Saturday, August 31, 2013

Four Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer & Football!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday so far and the start of Football season! My family are huge football fans.. Grew up with my parents watching it all the time.. And my sister is the biggest football fan you will ever meet! And then I met Brandon.. Maddox's Daddy and him and my sister are both huge fans! Unfortunately we do have a house divided though as my family is from Kansas State and Brandon's is from Oklahoma!! So on gameday Maddox gets to switch between his KSU and OU collars as long as we are not playing at the same time or each other.. When playing each other he wore both! LOL So this picture is Gameday when KSU played OU..

I miss my little baby boy so much.. Gameday is not the same without him.. =''((( He loves watching football with his Daddy! (Well as long as they were playing good...) If not playing good well let's just say Maddox was in my lap or under the bed from his Daddy yelling at the TV! ;)) Its hard to believe football season is here already.. I have been hoping and praying my little boy would be home by now.. I am still hoping and praying and believing.. and maybe he will find a school and watch the kids practice football and that is how we will find him.. Who knows.. When the kids play on my street, he alwasy wants to play with them especially if they have a ball! He will play with any size & shape of ball he can find! So maybe that will bring him out of hiding.. I am praying so hard.. I can't hardly stand to be away from my little baby boy for so long.. My heart hurts so bad.. I look at his pics every single day and just cry.. I Love you Maddox.. If you see kids playing ball go to them and don't be scared.. MOMMY & DADDY LOVE YOU MADDOX & YOUR LITTLE SIS WANTS TO MEET YOU! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maddox & His Mommy...

This picture was taken a few years ago.. It makes me sad to look at it.. I miss my little sweet baby boy more than anything in this world! ='''((

I can guarantee one thing.. That I will never ever give up on him... EVER! I know I have said this a few times and I am very serious.. There have been people that think I should just give up and think I am crazy to still be looking for my baby.. But honestly I think they are a little crazy for thinking I would give up and for not realizing that I am very persistent and dedicated to my little baby boy who needs his Mommy.. although this journey is taking way longer than I ever thought and I have days where I am so exhausted, I always get a burst of energy because I know my baby is out there somewhere and I know I am going to find him and I know that I have to keep searching! I know he is looking for me too! I know that is why he bolted in the first place. To find his Mommy...

So I am going to do whatever I possibly can to find him and bring him home.. People always say I don't' know how you do it. Well I do it for him.. I get my strength from him.. And from all the people that support me and keep assuring me they would do the same thing.. So thank you all! Thank you all for loving my baby boy and for supporting me in this crazy journey... I can't wait to post a similar pic like this but in the present when Maddox and I are hanging out again like none of this ever happened.. Only difference will be that he has a new sister and his mommy will probably keep bringing fosters home and we have so many amazing new friends that are our new family! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 245:

Please Share!!! I wanted to share these videos to help some people understand why the search for Maddox is taking so long and some of the things that might be working against us in our search for my sweet baby Maddox.. 

First is a video I thought was very interesting about "unintentional blindness" and I think relates to people that seem to think "stray" before "lost".. I swear in OKC so many people let their babies roam all over and I think that has made it more difficult for me to find Maddox.. I think he blends in because there are so many Min Pins that roam that city..

Second are a couple of videos.. I have to wonder where all these strays come from.. In parts of LA there are packs of strays and I always have to wonder where they came from.. Also one of the videos has a great special technique for trapping a dog.. Interesting and they saved a couple of Min pins that way so of course I had to share... ;))

Saving 5 strays in LA..

Ralph story made me cry buckets of tears..

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Cherish your visions and your dreams..."

"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." 

I read this quote and look at this picture... Maddox is my heart, my soul, my everything.. And I am so proud of him.. He inspires me to be great.. I do everything I do for him.... I know some people don't understand my love for Maddox and I can't even explain it in words.. I just know he makes me a better person.. He makes me happy.. He is my little soul-mate. The love of my life.. When I saw him.. It was love at first sight! And I told Brandon I want him!! The day I got him and brought him home was the happiest day of my life!! ;)) I miss him so much!! =''((

So many people tell me why don't you adopt another baby.. I love Bliss too... so much and know God sent her to me but our family is still not whole and will never be whole without Maddox.. I know he is out there.. I never asked or expected this journey to go as long as it has but I will never give up.. ever! And after he is home our family and our hearts will be whole again!

Thanks everyone for riding this journey with us and for sharing our story and always keeping an eye out for him.. It is amazing how many people send us links on Craigslist, Petfinder, other websites every single day all over the country and we still get calls all the time! We appreciate it more than you know! Even if it is not him... One of them will be him and so we appreciate everyone keeping an eye out! The more eyes looking for him the better! As someone once said... He can't hide from all of us forever! ;)) We will get him home and that will be the new happiest day of my entire life! I keep envisioning him home and him crying and jumping up and down and kissing Brandon and I forever.. He did that every single day I came home from work so I image it will be hundred times the normal excitement.. ;))) I just hope he knows we are still looking for him and will never give up on him! We love you Maddox! Mommy, Daddy & Bliss


Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy National Dog Day!!!

Happy National Dog Day!!!

Below is a link of 50 Ways to Celebrate with your baby! ;))

I do #12 & #18 all the time (atleast once a week)... LOL

I wish I could do #20 "Take your Dog to the Beach".. That is all I want is to take my little sweet baby boy Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc to his favorite place in the world with his new little sisters. Bliss.. =''(((

And I did #23 & #28 today! For little Bliss. Actually got her a couple.

And since Maddox has been missing I do #1 alot.. I have been helping a lot of rescues.. I do it all for Maddox & Bliss!!

And I can't believe it but we are now at 4,100 likes on this page! So #31 has been done!

I am sure we have covered a few others but those are the ones that stood out..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Funny from BrickPin

Today I don't really have any words.. So decided to share this funny from Maddox's adopted cousin Brick! This makes me laugh and not much makes me laugh these days.. Maddox always makes me laugh.. And I am pretty confident he loves to make people laugh like his Daddy so sharing this to make everyone giggle instead of crying... Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Pray that we will have some good news about Maddox soon! We still are hoping & praying he is in the area we have some good leads in. So keep praying and keep believing! I am trying to plan a trip to go back to Oklahoma as long as I can now that I have some vacation time accrued again.. I hope that I can go and bring him home!  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 240:

Since I mentioned taking a couple of pictures at Venice Beach with Maddox and some furbabies we met along the boardwalk several years ago.. Wanted to share this one.. Silly boy!!! As you can see he was a very BRAVE little boy!! LOL

Now Maddox I need you to be very BRAVE and let someonE help you find your Mommy!! Please baby boy go to a nice lady or someone that you feel comfortable around and tell them you are looking for your Mommy and you are ready to come home to Cali so we can go to the Beach and go to Venice to the Boardwalk and go to Malibu and go on hikes up Runyon Canyon and go to The Grove even though the trains scare you.. Please baby boy.. Mommy misses you & I miss playing ball with you & I miss everything thing about you!! There is not a second in the day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you!! You are my little soul-mate and we are much better together!! LOVE YOU MADDOX!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 239:

I was recently going through the millions of pictures of my sweet baby boy.. As I was going through the pictures I came across this one.... When I saw it I seriously stopped and stared and it freaked me out a little.. I started shaking and tears started flowing. Why did it make me shake and cry because I swear this photo looks like little Sylvia and Maddox together?!?! Sylvia is my little foster baby girl that was with us for a month... Could it be??

This photo was taken about 6 years ago at Venice Beach on the boardwalk.. I think it is so weird because I rarely take photos of Maddox and another furbaby but this day I took two. This one and another one that I will share later where Maddox is in the baby's face.. LOL But this one I guess I took because the baby that looks identical to my foster was being so cute with Maddox.. I don't know if this is Sylvia or who this baby is but even if it is not her.. I know I was supposed to save that little girl.. I know she was supposed to be part of my family.. She is a 12 year old baby girl that was dumped at the shelter by her family.. She was at the shelter for a month and thank goodness was saved by an amazing person in Washington DC.. I can't explain it but when I saw her I could not stop looking at her.. I private messaged the people trying to save her because all they needed was a foster.. I have never fostered but something made me tell them I will do it if you can't find anyone else..

Well a few days later.. I drove 3 hours to get this sweet girl in terrible LA traffic.. As soon as I got her.. It was love at first sight.. I gave her some treats and she immediately was in the front seat of my car and letting me pet her.. When we finally got home she wouldn't leave my side. She followed me everywhere... After a couple of days I remember asking Brandon can she sleep with us? And she did.. She slept by me every night..

Little Sylvia is one of the most sweetest and loving little girls I have ever met.. She loved to give kisses non stop! When I had to take her to the airport to go to her forever home I admit.. I cried the whole way there.. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to put her on that plane.. I miss her and think of her every day! She is forever part of the Vestal family and our hearts.. I sent her a care package last week with her blanky, a bed, a LA girl hoodie, and a teddy bear.. I swear she has a teddy bear face.. ;))

Anyways she is doing great with her new mommy!! I told her she is one of the luckiest girls in the world because she has 2mommy's that love her so much! She has her West Coast Mommy & her East Coast Mommy! So it is true what this quote says that you might stumble upon something fortunate while looking for something entirely unrelated..

And if I did really meet Sylvia a few years ago and then she came back to me because I was supposed to save her after her family dumped her.. I swear it means something.. I swear it is a sign that is telling me Maddox will come back to me too.. Maddox is SO special and is my little soul mate.. I know this is all God's plan and his timing.. And until he is ready to bring my little baby boy back to me then I will keep trying to follow this signs and hear his messages and believe in him and believe in miracles and believe he has angels protecting him and keeping him safe..

Eventually we will share a bunch of pics of Sylvia.. She is a doll baby! Of course in just a month I took a million pics.. So we have to filter through them to make a collage.. ;))

And Maddox... We LOVE you!! You inspire Mommy to save all these babies and I do it for YOU! I do everything for YOU!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


FAQS for Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
Where & when was the last sighting? NW Okc/Edmond. Exact locations can't be given. If people frequent the areas, he'll start running again. There have been multiple sightings in August!!

Can’t you just call his name? No. He’s in survival mode. Google dogs in survival mode. Or,

Why can’t someone just take his picture? In survival mode, animals run as soon as they see people.

Why don't you think someone has him? Since December, Karin TarQwyn and her tracking team have confirmed sightings many times throughout the months. Calls continue about a dog with same description and behavior that's been confirmed by scent dogs as Maddox in Edmond/NW Okc.

How will you catch him? Attract & Capture. If we can get enough sighting calls when they happen, we can establish travel pattern to set a trap. Cameras and feeding stations are set up now.

Why is it taking so long? Maddox is roaming in a 1 mile radius. Sighting calls come in spurts. Trapping is difficult until he settles in a small area. And remember, some signs get taken down and some think a dog is long gone if they saw a sign 2 weeks ago. It's difficult to keep up awareness.

Why do you think he’s still alive? What about coyotes? Confirmed sightings and survival mode is why. Pets aren't in survival mode and are often taken by coyotes when defending their territory. Dogs like Maddox are in survival mode and protect themselves by steering clear.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 237:

As you can all tell yesterday was a very rough day for me... Well entire year has been rough since my sweet little boy went missing and some days are way more difficult than others... BUT I do want to thank you all for your love, support, encouragement and for so many of you for riding this journey with me and my little boy..

I woke up today feeling better and that is mostly because I realized the serendipity of this whole situation is I am very lucky to have so many amazing people in my life from all over the country and so many people that have fallen in love with my sweet baby boy.. And I do know that God does have a plan and he has given me so many blessings throughout this nightmare! I woke up feeling more encouraged and I know it is because of all of you that during my sadness yesterday made me realize to not lose faith or hope because God is here and all this is part of some big plan.. Some of you I have met and some I have never met but you ALL are who keep me going.. That is one of the things I truly do thank God everyday for is knowing there are so many AMAZing people in this world.. And I know without this crazy journey I might not of ever met so many of you.. Or maybe you would of came to my life in a different way.. You never know but just know how much you all mean to me.. I sometimes feel like I am in a dream world since my world has been turned upside down.. All I did was go to Oklahoma to visit family for the holidays and my whole world changed in a few minutes..

So thanks for all of you for sending me beautiful quotes, poems, scriptures, etc.. it means so much to me.. It means more to me than I can even express in words.. So THANK YOU! I thought this was a perfect picture to share for the day.. Please share if you believe in the kindness of strangers.. I know I do because so many strangers are who help me every single day search for Maddox and keep me going...

And together we WILL find my little boy and we WILL bring him home! And we WILL show the world that miracles happen! And that little Min Pins are survivors and tougher than they look! MADDOX WE LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 236:

Today trying to figure out what to say.. I hate when I have no news.. Sometimes Maddox throws me a bone when I have nothing but today I really have nothing.. We were so excited and thought we knew where he was but not I don't' know if he moved and got spooked or what happened.. We thought he had a friend he was hanging with... I can't even describe how broken hearted I am.. I have been getting involved in the rescue world and that hurts my heart too.. So many babies to be saved an not enough fosters and rescues have no room...

I keep trying to help save these babies by networking and now fostering and I can't decide if it makes me feel better o worse.. My little foster Sylvia left and I really do still miss her.. I fell in love with her.. And now I have 2 new ones!! A little girl only 7 months old and a little boy only 1 year.. Both were dumped at the shelter. Both are so thin but so loving and friendly and happy to be free! Yes I might of lost my mind and Brandon might kill me BUT both would of not made it out of the shelter alive so and i could not let that happen.. One day I feel like I might not be cut out for this world because it makes me cry.. I hate how some people treat these innocent babies.. And then the next day I look at all the babies that need help and the ones that I have been able to help and i can't stop.. Especially Bliss & Sylvia & Jett & all other other babies in Oklahoma & Cali that are safe now..

All this being said.. Yesterday all I could think about is Maddox and how my life has been turned upside down and inside out.. how it is so different.. It used to be me and my little soul-mate.. the love of my life.. and now it is me and all different babies.. Sounds dumb but every little thing reminds me of Maddox.. I keep thinking I just want my life back to normal with Maddox here.. Until then I keep saving other babies.. Guess to try to make me feel better but it doesn't.. It just makes me miss him more and more.. Little foster boy likes to play ball and that made me sad.. And little girl holds her paw like Maddox... Everyone just reminds me of him.. I compare everyone to him.. ='''((( Don't' get me wrong.. I love my little foster babies too.. But I just miss my little boy.. And want him home.. I can hardly stand being away from him this long.. Tears just do not stop...

Please keep praying for Maddox and for all the other lost babies.. And for those at the shelters that need saved.. I wish I could change this world.. And I wonder why this happend to me? Why me? When all i do is love my little boy and all the other babies.. Why did this have to happen to me and my little boy.. Life was good before all this.. And now my heart is broken and breaks more and more each day... Not only because of Maddox but because of the things I keep seeing in this world.. Sorry for the long post that isn't so "uplifting".. I'm just being honest... I promise to try to post more happy news soon.. I can't want to post happy news..

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 235:

Since weekends are always slow concerning sightings, I wanted to post something fun. Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc is definitely a TTP kind of dog or MPBADL (must play ball all day long)!! ;))  Bliss is MBDT or LSDL and gets cranky if you touch her when she is sleeping.. LOL  Is your dog on this list? ...or you can make one up for your baby! ;))

Here's the last flyer we posted, if you want to share :)))

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maddox's Birthday continued.. <3

I saved the best for last! This picture was sent to me by another team Maddox member that was celebrating Maddox's birthday in Tennessee! During our group prayer circle she sent this picture and I admit I can't stop looking at it.. It is beautiful and amazing and melts my heart.. Look at the perfect un-broken circle the candle made!

All in the same day.. Maddox's Birthday.. The day that this world became a better place.. This beautiful thing happened with Maddox's book, a rainbow appeared in the East when there was no rain and no clouds, the balloons traveled West, there were hundreds of shooting stars that night from the meteor shower so hopefully lots of wishes!! I feel strongly in my heart that the stars are starting to align and all of these together are signs from God and prayer and faith will guide us to my sweet baby boy and we WILL find him! And we WILL be a family again!!

Something else very interesting is we have had sightings calls East of where we were looking and the Rainbow appeared in the East! Rainbows are gifts from God! So everyone please keep believing and praying and we will bring my sweet baby boy home where he belongs!! He will be back in Cali at the Beach and it will be like none of this ever happened.. Except that we gained so many new friends and family into our lives! ;)))<3 <3 <3

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy California Birthday Maddox!!!

Happy California Birthday Maddox!!!

As promised I wanted to share more pictures from Maddox's birthday.. Its his Birthday week! Just wish he would appear so we can really celebrate.. ='''((

I think I told you that it was really hard for me to "celebrate".. I usually do something so special for Maddox.. For his first birthday I had a big party.. Yes I am crazy.. Crazy in love! We had a party at our house and I invited a bunch of his doggie friends in the building and we had a big cake and I had snacks for the humans!! It was so fun!!! Then every other year we did something special.. Beach day or Hike or just a fun day with Mommy & Daddy.. But he always had a cake or cupcakes and LOTS of presents!! He LOVES opening presents! :((((

So Brandon kept asking me what I wanted to do this year.. I kept saying I dont' know and would cry.. I didn't want to celebrate without him but then I found out about the big party in OKC so we decided to join and also release purple balloons. We released 8 since he is 8 years old and I tied our wristband on them so who knows who will get them! I also decided to get cupcakes for me, Bliss & Brandon.... Bliss had a special pupcake that you can see from the picture she LOVED and was so happy to celebrate her big brother's birthday but she wanted it NOW! I had to hold her back to get a couple of pictures!! LOL

And the book with Maddox's picture is something I made for him on his 5th birthday.. As you are fully aware now.. I have millions of pictures of Maddox and on his 5th birthday I put a book together of alot of the pics I had taken his first 5 years.. I miss him so much & the book makes me cry!!! ='''(((

Anyways enjoy the pictures!
— with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maddox's Birthday Party in OKC!

Yesterday was a very tough day BUT I wanted to thank everyone so much for what you did for my sweet baby boy yesterday for his birthday!!! I have been a mess but am utterly speechless by the amazing surprise of the big party that was planned by everyone in OKC and how so many people around the country participated in celebrating my sweet baby boy’s special day!! It is one of the most special things anyone has ever done for me and Maddox and my family and I am so touched.. beyond words..

I took the day off because knew I would be a mess and admit I woke up and couldn't stop crying.. I kept telling Brandon it doesn't seem right to celebrate when he isn't here and how can I celebrate without him.. But my heart knew I had to do something special for him.. Brandon and I decided to join in the festivities and launch purple balloons from Cali.. from his home.. We told him to follow the balloons and prayed that God will guide them where they need to go.. We joined Oklahoma city via Facetime and launched ours at the exact same time.. Bliss was with us and helped.. I also decided to get cupcakes for Bliss, Brandon & I since we didn't' have cake.. ;))

After we launched balloons we walked home and had our cupcakes.. And then I wanted you all to know that something else amazing happened.. Oklahoma City sent me pictures of a Rainbow! It appeared right after they launched the balloons.. I know it is a sign from God and I even looked up the meaning which is pasted below!! ;))

Also several other Team Maddox members around the country started a prayer circle on FB and several people were all online together on FB chat.. They were all praying together.. And several others across the country also released some purple balloons.. It was like we were all together.. It brought so many tears to my eyes.. It is AMAZING to see that so many Team Maddox people from all over the country come together all for my sweet little boy Maddox.... Even though some were not there in person.. It was amazing to see that everyone took time around 6:30pm central time to get together & pray & launch balloons & light candles.. I believe the stars are aligning!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me through this journey and celebrating my sweet little boy’s birthday.. I wish he was here but I hope he feels all the LOVE and will finally come home!! Your support means the world to me and wish I could give you all BIG HUGS! And I can’t wait for the real party when we are all celebrating Maddox finally coming home! I know some Cali people are planning a beach party and I know Oklahoma will have a big party too!

BTW we have alot of pictures from yesterday so I will be sharing a few the next few days.. Today sharing the amazing Team Maddox party in Oklahoma City! Everyone in Oklahoma is amazing and I feel so special to have all them in my life and these are the people that do the most work for Maddox! They are out there monitoring feeding stations & cameras, checking sightings, posting flyers, checking shelter, etc, etc.. They deserve to be recognized and are truly one of a kind !! Love you all!

Spiritual Meaning of a Rainbow..
“The very first rainbow was put into the sky as a promise from God that he would never again flood the entire earth. He made this promise to Noah after the Great Flood. This is the physical meaning of a rainbow. Yet, a rainbow has a very spiritual meaning also. Its beauty makes an enormous statement to people. A rainbows beauty simply says that even after the roughest storm things will get better. Beauty will appear in a person's life again. This is the spiritual meaning. God brings storms into everyone's lives. Even Christians have to suffer at times. There is absolutely no where in the Bible that God says we will never have to face trials and tribulations. You see, these trials and tribulations are God's tests to see if we will count on Him or ourselves. Once we have learned to depend on Him through everything, then we will always see a rainbow when the storm is over. Rainbows come in all colors, shapes, and sizes just exactly like our troubles. We can one day have very petty or no troubles at all. The next day we can have troubles the size of the Pacific Ocean. Guess what, keep holding God's hand, let Him be your guide, let Him handle the situation, and let Him take complete control. Keep looking to the sky and you will soon find the most beautiful rainbow ever created. So you see, rainbows are not just colors in the sky they are promises for your heart. God always puts the most rainbows into the lives with the most storms.”
— with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Mommy and Daddy have raised you since you were an itty bitty boy at only 8 weeks old and today you will be 8 years old.. We are so proud of you!! You are the love of our lives and we miss you so very much!!!!

This morning I woke up to the most beautiful message and I could not of said it better myself.. Thanks Shirley for always having such beautiful words!

"Today a Rock Star was born... And Rock your world he did.. this mysterious.. wonderful creature... this bundle of pure soulful love.. as painful as today is.. Thank God he came to us all.. Thank God.. he came to us all.."

Oklahoma city is having a Birthday Celebration for Maddox and you all are invited!

Here are the details:

Tuesday Aug 13th, 6:30pm
Northpark Mall parking lot (Oklahoma City)

They will be saying a prayer to bring Maddox home safely to me and his Daddy and his sister and releasing purple balloons to honor his day and our search to bring hiim home. Cake will be provided! When I found out about this.. I admit tears started flowing.. This is one of the most special and amazing things anyone has ever done for my little boy.. I am so glad so many others have fallen in love with him and can see how truly one of a kind and special and perfect he is.. I know everyone knows by know how much I love this little guy.. I love him to the moon and back a million times! I love him more than I can express in words... He is the love of my life and my heart is so broken without him..


Monday, August 12, 2013

Maddox is Famous in American Dog Summer Edition!!!

Look what came in my mail this weekend! I have been really really sad all weekend and can't stop crying but this definitely brighten my day to see my cute baby's smile in a magazine! Maddox is Famous! Maddox and his other lost friends are in the Summer 2013 Collectors Edition of Modern Dog Magazine! Check out page 48! ;))) ♥ ♥ ♥

To order a copy online check out their website..
Maddox is Famous! Maddox and his other lost friends are in the Summer 2013 Collectors Edition of Modern Dog Magazine! Check out page 48! ;)))

To order a copy online check out their website..

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 227:

I think I mentioned this earlier this week but last weekend we got a great lead and found a new area that we strongly believed Maddox was at.. It is the perfect place in between other sightings and so peaceful and quiet and right along the creek he has been traveling.. Well last weekend Team Maddox put up fliers in the new neighborhood and I am happy to report we got a sighting last night in this area!!! And then today they were busy putting up more fliers and someone else said they saw him yesterday morning! And then another lady saw him a mile away last week! We all have chills and feel God led us to this place and then the caller last night's name was "Brandon".. All this gives me chills! I know my baby is out there and he is so strong and such a fighter!! I decided to post this picture because you can tell from an itty bitty boy that was only a few pounds he had alot of spunk in him!! Also this picture he is on his "stage"..When he was a baby we always told him to get on his "stage" and he did.. LOL This a platform under our coffee table.. He is too big to get on his "stage" today but these memories make me smile and I will never lose hope that we are going to make more memories together!! LOVE you Maddox! Can't wait to for us to be together again! And if you see two brown headed ladies.. Please go to them! They want to help you find your Mommy! ;))<3

Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 226:

Today I was trying to figure out what to post.. I hate posting when I am really sad.. And admit today is one of those really really really sad days.. I have huge bags under my eyes and I can't stop crying.. ='''((( This morning I had to take my little foster Silvia to the airport and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.. I know she is in a wonderful place but I miss her already and she has become a apart of my family and heart forever.. AND Tuesday is my sweet baby Maddox's Birthday.. I try not to get my hopes up but I really hoped he would be home for his 8th birthday.. I feel lost.. Normally I would be running all over the place getting ready for his birthday.. Wrapping gifts, getting a cake or a cupcake from the bakery, and planning something special.. ='''(( I decided to share this picture because it makes me smile and cracks me up.. Maddox is so silly and as you can tell since he was itty bitty has always been crazy but his craziness is what I LOVE so much and Miss so much about him! He is one of a kind and has so many unique characteristics and always makes me laugh!

Also wanted to share this story from an AMAZing team Maddox member in OKC that always has the most beautiful words ever.

"I am driving along .... errand day.... as always looking out for Maddox...I am on the streets where he has been sited in the past so I am always aware. Today I was looking at the temperature thinking how grateful I am that God has given Maddox a cooler summer than usual and as of last night clean clear water from the rain. As I look out the window into a field....I don't know if it was the angle of my car...stopped at the light...the angle of the poster...but this was an old of the original can tell it has been there thru all the weather and time....but unexpectedly I just glance up not knowing the sign was even there...and his smile...looking at my from that weird literally gave me the chills...then gave me this sense of hope and happiness...he was telling me I am here...don't give up on me. I am crying as I speak was a surreal experience only one given to you by a greater thing than you or time...or space...or imagination....Maddox smiled at me...and it made me happy. I wanted to share this with all of you. Keep the hope and faith...his smile is ever present."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Please pray for Jett and share for donations!! Remember this sweet baby Maddox Vestal saved from the OKC shelter with 3 broken legs?!?!?! Well he is our miracle baby! He hates pictures but is very loving!! And he is doing great and had another surgery today.. He has already had a couple but is a trooper for sure!! So keep him in your thoughts & prayers & if you can donate to his surgeries.. It is very expensive since he will have to have a special boot for his front leg.. He will also need a very special new forever home.. I LOVE him and he is alot like Maddox.. I want him to be okay & get spoiled rotten like he deserves!! ♥ ♥ ♥

To donate click on the picture and it will take you to the Dogs as Family FB page and they have a donation link on their page. This amazing rescue has done so much for this precious baby and not many rescues would do what they have for him so they deserve to be recognized! And any dollar amount helps! All his surgeries will cost $2,000.

A message from Jett from last night.. :)) ♥

"Hey, It's me Jett. First, I hate my picture taken but Grandma made me. Second, I was just sitting here thinking about tomorrow. Another surgery tomorrow. They fixed my back left leg and now they are going to put my back right leg together. I just can't wrap my head around more weeks with that dumb cone on my neck. I feel like I should be able to pick up TV stations or something. Third, the doctor said my front right leg is not fixable and they are going to have to order some thing to help protect it. Grandma said a gogo boot but then laughed so I hope it's a manly boot whatever they find! Could you do me a favor and send a few dollars to help pay for this surgery? There is a donation button on the top of the facebook page for Dogs As Family Inc. Well I better get some sleep. Love Ya, Jett"

Monday, August 5, 2013

Maddox's Birthday

Hi Maddox Friends! Tuesday August 13th is Maddox's Birthday, we will be doing something special to celebrate his birthday and would love to have everyone in the OKC metro area envolved. We will be announcing it shortly, but just want to let you know - keep Tuesday evening open. If you are in our area, PM Jenni Shrum or Jennifer Fors Stephenson for top secret information! Thanks - Jenni Shrum

"Just a Dog"

Trackers know he's still out there. I know he's still out there. On Christmas Eve, I knew I'd never give on my baby Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc. Today is no different.

This poem says it all...It might make you cry so get a box of tissues ready. ='''((( I LOVE YOU MADDOX!!! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Never Give Up!!!

Maddox We LOVE you!!!!! And the one thing that I assure you is Mommy will NEVER EVER GIVE UP Looking for you EVER!!! I love you too much and miss you too much!!!   

When this crazy journey started I admit there were some friends and family close to me that thought I should give up.. I am pretty sure there are some that think I should still give up but that is just not me at all and I assure you all the one thing Maddox's Mommy does not do is GIVE UP!!! I am bound and determined to find my little man no matter what it takes!!!

And I think I have shared a little that I have started helping with the rescue world and I do feel I have found my calling because I don't give up and failure is not an option!! So many times I have said that in the past week when trying to get babies out of kills shelters to rescues.. So many times have I said that this year. And that is one thing that is for sure that Failure is no an option when it comes to Maddox.. I know in my heart and soul that he is out there and he is okay and I just need to find him so we can be together again! He deserves to be spoiled rotten with his family! And I want him to meet his sister who is anxiously waiting for him and was saved from the street because of him! He saved his own baby sister!

I know in my heart this is why God chose me and Maddox to be on this journey.. He knew I wouldn't give up and he knew that even though my heart hurts so bad and I cry alot he knew my LOVE for Maddox would push me through that pain! He knew my LOVE for Maddox is what makes me stronger! He knew that my LOVE for Maddox is what inspires me to save other babies and keep saving them! He knew my LOVE for him would help me with this journey! So I do know God will bring my little man back to me!! I feel so close! I can't explain it but I know good things have already come about this nightmare..I know good things will continue to come to Maddox and me and our family.. And soon we will look back like nothing happened and like he was never gone and life will be better than it was before! :)) I had a dream that I was looking all over for him and came home and there he was smiling at me looking at me like what is wrong with you.. It was very real and I know that day will come.. hopefully soon!! LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!!! Sending you BIG HUGS and LOTS of KISSES! I can't wait to give them to you in person! xoxoxoxo

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sharing Saves Lives!!!

Earlier this week I told stories about how SHARING SAVES LIVES!! So today just going to post a poster for everyone to SHARE SHARE SHARE to help Bring Maddox Home!!! I know lots of you don't live in Oklahoma or don't' even know anyone that does but you never know how the stars will align so please just share!! It only takes a second to click on the picture, click the link that says "Share" and write something or copy & paste the text below, and then click "Share Photo".. It really is that simple and can save a life!! ...

When Maddox first went missing every single weekend I shared Maddox all over every page or group I could find that related to Min Pins, Oklahoma, Rescue groups, Pet Magazines, national pet pages, etc, etc and that is how I somehow have over 4000 LIKES on this page! :)) Unfortunately FB keeps changing rules and now I can't share at all due to "FB jail" and being locked up for 60 days so really do need your help to help bring my baby home!

Text to paste if you want..
LOST & SEARCHING for lost Male Miniature Pinscher, 12lbs, black & tan, neutered, pointed ears, short stubby tail, micro-chipped. Possible sighting in Guthrie. Please call 28-FOUND if seen or visit

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 218:

Since my sweet baby Maddox went missing Christmas Eve, it has been such an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs and ups and downs and it seems like this crazy ride just will never end.. ='''(((

Yesterday I was on cloud 9 from saving so many babies and then today has been a very rough day.. I see so many happy stories of babies saved from shelters or babies found within 24 hours and I am happy for them don't get me wrong.. But I always ask myself Why can't that happen to me? Why can't it be that easy for my baby to be found? Why am I living my worst nightmare? Why is this happening to me and the love of my life?? What did we do to deserve this?? Each day that goes by my heart hurts more and more and more... I just want my sweet little boy home!!! I miss his cute face more than anything in the entire world! ='''(((

I'm really struggling with his birthday coming up.... I always do something special for him and get him lots of presents and a special treat from the bakery.. I keep saving other babies and that is awesome but I just want to save him!!! I'm a magnet now for babies that are lost or need saved?!?! Last night kid you not walking the girls and a guy came up to is frantically looking for his baby penny... Ughhh I was frantic and he probably thought I was crazy bc I was like do this and asking so many questions about her like collar, tags, chip, asked of she was skittish, etc... I even got on a map and was looking to see where she could of went and posted her on FB, looked on Craigslist & was planning on making signs at work & putting them up.. She is very friendly & he said loves people so I swore she was nearby with someone and guess what she was found this morning!!! Why isn't my search so simple...:((( because I love the crazies and my life is always more difficult I guess! :(((

Please keep praying for my baby! My prayers were answered for Penny to be home and for all the other babies to be saved so I know he is listening! I promise to continue doing all the good we are doing and keep saving babies that need me but it is time for Maddox to come home so we can save babies TOGETHER instead of separate! <3
— with Maddox Vestal and Jackie Robben Vestal.