Monday, September 30, 2013

Factor #2 that influences the distance a lost dog travels

Last week I shared the first factor that influences the distance a lost dog travels, Temperament which when a dog is xenophobic & aloof like Maddox it causes them to travel further.. Well the second factor Circumstances also impacted Maddox to travel further.. Something caused him to run in a state of panic... I don't know what scared him so much and it hurts my heart.. Those that don't know what happened.. He was with a petsitter (a family friend) and she had a doggy door that goes into the garage.. She went to church and while she was gone he went through the doggy door and into the garage like a normal dog would.. When she came home she opened the garage not thinking he would be in there waiting.. Well he was and when she pulled in, he ran off because he was scared and he wanted his Mommy.. She chased him around the corner and lost sight of him so went back to get her car and never saw him again.

A neighbor saw him a few doors down right when he got out but she thought he was "playing" because he was running around in the yard.. I know he was just running around because he was scared & had no idea where he was.. I know he was looking for me! =''((( I know he would of never ran if I was there!

I cry so much thinking how scared he was and how I wasn't there when he was looking for me.. It hurts my heart more than I can express in words.. All I want is to make it up to him and love on him and hug him and give him kisses and spoil him rotten and promise him I will NEVER EVER leave him at a place where he felt the need to run for his life.. It makes me so sad.. I hate that I agreed to leave him there.. I had such a bad feeling!!! I hate that I didn't listen to my gut.. I never leave him anywhere but I was told he will be fine.. Well he wasn't fine.. I even told her to not let him off a leash and watch him because he is an escape artist.. It so is not fair!! I sound angry saying this and I am.. I won't lie.. It is not fair this happened to Maddox... He does not deserve to be scared and alone! He does not deserve this.. I just want him home safe so I can protect him!! He is the love of my life.. My soul-mate.. My beautiful & perfect baby boy.. He is my best friend.. I love this little guy more than life itself.. I can't help it.. Spending every day for the past 8 years together gave us this bond that I can't even describe... He can look at me and I know what he is saying.. He makes me smile.. He makes me laugh.. Now all I do is cry.. =''(((

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Caption This! Winner is Sherry Furseth!! :)) This quote made me giggle.. I don't giggle very often these days.. I miss my little baby boy so much.. I was telling someone yesterday how every little thing reminds me of my beautiful baby boy..

I lost my mom unexpectedly a few years ago and I thought that was the most difficult thing in my entire life but this is SO MUCH worse! It is the unknown, the helplessness, not being able to protect my baby that makes life unbearable sometimes.. And I have to deal with so much judgement and I know so many think I am crazy but I am not crazy.. I just LOVE Maddox more than anything in this world.. I always have been that Mommy that is so in love with her baby boy .. I wouldn't go places because I wanted to just stay home with him, I took him everywhere, I lived every second of every day the past 8 years for HIM! I have thousands of photos and they are all over.. He has millions of toys.. I spoiled him rotten! I hated even leaving him to go to work.. He was the highlight of every single day.. So now I am just lost.. Every little thing reminds me of him.. I order pizza and cry because he isn't here to cry when I go down to get it.. I cry when I walk down the street and see his neighborhood friends.. I can't go to the beach since that was our place.. I can't go to the Grove (an outdoor mall) because I always took him with me.. I can't eat at Outback because I always ordered a bigger steak than I could eat for him.. The list goes on and on and on.. ='''(((

He is my perfect baby boy.. I hate he is out there still. I would not wish this pain on anyone.. There are no words to describe it.. I just want my baby home.. I want to make it up to him that I left him at a scarey place he felt the need to run for his life.. I want to love on him and spoil him rotten for the rest of his life.. I know this is all part of God's plan but sometimes I ask why me? Why Maddox? It isn't fair to him.. I just pray he is okay. Pray he is not hurt.. Pray I can find him..

LOVE you Maddox!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Our 31 party is ending today!! And lots have said they didn't want to buy anything but still wanted to help... You can also donate to the Maddox fund on our website

We also have ideas for other fundraising so there will be other chances to help out!!

And no matter what praying and sending positive thoughts always helps too! Thanks everyone for riding this roller coaster with me! We WILL get Maddox home someway somehow... He has to be somewhere!! And so many babies are found months & years later! So anyone that says "he can't survive this long on his own" does not know him like I do! He is so strong and tough and smart and a fighter and I know without a doubt he is out there! I've always said the same reason that is making him so difficult to find is what is keeping him alive...It sucks but of there is a will there is a way! And I will never give up!! Ever!! "Believe in Yourself and your Feelings. Trust yourself to do what your heart is guiding you to do. Your intuition is powerful. Trust it" 

LOVE YOU & MISS YOU Sweet Baby Maddox!! XO

Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of my most favorite pictures of me and my baby boy Maddox.. I miss him so much!! ='''((( Past few days have been sent several Maddox lookalikes that we have ruled out.. Maybe it is a sign that soon it will be him. Hoping and Praying and Believing in my miracle and my life to be simple again with my family together.. ='''(((

Reminder of our Fundraiser.

Event is closing end of the day tomorrow so you have one day left to shop!! It is the perfect event to purchase a gift for your friends, family, or furbabies.. ;)) All proceeds will go to the Maddox fund to purchase new signs, flyers, and business cards to spread the word about Maddox. I will be there in October and plan on putting up posters and flyers non-stop.. And plastering the city so they know I am still looking for my sweet little baby boy and I will never give up on him! I LOVE him and just want him home!! I had hoped to raise lots of money to even donate toward all the amazing rescues in OKC that have helped me but so far our event is not doing as good as we had planned. :((


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Factor #1 that influences the distance a lost dog travels

As I told you I wanted to share some of the things I learned from the MPP MARS training class.. This is one of the biggest things that has made me realize when Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc first went missing, we made such a big mistake..

Maddox went missing around 6:30pm, we got the call at 9ish, we were in Dallas and got back about 11/12ish so Maddox had been missing for about 5 hours at this point.. We swore he was close to the house he ran from, we swore he was just hiding somewhere close by.. So we searched there all night and pretty much for the first week or so.. :((((

BUT Maddox is both Aloof & Xenophobic so we know now that he ran as fast as he could out of there and was not in the neighborhood by the time we got there.. It makes me so sick that we were looking in the completely wrong area for so long.. We expanded our search after we started getting calls and Karin and Cade confirmed Maddox was several miles away but he had traveled so far in such a few hours! And he is so fast!!! :(((

I also worry that now that Maddox has been missing for several months, people won't call because he might look "abused".. I pray that is not what is happening.. I pray when he does decide to trust a stranger they will call me immediately or atleast take him to get scanned.. Yes Maddox is Micro-chipped and Yes he had 3 tags when he went missing so if he still has his collar, they have my info!

I just heard stories in my class that were concerning.. Someone had found a baby and they immediately assumed he was "abused" because he was covered in ticks and his nails were long and he was dirty.. Well Maddox has been roaming for awhile now so I know he is dirty and might look rough but I just hope & pray they will still call! =''(((

I asked Brandon last night.. "Do you think Maddox will ever make it home?" He said 'Yes.. I think someday he is going to just go up to someone. " ;)

Praying that day is soon! I love him and miss hm more than anything in this world!! ='''(((

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

MAR Class with Missing Pet Partnership (MPP)

This summer I decided to take a MAR class with Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) to learn more about lost pets to help with our search for my sweet baby Maddox.. I learned so much from the MAR course and highly recommend it to others!! It is such a fun and great class with so much valuable info!

Some of the class I actually already learned since Maddox went missing but I admit when he first went missing I knew absolutely nothing and was clueless!!! I was one of those that saw lost pet signs and said to myself "How do you lose your baby?".. I am one that is so over-protective.. Maddox is always on a leash. Never off leash.. He is always with me.. I rarely leave him and then the one time I did look what happened.. I have always been a worry wart and now I know why.. Anyways, I have luckily been guided to doing things better and have been lucky enough to have very amazing people help me so now I am doing things correctly now.. In beginning, we SO MANY things wrong!!! :((((

I am going to start sharing some of the things I learned from the MPP page because I believe everyone should be aware of what to do because you never know when your worst nightmare comes true like me... You never think it will happen to you but even the most protective Mommy.. It happened to but when he was WITHOUT me. And 95% of the time it is when they are NOT with you! (guessing on that % but know it high like that)

One of the biggest & most important things is.. POSTERS!!

OMG.. If you saw our original poster you would laugh and be so disappointed.. But honestly when your pet goes missing you have no idea and we googled a LOST PET template and we used the first one that came up! It is terrible. I wish people couldn't even put such bad ones out there for people to use.. When you are not sleeping and just franticly running around and a basket case you don't have time to think straight let alone research about missing posters.. We luckily were guided to make better posters within a week or so BUT it kills me to think of our posters that people probably never noticed and the time we wasted putting those up.

I have been lucky enough to have such amazing people that love me and love Maddox. And most of them I just met or have never met.. I don't know what it is but people say "Jackie you just have it" I don't know what that means.. But I guess it is because I pour my heart out.. I have always been so crazy in love with Maddox and that Mommy that has photos of him everywhere, talk about him non-stop, wont' go anywhere without him, etc, etc.. This all sucks so bad but I do feel everything happens for a reason.. I have new amazing friends and have met so many amazing people as part of this journey that I know I would of never met without this terrible event.. Such Serendipity..

Please keep praying for Maddox and definitely check out Missing Pet Partnership's FB page and website! They are amazing and have so much info on their website.. :))

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Please share!! We need to keep spreading the word that Maddox is still missing and we are still searching & will never give up!! I will be in Oklahoma City Oct 17th through Oct 26th... We are thinking of doing something for national lost pet awareness day which happens to be that weekend I will be there... I had no idea when I booked my flight... ;)))

We need more volunteers to help with signs, sighting calls, feeding stations, cameras, etc so please PM me if you want to help... I need all the help I can get!!

Also don't forget about our fundraiser...

We will bring Maddox home!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

And the winner of the Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc caption this game is.... Drumroll!! Daisy Stebbins!!! ;)))

We love all of them but when I saw this I laughed!! :))) 

Maddox loves to built these elaborate forts or igloos out of blankets.. LOL I would come home from work and I swear to you there would be a tunnel built and the blanket would always be on the floor but next to the couch or chair and he would be burrowed in the back with the tunnel that led to his sleeping spot.. ;)) He is definitely a burrower... Does your Min Pin like to burrow? I heard it is definitely a Min Pin thing and was surprised when Bliss doesn't do it like her brother...

I miss his forts & igloos! =""((((

We love you Maddox!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maddox Fundraiser

Everyone Please Share our Maddox Fundraiser and Invite all your friends!!

There are so many different things from pet collars, leashes, bags you can customize, gift cards, etc.. Everything is very affordable and all commissions go towards the Maddox search.. Event will end on Sept 27th!

We will use all money towards new posters, flyers, postcards, maybe T-shirts, anything to spread the word about Maddox that he is still missing and we are still searching!

My personal favorite is the fact that you can customize some of this to buy something in spirit of your favorite collegiate team.. It has my favorite.. Kansas State.. I know lots of you are OU or OSU fans.. I know some are Nebraska fans.. And I am sure there are several others since we have team Maddox members all over the country! ;))

Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc is from a house divided.. He is a Oklahoma Sooner and a Kansas state Wildcat so he would appreciate this fundraiser.. He loves to watch football with his Daddy.. =''((((

We LOVE you Maddox!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The World's Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs!

Maddox wants to save more lives!! Please share!!!

I have been wanting to do a tip like this about foods our fur babies can eat and can not eat and saw this and it is perfect so instead just going to share this one.. Very informative of foods that are really bad for our babies..

Luckily Maddox is the pickiest doggy in the entire world so he wouldn't even eat half this stuff if someone gave it to him. I have never met a baby so picky.. But his Mommy & Daddy are also extremely picky so family & friends always say "he is definitely your baby!" ;)) I swear to you I had to force him to eat sometimes and he would walk away from treats.. I felt bad sometimes at pet stores because they always want to give them treats and he would snub them.. I always apologized for him.. LOL He would sniff it and look at me like nope I don't want it..

He LOVES cheese though and if I even open that drawer in the refrigerator he always came running.. He also LOVES when I would bring him some leftovers from Outback or any other steakhouse.. Spoiled or what?!?! I can't believe I am going to admit this but here it goes.. I always order a larger steak than I can eat so I could bring Maddox home leftovers.. He would be SO excited when I got home..

I miss him and I miss bringing him leftovers.. I cried the first time we ate at Outback this year.. I now order something different.. Just because.. If I can't share with Maddox I don't' want it.. Ughhh I am in tears again.. I put myself in tears a lot just thinking about how much my life has changed and there are moments that takes my breath away... I Love this little guy so much and I just want him back.. ='''((((

FB: Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jett - Miracle Baby saved by Maddox!

Today just wanted to share an amazing photo that made tears flow but this time it was happy tears!! Remember poor baby Jett, the baby Maddox saved with 3 broken legs that we found at the shelter in Oklahoma City?????

Yes you are looking at it correctly.. How amazing is it to see this?!?! He is walking on all 4 legs!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I'm so happy for this sweet boy!! This picture makes saving these babies so worth it and makes my heart sing! He looks so happy & has that min pin smile I love! ;))

Before pictures..

This rescue has done amazing with him and he is still looking for his forever home! He is our miracle baby and deserves the best family he can possibly get.. He deserves to be LOVED, to be SPOILED, to be HAPPY! He is so STRONG & TOUGH & I strongly believe in my heart he is Maddox Vestal's brother! JETT we LOVE you!!!! Can't wait for you and Maddox to meet! And I can't wait to meet you and give you hugs & kisses in October!

If you want to contribute towards Jett's vet bills please donate to the Rescue directly Dogs As Family, Inc. they are a 501(c)3 and as you can see are AMAZING and I swear Brenda is the Dog Whisperer..

Also don't forget we have a Maddox fundraiser too.. You can shop for gifts and all proceeds go towards the Maddox fund!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Caption This!

Please Share! We need your help! ;)))

Let play a game called "Caption this Photo"...

We will pick the best one and repost it with the caption later in the week...

As you all have seen by now I have thousands of photos of Maddox. We post a new one everyday and Janet and I try to find a quote or come up with our own captions.. BUT we thought we would try something new and fun and let you all help us with the Caption once a week! ;))

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I think I have posted this photo before but it is one of my all time favorites so worth posting again. Plus I miss watching football with my baby boy.. Football season is in full force and we love lazy Sunday's watching NFL Redzone.. Our favorite channel! Maddox please come home and watch football with Mommy & Daddy and your sister "Bliss".. :)) 

We LOVE you and Miss you and hate you are not home with us! We want to play football, watch football, and just give you lots of hugs & kisses! Please don't be scared and let someone help you find your Mommy!! My heart hurts so bad without you and I just want to help you and protect you and keep you safe.. ='''(((((

PS is anyone good at making photos.. I want some new pics for our FB page and I am not good at stuff like that.. I need to learn.. :((((

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dogs 101

Does your baby watch TV? If so what is his/her favorite show? Maddox LOVES Dogs 101! He will sit there all day long and watch it if it is on.. Dogs 101 Marathons are his favorite days. He will lay there and watch it all day long.. It is SO cute and melts my heart.. I miss Dogs 101 Marathon days with my sweet little baby boy.. =''(((

Hopefully everyone saw but we have a new fundraiser! Those following our page forever knwo that I am terrible at asking for help and am even more terrible at fundraising since I just pay for everything myself (which is why I am broke) but Jennifer Fors Stephenson offered to host a part with Thirty One Gifts and donate all proceeds to the Maddox fund. I like this because you can buy something for yourself or friend or family or furbabies and give towards the Maddox fund!  I even want to order some stuff! ;)) You can personalize everything with all sorts of collegiate logos... Including my school Kansas State! You can make purchases now through September 27th and then we will close the party so Jennifer can place the order. then she is going to open it back up again in late October, early November! So shop until you drop!! Why not stock up on Xmas presents early! ;)) And please feel free to share & invite any friends!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Maddox & His Daddy

Awhile back someone on Team Maddox made this for me.. I love this picture of Maddox and his Daddy.... I don't talk about him often and his Mommy is the voice behind this page but his Daddy misses him more than anything also.. We adopted him together so he has always been both of our little baby boy.. His Daddy is not quite as emotional as me but he does love him as much as I do... Maddox has an amazing Daddy and I have an amazing husband.. I have probably not been the best wife but he is so supportive of me and our search for Maddox.. He is also supportive of me and all my little fosters.. I actually think he is the dog whisperer because they all LOVE him! 

Currently Bliss and our foster Brownie fight over who gets to have the best spot on his chest! LOL And those of you that have a Min Pin know they get very very attached to their Mommy & Daddy & that is Maddox.. He doesn't like strangers BUT he is so attached to both me and his Daddy.. When Brandon would be out of town.. He would lose his mind when he got home.. I know he missed him.. Sometimes he would even pout the first few days he was gone.. He LOVED to have both of us home.. He LOVED to have both of us take him for a walk.. If we both went you could see his eyes light up... What I wouldn't do to have my family together again... Of course tears flowing as I write this.. ='''(((

"Good things come to those who Believe, Better things come to those who are Patient and the best Things come to those who Don't Give up." 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is my little baby boy with his Garfield toy.. ='''(((( Maddox loves his toys so much and you are probably not surprised but he has a million toys.. He has a huge laundry basket that is over-flowing! He would be so excited when I came home with a new toy.. Even any stuffed animal that comes into my house.. It is his! I admit.. I still buy him new toys.. So he will have so many when he gets home! The other day I was at the pet store and what did I find but a huge bag of these fuzzy squeaky balls.. Of course, I had to get for him.. I have other toys for him waiting for him to come home.. This toy is even in my purse.. I had it in OKC with me so when I would go on sighting calls. I always had Garfield with me.. I still have it with me.. Always..

I also always wear my Maddox bracelet.. I will not take it off until he is home..

I know I have been quiet...But I hope you all know I will NEVER give up and every second of every single day.. I think of my sweet little baby boy.. If you saw my cubicle at work or home.. You would know he is always apart of me.. I have pictures of him all over and they surround me everywhere I go..

I am trying to get people motivated again and I am trying to refresh our search.. I want to get new posters, new flyers, new pictures for FB, etc, etc.. I want to order business cards so they are easy to hand out... I want to get T-shirts, maybe some magnets or decals for cars. Anything to spread the word... We are working on updating our website.. I have been private messaging big Facebook pages and places like the huffing ton post, etc, etc so even if quiet.. Does not mean I am not doing anything. I am always doing things for Maddox.. So if anyone has any ideas of new creative ways to spread the word about him.. Please share!! We are always trying to figure out new ways to spread the word and reach the people that have "unintentional blindness" & are hard to reach.. :(((

And as always please keep praying and sharing and believing.... 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Maddox & His Cousin Bella

Wanted to share a silly picture today.. I have been at a loss for words lately.. I hate when I have no good news to share.. It hurts my heart more than you know... BUT always hoping...praying...believing...dreaming...wishing...

I was sent a song by Carrie Underwood last night called "See you again".. And I admit it made me sob my eyes out but it also made something inside me just know I will see my sweet baby boy again.. And I will be able to love on him & give him lots of hugs & kisses & snuggle with him.. I can't wait until that day that I do see him again.. Strangely someone else sent me a song "Everything I do I do for you..." and that is true also.. I do everything I do for Maddox. And I just hope he knows how much I love and miss him.. =''((( I can't wait to get back to OKC so I can just be closer to him and so he will know I am still here and not going anywhere and will always be here for him no matter how far away we are from each other.. He is my soul-mate... The love of my life.. We have this bond that I can't even describe in words but no matter what or how long we are apart that bond will never be broken.. LOVE is powerful.. LOVE makes you stronger.. "LOVE is a four-legged word". "Until one has LOVED an animal part of their soul remains UN-wakened". 


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 255:

Just wanted to let everyone know I have a trip planned to go back to Oklahoma in October.. I can hardly stand the wait to be back there and be closer to my little sweet baby boy... I miss him so very much... It has been harder than you can ever imagine being so far away and has been killing me that I haven't been able to go back sooner.. Some say it gets better with time but that is not true.. It hurts more as time goes by.. There are no words to describe the pain..

I will say this quote is so true in that "strength does not come from physical capacity but from indomitable will."

So many say I admire your strength but I have to admit there are times I feel so weak.. I cry non-stop... I have days where I don't know if I can go on without my little baby boy.. BUT then I know Maddox needs me to be strong.. I know he needs me to keep going for him! People ask me how I am all the time.. I hate that question because honestly I am not good.. I am not okay.. I am trying to be okay but I'm not but I do find strength to keep going because of Maddox.. He inspires me to be great.. He inspires my strength.. You all inspire my strength.. I have received so much compassion, love, support, new friendships that keep me going too..

Prayers are answered every day for individuals who follow their heart, trust their instincts and have faith. I know Maddox is out there, he is a fighter and I will not give up the search.

I have been told by many that Maddox has changed the lives of many by starting new rescue groups, support programs, returning lost dogs, saving dogs from the shelters & street, bringing grieving owners together and providing valuable information to thousands of others who are now starting their search for their lost pet..

So together we are strong and it is because of our indomitable will to find Maddox and our love for him that makes us all strong! So thank you all for everything! I hope you know how much it means to me and some day I hope to give you all big hugs! And I hope Maddox can give you all kisses in person! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Maddox Playing Ball Video!!!

I have mentioned a few times how much Maddox LOVES playing ball! Unless you really know him or have had a baby like him that LOVES playing ball as much as he does, I don't this you can truly understand this obsession.. So I wanted to share these videos of him doing his favorite thing in the entire world.. Playing ball with his daddy! His favorite ball is the kong small squeaky one but any size or shape will work for him... If it is a real size football, he plays with it.. If it is a real size basketball..He tries to play with it but that is harder to pick up for him.. LOL If it is an inflatable bouncy ball, he will play with it and pop it..

Oh and golf balls.. He loves those too! One day he got into his Daddy's golf bag that had a couple brand new package of golf balls in there.. I don't know how he did it but he figured out the zipper and got the package open and when I got home it looked like it had rained golf balls at our house! I always wish I was there to see it and was sad I wasn't there to watch him because I know he had a party by himself and had that big smile with the dimples I love so much and pretty sure he was running all over the place playing with those golf balls! haha

For birthdays, Christmas, etc.. I always get him several presents and he runs around opening every present until he can get to his favorite.. squeaky balls! And when he finds them he loses his mind and wants to play with all of them even if there are 10 at the same time.. So I know he lost his mind when he found those golf balls!

And every day when I get home from work.. What does he do? He runs to the door jumping up and down and greets me and then runs and gets a ball! LOL And we play all night long.. So I wanted to share this video of him playing ball.. YOu can see his little dance he does when playing. YOu can see his big smile.. You can see him SO happy!! And I think this captures his personality better than the pictures do.. So enjoy and please share!! And keep praying for my little baby Maddox to come home!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Look at how little and cute my sweet baby boy is.. Since we are growing in numbers and not sure what everyone knows about Maddox, thought today I would go back to the beginning of my life with the love of my life.. Brandon is a traveling stand up comedian.. So he is out of town alot.. Well, he didn't' want me to be alone all the time so we decided to get a puppy. We both grew up with doggies.. Throughout college, I wanted one but I worked all the time and apartments in college towns don't allow dogs.. So then as soon as I graduated, I wanted a little baby.. I honestly wanted a little yorkie. Well Brandon did not want a yorkie (Sorry Donna! ;)) but his Dad has a Min Pin and my family is filled with Jack Russel's so we were deciding between the two...

I had never seen Min Pins before but Brandon sent me this picture of Maddox on Puppy Finder and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I wanted him! When we called they had some other puppies too but I said No I want HIM! His name was "Pistol".. LOL He is definitely a little Pistol.. That was 8 years ago and he came to my life at only 8 weeks old..

Ever since then I have spent pretty much every second of every day for him.. Every time I went home to Kansas or Oklahoma for the holidays, he went with me.. Every time I would go visit a friend in San Diego, he went with me.. He went everywhere with me and got used to traveling.. If he couldn't go, I didn't' go.. If I did leave him I was a nervous wreck and would only leave him with friends that I trusted.. And ask them, I would check in a few times a day.. I cried the first time I had to leave him to just go to work.. What am I saying I always cry when I leave him..And I would be so excited to get home to see him.. He was always so excited to see me and would cry and jump up and down and lick my face even if I was only gone a few hours.. He went shopping with me, when we go to any of our friends house I would always ask if he could come with me..

So as you can all see maybe how empty my life is without him.. Everything I do is for HIM! I love Maddox more than anything in this world.. He is so special.. So perfect.. I always tell him he is the cutest Min Pin in the entire world. And not only is he cute, he has the best personality.. He is so silly! He has the best smile with the biggest dimples.. He has soulful eyes.. He is the best snuggler.. He was the one thing that helped me through losing my Mom unexpectedly a few years ago.. He would lick my tears, he would just look at me like he was saying Mommy don't be sad, I am here.. Well I hate that we have been apart for so long.. It just isn't fair... There are no words to describe how much I love and miss him.. I miss every thing about him! =''(((

I just want him home and I want our life back to normal! I want to enjoy life with my little baby boy, Brandon & his little sister.. Praying and Hoping and Believing that this will happen sooner than later!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fostering SAVES Lives!!!

So today I want make a plea to all of Team Maddox to consider Fostering!!! Fostering SAVES LIVES and I want to share my story.. If I can do it during one of the most difficult times of my entire life searching for my lost baby boy.. So can all of you!! 

Since I have been searching for my sweet baby boy Maddox I have stumbled into this crazy rescue world.. And the biggest thing that I have stumped into is SO MANY Min Pins and other babies at the shelters in Oklahoma, Cali & all over the county.. It breaks my heart.. =''((

Because of our "Maddox" shelter checks every other day I find out about pretty much any Min Pin that steps foot in the OKC shelter and smaller shelters in the area.. Since I have been back in Cali, perhaps because I can't save from the street, I continue to beg and plea for someone to save any Min Pin from the shelters in OK because I can't stand the thought of them being at that scarey place.. I was lucky to have made some good connections in the OK rescue world, so we have been able to save several babies.. Mustang, Jack, Bella/Billie, Jett, Faith, several puppies including some rare blue ones that I fell in love with, etc, etc.. BUT do you know what the common issue is and the common thing every rescue tells me.. "find me a foster and I will save them", "all my fosters are full, I wish I could save them", etc, etc..

Also the same exact thing is happening in Cali.. I have been lucky enough to make connections out here with a few rescues all from Maddox!:)) Cali is a whole another story.. Cali has SEVERAL rescues.. All are very high kill, all are way over-crowed, Cali has different rules to save babies from shelters, etc, etc but the EXACT SAME problem exists.. LACK OF FOSTERS!

To SAVE A LIFE, they have to have SOMEWHERE TO GO! And so that is why so many babies suffer and don't get out of the shelter.. ='''(((

Meet Roxie.. (aka Sylvia)..She was my very first foster baby-girl. I LOVE her with all my heart and she will forever have a place in my heart.. I stepped up because she had been at the shelter for a month after her family dumped her there. Someone amazing wanted to adopt her in Washington DC.. And all they needed was a foster.. When I realized she was in Cali, I told them I will do it if it is temporary and if there is no-one else. Well I know now with all my heart it was meant to be and God sent her to me.. It was such an amazing experience for me and for her.. Yes it was SO HARD to let her go but seeing how happy she is with her East Coast Mommy and seeing how spoiled she is now.. That melts my heart.. I hear she is quite the flirt and loves all the boys at her new house! LOL So yes I get updates on how she is doing often.. 

I am have always been the one that says I can't do it because will get too attached or I live in an apartment.. Well I am the first to admit, I do get very attached.. I fall in love within hours.. I even fell in love with my transport Harley and he was only at my house for a few hours.. But I am and will forever be Roxie's West Coast Mommy!! ;)) And I love my other 2 fosters too! I will share pics of them also soon! So PLEASE CONSIDER IT & OPEN YOUR HEARTS & SAVE SOME LIVES!

I personally know Rescues that need fosters in Oklahoma, California, Washington, and all over the country.. So please if interested please check out these rescues & help them save more lives!!

Oklahoma City: Dogs As Family, Inc. OK Yorkie Rescue

LA & OC & Seattle Area: Little PAWS 4 Rescue

National Min Pin: "IMPS"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


You all have probably figured out by now I have thousands of pictures of my sweet baby Maddox.. Well I also have alot of videos.. I was going through them recently and admit had a total meltdown.. I miss his smile and silliness SO MUCH! His favorite things are playing ball and the Beach and guarding his treats.. LOL ! I have a lot of videos of all his favorite things.. Alot of them are quick clips but I want to figure out how to edit them all together so you can see him playing ball and how talented he is.. He can catch the ball in the air over and over and over again.. He would be so happy and so proud!! Me and his Daddy were always so proud and said he was our little athlete! Him and his Daddy play football alot and he was so excited and happy! I don't know if you have ever had a baby that wanted to play ball NON STOP but that is my Maddox! Sometimes he would put balls on me while sleeping.. He would run and grab one the second I got home and we would play all night long.. I admit sometimes I would be like Maddox I don't want to play anymore BUT now all I want is to play with him! All I want is to throw a ball to him so we can play all day and all night long! Crying as I write this.. I can't explain how I much I miss this little guy.. I dont' know if I will ever be okay without him...=''(((((

Anyways until I wanted to share a video so sharing this one of him at the BEACH! I have shared before but it is my favorite video of all time. It shows him SO HAPPY AT THE BEACH! Enjoy!

And we have several other videos of him on our website so if you are wanting to see my baby.. check them out at

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 248:

Thanks Carrie Hull for always having the most beautiful words.. Sharing this quote from you today.. ;))♥  

And thanks to everyone for your continued support & prayers for my sweet baby Maddox to come home.. It is with all of you that I find strength and inspiration during this crazy roller coaster ride of ups and downs and I couldn't imagine riding this ride without so many of you that I just met or have never met! So if I haven't' said it lately Thank YOU Team Maddox for loving Maddox and for being there for me & Maddox & Brandon & Bliss even if you are several miles away.. We are grateful we have so many new amazing friends & family in our lives!! ;))

"Dogs are wonderful companions. They are always excited to see you when you come home from work. To me, it just seems like dogs are constantly smiling. We could all learn a thing or two from them. Especially about remaining positive and cheerful throughout each day. Dogs should write the book about positive attitude. We could all learn from them.
Dogs do not judge us. They accept us for who we are and are always willing to share and express their love for us. If only we all acted like that more often, the world would certainly be a better place."