gotten to hm first who knows here this sweet baby boy would be!!!

Anyways please just share share share share! Truth Needs to be told and people need to be aware!

Maddox is STILL MISSING!! He is an 8 y/o, microchipped, black and tan, neutered male Miniature Pinscher. Tracking dogs followed his scent into a yard in Edmond, where the scent stopped. This means he was picked up. We need your help spreading the word. $5000 reward! As we’ve seen time and time again, microchipped pets have turned up months or years later and hundreds of miles away, because the pet wasn't scanned for a microchip when first found.

405-28F-OUND! (405-283-6863)
Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
All calls confidential.
 — withMaddox Vestal and Jackie Robben Vestal.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I want to thank everyone for sharing! Some have said you are pasting a link to a poster on their area and state lost pet pages. Thank you!! Remember, not only can you share to your page, you can copy and paste the link from any post to any page. It can be lost & found, your favorite pet pages, etc. This link, for instance.

To share in any of your groups, just click share on a post and you can choose which groups you want to share to. It can be lost & found or any kind of group actually. Or, you can just paste the link into a post in a group. Whichever is easiest.

Thank you all so much for all you do and wherever you share Maddox!

Maddox was picked up after May 2013. He may still be in the OKLAHOMA CITY/EDMOND area, but he could have easily been taken many miles away. As often happens with a found dog, his microchip has yet to be scanned. It’s very likely whoever has him has no clue we are looking for him.

Maddox is an 8 y/o, microchipped, black and tan, neutered male Miniature Pinscher. Tracking dogs followed his scent into a yard in Edmond, where the scent stopped. This means he was picked up. We need your help spreading the word. $5000 reward! As we’ve seen time and time again, microchipped pets have turned up months or years later and hundreds of miles away, because the pet wasn't scanned for a microchip when first found.

405-28F-OUND! (405-283-6863)
Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
All calls confidential.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to all of Team Maddox! I hope you all have a very blessed and happy Easter! 

"He has Risen... Have Faith in Him.. And he will Always be there for you!" 

Sharing this picture because this was a photo taken on Easter Sunday a few years ago.. Brandon, Maddox & I had "Easter In Hollywood".. We went to the Hollywood sign and then we went to Malibu.. This was taken in Malibu.. It was very windy but so peaceful! We had such a great family day.. I miss my sweet baby boy more than words can describe... I love him so much.. I was thinking lately how hard this year has been.. It has been imaginable.. Yes I am doing okay.. I am hanging in there & taking it one day at a time but it has been a struggle.. The hardest part of all of this is the unknown.. I know it isn't my fault but I blame myself for so many things.. I wish I would of listened to the signs.. Right before I even went to Oklahoma, I swear things were trying to stop me from going.. First the ceiling in my bathroom collapsed.. Then day before we were supposed to leave my car wouldn't start.. Then the day Maddox got lost.. I had such a bad feeling.. I can't even explain it.. Brandon said you always have a bad feeling and I do but because I always hated leaving my baby. I hated being away from him.. I typically cried when we dropped him off anywhere.. And this time was different... He was so sad when we left.. I have recently had flashbacks of that face. I pray to God with all my heart & soul, that is not the last time I get to see him.. I want to see his happy face.. Not his sad face. I want to hug him and kiss him and tell him how proud of him I am.. I want him to know I love him with all my heart and soul.. I want him to know I am not mad at him for running away.. I am not mad at him for anything.. I am proud of him for being so strong.. being a survivor.. for being such an amazing little guy!!!

Wherever he is I hope he knows his Mommy & Daddy will never give up searching for him! And when he is home, we will do all his favorite things.. and he will get lots of balls.. I have so many new toys waiting for him..

WE LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!! I hope wherever you are you got your easter basket present.. We have one for you here.. I will give it to you when you are finally home!   ='''((((((

Friday, April 18, 2014

Video here -->

Those of you who have just started following our story.... I wanted to share this video.. it is my all time favorite! ENJOY!! Hope you love it as much as I do..

One of Maddox and my most favorite things to do is go to the Beach! I can't explain it but Maddox was always SO HAPPY! He would smile ear to ear the whole time we were there! He would play ball...He would run and dip his feet in the water.. He would lay in the sand.. He would greet every doggy that came by.. This was rare because normally he was a loner.. ;P

When if first lost my Mom, I was such a mess but on her birthday which is actually coming up.. We went to the Beach.. just me and Maddox.. I can't explain it but it was a day during the week.. it was so quiet and peaceful and we had the best day ever! I could of stayed there forever.. Maddox and I played ball. We layed in the sand.. We walked forever down the beach.. We laughed. .We smiled.. And pretty much every few weeks after that we went to the Beach.. I never went without him.. I actually still can not bring myself to go without him.. It is our place.. =''''((((((

The Beach is the only place I let him off leash.. At the Beach we go to there is no where for him to go.. It is huge cliffs, then sand, then the ocean.. He would stroll down the beach a little but he would always turn back to make sure he could still see me.. I didn't let him out of my sight so just watched him.. He would always come back to me.. Even at doggy park we would intentionally run and hide from him and then across the park, you would see him spin in circles looking for me or Brandon and then he would run as fast as he could towards us as soon as he found us! It was so cute.. Gosh I miss this little guy beyond words.. All I want is to go back to our special place TOGETHER!!! ='''(((( I don't know if I can ever go without him.. It is just way too hard.. ='''(((((

 — with Brandon VestalMaddox Vestal and Jackie Robben Vestal.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Video here -->
Lately we have no updates.. Just still spreading awareness and trying to reach that one person that knows where the love of my life is...

Someone asked me to share how Maddox came into my life... I shared it forever ago but I know we have new people following our page and Facebook really is hard to read to find the full story so I am sorry if you haveheard it before or you have already seen this but for those that do not know I am going to start going back to the beginning and might share videos/pictures I have shared before..

This video I know I have shared before but it was my first video I edited several together. It isn't perfect but Maddox LOVES playing ball and I believe this video truly shows him. Shows him happy. Shows his BIG personality.. Shows his cute smile.. Shows his cute little dance he would do when waiting for me to throw the ball.. Maddox is so full of life. So full of energy.. He is 8 years old but still exactly like a puppy.. Gosh I can't explain how much I LOVE this little guy.. I miss him beyond words..


And so how did he come into my life..

Well Brandon travels a lot (he is a Stand Up Comedian). .We both love doggies and so we decided we would get one to keep me company.. I have to admit, I always wanted a yorkie..but Brandon grew up with doberman pincher and did not want a small fluffy dog.. LOL I also LOVE JRT's... and Brandon's Dad has a Min Pin.. His name is Montana. So Brandon said what about a Miniature Pinshcer.. And I said what about a Jack russel terrier.. Well we started looking at both breeds.. And then one day, Brandon sent me a picture of a little baby named "Pistol".. It was LOVE at first sight and I said I want HIM! Brandon called the breeder and she said they had some other Min Pins.. They had some females.. But I said no I want the one in the picture!!! And that's how Maddox came into my life.. It was a very weird experience.. He came from Oklahoma and we picked him up at the airport... As soon as I saw that adorable face, tears started flowing!!! So when I say love at first sight.. It is so true!! I knew the moment I laid eyes on this little guy he was my little soul-mate.. I knew he would be such a special part of my life.. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he would be lost and away from me for so long... I would do anything to have a chance to see my sweet baby boy again... Some say with Grief, it gets better with time but I don't know if this will ever get better.. I miss him and my heart literally is so broken without him... I LOVE YOU MADDOX! SO VERY MUCH!!!!! PLEASE COME HOME!!!! ='''((((((
 — with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Maddox was picked up after May 2013. He may still be in the OKLAHOMA CITY/EDMOND area, but he could have easily been taken many miles away. As often happens with a found dog, his microchip has yet to be scanned. It’s very likely whoever has him has no clue we are looking for him.

Maddox is an 8 y/o, microchipped, black and tan, neutered male Miniature Pinscher. Tracking dogs followed his scent into a yard in Edmond, where the scent stopped. This means he was picked up. We need your help spreading the word. $5000 reward! As we’ve seen time and time again, microchipped pets have turned up months or years later and hundreds of miles away, because the pet wasn't scanned for a microchip when first found.
Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
405-28F-OUND! (405-283-6863)

All calls confidential.

Shares and a prayer to Bring Maddox Home! I’m sure you’ve seen more dogs reunited with their owners, just this week, due to someone finally checking for a chip. How wonderful for those dogs and their owners! And there’s something I really didn’t think about until yesterday. Media Influence! The more "reunions due to chips" hit the news, the more engrained it becomes in ones mind.

As these stories continue, peoples' thought process begins to change. Normally, when I think of media influence, it tends to be about something negative. Not this time! As more people read and hear about these reunions, soon it will be more commonplace for everyone to think, “I wonder if that dog has a chip...” rather than, “I wonder who abandoned that dog.”

So, shares and a prayer.... WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woke up this morning to some more attacks that I am a scammer, I am a liar.. The reward is a scam... Ironically I was talking to my friend last night about all the personal attacks I have had to deal with.. As awareness spreads it seems to happen more and more but honestly I will take it to get the word out about my sweet baby boy!!! 

I don't' know what is happening but whatever you all are doing is working! I got several calls this week from people all over the country.. Texas, California, Indiana, Michigan, New York, etc, etc. SO it is spreading!!!! So thank you to all that have helped me keep spreading awareness!!

While sharing, If you deal with people that think the reward is a scam.. I assure you all the reward is NOT a scam, I just want my sweet baby home! I love him so much and there truly is not a dollar amount I would not pay to get him home.. Us being together again is worth way more than money so I assure you the reward is real.. We have always had this reward, we just never shared the exact dollar amount until recently...

I was also called a scammer because there is a baby that LOOKS like Maddox at the OKC shelter.. Seriously?!?! Well he is NOT Maddox and he is no longer at the shelter.. I know every single Min Pin that goes through the Oklahoma City shelter because we check the shelter every other day and I have connections there so I assure you Maddox will not be at the shelter without me knowing.. and actually any baby there I work my butt off to get them out of the shelter.. I can't stand any Min Pin being there so I network to get them safe.. So if that makes me a scammer so be it.. I love these babies and will do anything to save them..

I will never understand how people throw out accusations and personal attacks without even knowing the person.. I was raised if you don't' have anything nice to say don't say anything.. That is one thing that has made me sick about humanity this past year, how mean people can be to people they don't even know.. There is a quote that says don't' judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.. If anything this past year, I have become stronger and have learned to not take it personally.. I don't' really care what people think and if they think i am crazy for paying too much for my baby.. If they think I am crazy for not giving up.. Quite honestly I think they are crazy for thinking I am crazy! I LOVE my family and LOVE my sweet baby boy and I will never give up! Heck there is some blog someone wrote about me a month after Maddox got lost saying I was a crazy person for still looking.. Well I know babies are reunited years later every single day!!

And it is my family and I know Maddox needs me and so I will never give up!!! I just want him home safe where he belongs!! And we do belong together!!! He is so special and can not be replaced.. I LOVE you Maddox!!!! YOU are my special sweet baby boy and we WILL Be together again!!!! So stay strong baby boy!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Late last night I realized yesterday was National Sibling's Day... So HAPPY BELATED SIBLINGS DAY to everyone!

Maddox has two very special sisters that I can't wait for him to meet... I can't explain it but I know both Bliss & Brownie were sent to me from God... They are both my little angels..

Bliss is the sweetest little girl ever.. Not your typical Min Pin.. haha! Well except the fact that I am pretty sure she is a roamer like her brother since that is how I found her and she scares me to death so I don't let her out of my sight and I am reluctant to leave her with anyone..

Brownie on the other hand I don't think is a pure Min Pin but all she wants is to be around people and be loved. She never wants to be alone.. Follows me everywhere and is a big cry baby.. haha.. Outside she follows her sister around.. She is always in my lap or Brandon's.. She is a funny girl.. I call her flash.. she zooms all around the apartment and is fast.. I thinks he is party Italian greyhound.. thank goodness I don't think she would ever run from me because I can't even catch her in my apartment.. ;))

Same with Maddox.. He was SO fast.. I could never catch him when we played in the apartment.. I miss him so much.. I know he wants to meet his sisters. I know his sisters want to meet him.. I never thought I would have more than one baby.. Maddox was always my one and only but now I have three. And each has a special place in my heart.. I just wish my heart would be whole again.. A big piece of it died when Maddox got lost .. I will never give up on him.. I can't even explain how much I miss him.. I look at him and he is SO PERFECT! He is SO BEAUTIFUL! He has the BIGGEST PERSONALITY! He is truely one of a kind!!! He is SO SPECIAL! And I knew it the second I laid eyes on him.. I have my girls but Maddox is my soul-mate.. I will never be whole until he is HOME!!!

Dear Maddox, Mommy and Daddy and your sisters love you and miss you so much.. Please keep the faith.. Please stay strong.. Please be a good boy.. and know Mommy & Daddy will never give up... We pray wherever you are you are safe.. you are being loved.. you are being spoiled.. But know this.. wherever you are we WILL FIND YOU!! Love you to the moon and back a trillion gazillion times sweet baby boy!!!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time to lighten the mood.....

What is your Easter Bunny name? What is your Fur Babies Easter Bunny name?!?! I normally don't like these but thought this one was cute so please share with us your name(s)!! We would love to hear from you!

Maddox = Sparkle Sugar Kiss 
Me = Daffodil Sugar Kiss
Brownie, Bliss & Brandon (My 3B's ;)) = Whisper Sugar Kiss

Maddox does give good kisses and always has a sparkle & twinkle in his eyes that I miss so very much!! =''(((

Sparkle Sugar Kiss Mommy & Daddy LOVE you and MISS you and we are STILL SEARCHING and BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH that our Family WILL be TOGETHER again and WE WILL BE SOOOOOO HAPPY & SPARKLY & GLOWING!!! :)))    xooxoxox

Monday, April 7, 2014

Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
Dear Maddox, I promise we’re still searching.
 Mom & Dad 
Please share for Maddox and all the pets out there with grieving families looking for their baby!

2 weeks ago, a dog missing for 17 months was scanned for a chip and returned home. She was 400 miles away. Last week, an OKC dog was found in Norman, 2 years after he was lost. He was scanned and returned home. He was wearing a current rabies tag... but not his original vet.

It happens. It happens a lot. And just think, if we hear stories nearly every week about dogs returning home years after the fact, there are many more we aren’t hearing. I wonder how much it's happening. And I also wonder this… how many pets are out there, that people have found and assumed were unwanted, because the pet was stray, dirty, and scared, and then, never scanned. Some are kept, some sold, some given away.

Maddox was dirty and scared. I’m sure of it. I’m also sure of this. Never, NEVER before in his life was he like that. He only knew the best... better than the best. I love him as much now as I ever have and I just want him home.

Friday, April 4, 2014


We really need help spreading awareness.. And since FB is messing with us I feel like we have to share it even more than normal..

Awhile back there was lost pet awareness day and I do feel like we should try that again this weekend!!! There are so many ways you can help us without even knowing it.. 

Some options to help are:
(a) If everyone takes this poster and shares it on their personal page and 5 other FB pages/groups imagine how many people we can reach!
(b) Or even if you just want to create one or two Craigslist ads in your city that will help too.. 
(c) Or you can print it out and take it to your local vet, shelter, petstore, dogpark, groomer, anywhere
(d) If you are on Twitter, you can tweet for us to any of your favorite dog lovers!

(e) Post on Pnterest
(d) Post on Instagram (I want to make one for Instagram in the square format)
(e) any other creative way to share Maddox!

I wanted to share it today because I know lots of us can't be on facebook during the week but the weekend we have more time to be on here!!! (Atleast I do... ;))

Thanks everyone for your continued love & support. Together we WILL BRING MADDOX HOME!!!! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Please tweet. 

@mirandalambert @TheEllenShow @Oprah $5,000 Reward for his return! @bringmaddoxhome #MINPIN#MINIATUREPINSCHER

And anyone else you can think of.  
Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
Thank you!

FYI.. Facebook is messing with us so we wanted to share this...

Also I wanted everyone to know I am sorry lately it takes me longer than normal to respond to questions, comments, private messages, etc, etc.. And sorry I don't post as much as I used to.. 

I assure you all, I am always thinking of Maddox. I do not think a second goes by that I don't think of him.. I miss him so much... ='''(((

FB is my main way to share Maddox but have been trying to figure out other ways like Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, advertisements in vet magazines, faxing vets flyers, etc, etc.. I have been trying to think outside the box since nothing I have done so far is working.. ='''(((( I know it only takes one call but trying to reach that one person is like trying to find a needle in a haystack so just have to keep at it.. and that is what I am doing.. I will NEVER GIVE UP! Giving up is not an option for me at all not when it comes to the love of my life.. So even if quiet or don't respond, I assure you I am still searching for MADDOX! Just not on Facebook.. I am on some other social media page, or doing other stuff.. 

"the road you are traveling may be the more challenging one, but don’t lose faith. Don’t listen to the doubters, don’t let setbacks keep you down, and most of all, don’t give up."