Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 185:

Yesterday, 51 dogs were chosen to be featured in American Dog Magazine's "FAMOUS DOGS ON FACEBOOK" series and 6 were lost dogs who will get a special page to help raise awareness. AND MADDOX IS ONE OF THEM!! Please go put a thanks on their wall and tell them how happy we are. =)))

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 183:

Missing minpin Maddox possibly seen last weekend in Edmond

EDMOND — Maddox, the miniature pincher that has been missing since Christmas Eve, was believed to have been spotted last weekend near 15th Street and Western Avenue, reports the Edmond Sun.

Maddox has created a travel pattern in this area he is beginning to call home, but the Maddox Team fears the Fourth of July fireworks will scare him into running again before they are able to rescue him.

The Maddox Team is hoping for a rescue before the Fourth of July but they also want other dog owners to be proactive so they don’t have to endure the same experience as Maddox’s owner, Jackie Vestal. - See more at:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 182:

Maddox Montage - Cute baby pic

Just another one of my most favorite pics of my sweet baby boy with his soulful eyes and adorable puppy face.. He never really outgrew that adorable puppy face.. He always looks at me like this. I miss those... looks and miss that sweet face.. =''((( Just like this quote says we will never ever give up on our sweet baby boy!! Thank to Team Maddox for sticking by our side and for the prayers and continued support! We will BRING MADDOX HOME!!

They are picking more doggies for the American Dog cover Friday! Please help us get Maddox on the cover and go comment on their page to tell them why you would love to see Maddox on the cover!!

And also please share our pinned post about the 4th of July to keep babies safe and happy during the holidays!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 181:

Maddox wants to share some Tips to keep all the babies safe and happy during this upcoming 4th of July. Did you know that more dogs run away on July 4th than any other day of the year? The squeals and sudden booms of fireworks are more traumatic for doggies than thunderstorms, triggering their innate flight instinct. Here are a few tips for making sure your baby stays safe and stress-free this holiday.. Please share these tips from Maddox & pray for him!!!

His Mommy is very worried about him.. I am afraid the fireworks will make him run again.. But also praying this is what will make him realize that humans are not so bad and hopefully he will find someone that he feels safe with and lets them help him!!!! and we can really celebrate 4th of July wiht our sweet baby boy being home where he belongs in Cali!!

Maddox was also in the news again in the Edmond Sun! Check it out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 180:

Maddox Montage - Sightseeing in LA at one of our favorite hidden places.. Venice Canals!

Maddox, Brandon & I love to have family LA sightseeing days on the weekends where we would be tourists and visit some of our favorite touristy places. This day we went to Venice to the boardwalk to see all the crazies... Maddox would chase people on skateboards since he HATES them! Does your baby hate skateboards like Maddox?? I think it is the sound on the concrete that made him want to attack someone! LOL

The Venice Canals are a place that I found a a few years after I lived in Cali.. It is a secret place that is hidden in Venice! It is one of my favorite places in LA (besides the Beach).. I would love to live in a house that overlooks the canals and as you can see I think so would Maddox!

Maddox please please come out of hiding so we can go back to our favorite hidden places in LA and be a family again!! We love you and miss you more than anything in this world!! Mommy misses that adorable smile with those big dimples!! You brighten each and every day and Mommy is broken without you.. =''((((

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 179:

Today is a tough day...

One of our amazing Team Maddox members lost two babies this week.. First her beloved kitty cat Nala and then her sweet and soulful Min PIN Truman last night suddenly and unexpectedly.. Please keep Margaret & Truman & Nala in your thoughts and prayers.. Maddox has two more angelsl that will hopefully help guide him home.. =''((((

Margaret this is for you.. I know Maddox loves you and he can't wait to meet you and he wanted me to make you smile a little today even though it is very difficult and a very sad time.. Thanks for your continued love and support and being such a great friend and adopted sister and auntie to Maddox! You are an amazing mommy and Truman was lucky to have you!! I know you did everything you could for your precious baby.. If I could take your pain away I would.. I know it sucks right now but know you have lots of friends and family that love you!!! You have been there with Maddox and me from the beginning and we will be forever grateful!! And we are here for you!! Love you!! (((HUGS)))

And with that.. Thanks to all of Team Maddox for riding this roller coaster ride with us to the end.. It is very painful and some days are way worse than others.. The waiting is really hard to bear somedays.. But I know God has a plan and I know God is figuring out how to bring Maddox home to me.. Lots of questions about recent sightings, what are we doing,etc, etc.. Well I can't very specific because we are trying to keep Maddox in area but there are recent sightings within past week in same area.. We are working on a plan to lure him into a backyard or something to trap him. Those that have been with us for awhile will understand this does not mean we will get him tomorrow and this could take awhile.. He is very elusive. Some people call his name or try to approach him and he runs. Team maddox responds to calls but if hours or days later..hes long gone from there.

After a skittish dog has been missing, they basically act like a wild rabbit. And in Maddox's case, he's not wandering in a 2 block radius, his is about a mile. According to Karin, he's not likely sleeping in the same place even 2 nights in a row. So getting him in a trap will be less likely until he settles down in a smaller area. According to Karin and her history with dogs on the roam so long and this breed, this type of behavior is normal and trapping him comes down to the areas awareness. With signs being removed and some people thinking that a sign about a dog 2 weeks ago must be long gone, it's been difficult to keep the awareness up ...we get many people, after they receive post cards, calling about sightings, but say since they saw the sign 2 weeks ago, that they didn't think it could still be him.

So, while it is taking a long's normal. No fun, but normal... But keep praying!!! We will find him and I know I keep saying this but it is true.. We all just have to Believe in the Power of God and Believe in Miracles!! Maddox is tough and strong and I know he is okay!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 178:

Maddox Montage - Silly Dog that LOVES to burrow!

Maddox LOVES to burrow under the covers, under shirts, under blankets.. Whatever he can find! He LOVES to make these elaborate igloos under blankets.. Does your dog like to burrow????

Please Please keep voting for Maddox.. We are way behind!!! =''((( We had a late start and I don't know if we can catch up but we are not giving up and will not stop trying to share our sweet baby boy with the world to help bring him home!! Winner is chosen Monday!! So please share and vote vote vote!!!!

We will NEVER EVER give up on Maddox and know we will bring him home soon!! I was just shared an amazing story about Hachi and his amazing journey that lasted 2 years but he was re-united with his family because he was microchipped!! He whimpered as soon as he saw his family.. I can't wait to hear my baby's cry and whimper and I know when I see him he will lick my face off! He would do that if I was gone for just a day! ;)) Mommy loves you Maddox and I will see you again and I will spoil you rotten and give you lots of hugs & kisses!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 177:

Maddox Montage - Paparazzi (aka Mommy) ;))

I love this pic.. I can't wait to be sitting in the airport again with my sweet baby boy bringing him back to where he belongs.. California & the beach!!! I know I have mentioned this before but the beach really is Maddox & my favorite place to go.. I can't even bear the thought of going there without him.. it is the place we would always go and just have the best day ever.. We both would be so happy!!! I am waiting to go when he is back with me & praying we can go back before the summer is over!! =''((

This was supposed to be a post to make people smile and laugh but I have a feeling it will being tears instead.. Sorry about that. Tears seem to just fall non-stop these days.. I have cried an ocean of tears at this point.. I just miss my sweet baby so much and weekends are always sucky.. Because I can't spend them with my sweet baby boy. Looked forward to weekends mostly because I didn't have to leave my baby at all and got to spend all day with him.. I always told him Yay Maddox it is Friday and we get to spend all weekend together at the Beach, or on a hike, or shopping... I took him shopping with me alot at the Grove.. He got bored quick but it make Mommy spend less money and we always would stop at the Three Dog Bakery so he could get a treat.. Oh how I yearn for those days again... My heart hurts and nothing here in Cali is the same without him..

Maddox Mommy LOVES you and misses you so very much and we WILL have our fun weekends together again!!!

Also please vote for him to be on the cover of American Dog! It would mean everything to me to have my sweet baby on the cover! Thanks for the continued love and support!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 176:

Maddox Montage - Sleepy baby with his Oklahoma Football

Isn't a sleepy baby the cutest thing in the world? And does your baby always sleep with a toy? Maddox loves napping with one of his toys.. ;))

I am sure this does not come to a surprise to many but I admit I would just stare at Maddox sleeping and take a million pictures... He is just so adorable and he always seemed so peaceful and he is the best snuggler!!! Waking up next to my sweet puppy baby snuggling next to me was my most favorite part of every single day... He made me late to work alot because if it was snuggle time.. I never wanted it to end so would not get out of bed! I can't wait for snuggle time with Maddox!! I might not get out of bed for a week and just make him snuggle with me non-stop!!! ;)))

I have had several dreams about finding my baby and I know several of you have also.. Keep believing and all our dreams will come true! I just know it!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 175:

I was at Barnes & Noble a week or so ago and this little tiny purple book grabbed my attention that said "BELIEVE" on it.. I didn't really know what it was but literally grabbed it while about to checkout and just bought it since it is purple.. my favorite color and something keeps telling me to Believe... ;)) It turns out it is a book of very inspiring quotes about believing and love lots of the quotes but one particular one grabbed my attention and gave me chills so wanted to share!! ;))

"Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." Joseph Campbell

Also wanted to share this photo of Maddox since it is one of my favorites.. and it makes me smile so wanted to make you all smile... I dressed him up to look cute for our current Landlord and he was like Mom really??? LOL

Thanks everyone for riding this crazy roller coaster ride with me!! We have had a good week with more very promising sightings calls so everyone please keep PRAYING and keep BELIEVING!!!! We will find Maddox.. I just know it!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 174:

Today Maddox wants to educate others on a very serious and very heart-breaking fact...

This morning his Mommy woke up and was in tears & felt nauseous & had a headache & heart hurts more than normal... Because the first message I see is that THREE very Innocent and very cute and very sweet Min Pins were put to sleep.. Why were they forced to cross the rainbow bridge WAY too soon? Because they were left at the kill shelter by their family and those they love the most and basically thrown away and left there with nobody to fight for them.... AND the fact that the shelter is over-crowded and owner-surrenders legally have NO HOLD time AND owner surrenders are ALWAYS the ones in danger when the shelters are full.. =''(((((

Also something I don't think people know is strays only have a 3 day hold time usually at most kill shelters.. So if you have lost your pet it is SO important to check the shelters daily or at least every other day!!!! SO PLEASE SHARE TO HELP EDUCATE THE WORLD!!!

Before Maddox went missing I blamed the shelters and still feel strongly that kill shelters should not exist and are not fair... But I have realized it is not the shelter's fault at all.. They wouldn't even have to exist if people didn't abandon their babies.. They wouldn't have to exist if babies were spay & neutered.. They wouldn't have to exist if people educated themselves on the breed... They wouldn't have to exist if everyone valued their pets just as much as most of us on this page do and consider them family and would do anything for them.. If all this happened all shelters would be NO KILL SHELTERS!!!! A Maddox dream come true!!

I saw a post and wanted to share... I guess I have crossed over to the rescue side of the world since my baby went missing.. And want to thank everyone for fighting for these babies when they can't fight for themselves!! I want to thank everyone for crying with me.. I want to thank all the rescues for helping so many of the babies Maddox saved!! I want to give kudos to all the amazing Rescues in Oklahoma who have been working their butts off lately for the tornado babies!! I have met so many AMAZING people since my search for Maddox that have touched my life forever.. And I truly am not the same person.. I want to be better for Maddox.. I want to be better for all the babies that need me.. I have told so many this but before Maddox went missing my dream has been to have my own pet boutique and have my own Rescue out of it.. I swear I feel more strongly that I have to do something.. I just pray I can make it happen after my baby is found.. And together Maddox and I can keep saving babies that need us! I believe anything is possible with God and God has been teaching me some really terrible things about this world but all to make me a better person and make me inspired to help those that need me...

Hands Helping Paws
What we do is not easy..
When you throw y our animal away..
We show them a new life..
We care for them..
Cry and pray over them..
Lose sleep at night taking care of them...

Hands Helping Paws
We don't do it for the thanks...
We do it for the animals...
We put aside our needs to help an animal in need...
Feathers, fur, fins, or scaled we help them all...
We help animals abandoned by those they love most...

But what do you know to you it was "just an animal"..
But they leave pawprints on our hearts..<3

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 173:

Yesterday for Daddy Doggy day I posted this same picture with a different quote.. I admit I meant to post this one yesterday and didn't realize I had two of the same collage so posted the wrong one but figured Brandon is a double good dad and this one is silly so wanted to make some people laugh vs cry....

Not sure if you all know but Maddox's Daddy is not really a musician but he is a Comedian.. And I feel Maddox gets his silliness from his Daddy. He always makes Brandon & I laugh. He would even have that big smile with his big dimples when he did something silly and I think he liked making us laugh.. He had such a proud look on his face like yep I am funny and I am cute... He brightens each and every day!! I know I need to laugh more since have not done that much since Maddox went missing...Even today my book of daily scriptures said "Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart into heavently places. Your laughter rises to heaven and blends with angelic melodies of praise. Just as parents delight in the laughter of their children, so I delight in hearing my children laugh. I rejoice when you trust Me engouh to enjoy your life lightheartedly." I have even heard laughter makes you live longer.. Not sure if true but I guess we all need to try to laugh more.. I know I do.. It is just hard when your heart hurts more than you can express in words and the love of our life isn't there to laugh with you.. =''(((

Also we wanted to remind you all about our Mary Kay Fundraiser and I have been saying "Ladies time to get pretty for Maddox" but didn't even realize until now that there is a whole line of men's products by Mary Kay...not just for women... So men you can order and get pretty for Maddox also or ladies you can get something for your hubby's as a late Daddy Doggy day present!!! :)) Remember 20% of all sales go towards the Maddox search.. I am not good at asking for help but this fundraiser is one I like since you will be buying yourself somethng and it will help my sweet baby at the same time..

Please everyone keep praying for Maddox. We still feel strongly he is in the same area but is just being stubborn like his Daddy and I guess Mommy too..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 172:

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there of both 2-legged and 4-legged babies!!

Brandon & I decided today should be called "Daddy Doggy Day" and want to send extra love to all the Daddy's that have furbabies.. ;))

Maddox - Today would be a perfect day to come home or at least come out of hiding and Mommy & Daddy promise to come get you!! What a great Daddy Doggy Day present that would be.. We love and miss you so much!!!! As Daddy says "Come home Little Buddy".

When you come home Mommy & Daddy will spoil you rotten with lots of cheese & your favorite snacks, squeaky balls, you can look out the window all day long, and watch your favorite show Dogs 101, lots of beach trips, and mostly lots of love with lots of hugs & kisses!! WE LOVE YOU SWEET BABY BOY MADDOX!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 171:

Maddox Montage - Music with Daddy

These pics with Maddox and his Daddy melt my heart & are my favorites.. I have lots of pictures.. thousands actually.. but these are some of my all time favorites!!! Maddox LOVED sitting on Daddy's lap while he played the guitar.. He also like to play the keyboard himself.. ;)) I swear he wanted to be in a band with his Daddy and had a smug little look on his face saying I am cool and love kicking it with Daddy. ;)) He was so little in these pics and could fit in his Daddy's hand.. I miss this sweet face SO much.. I swear he never grew out of that puppy face... And his eyes.. He looks at you and you just melt.. =''(((( Maddox Mommy & Daddy LOVE and MISS you SO MUCH!!! Please come out of hiding so you can make music with your Daddy again!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 170:

Maddox Montage - Maddox loves sleeping by the door and of course with his favorite toy. A ball!! ;)))

Just a silly pic to share today to make people smile.. Maddox always makes his Mommy & Daddy smile with his cute face and all the silly t...hings he does.. ;)) And you can see from this picture how much he loves his squeaky balls. He even has to have one while napping so it is close so as soon as he is awake he can play again and in this case he was using it as a pillow.

Also thought I would share a story.. I was driving to work yesterday and all of a sudden felt something by my foot. It was one of Maddox's squeaky balls! No idea how it got there but I feel it was a sign or a message... I don't know if God was literally throwing me a ball from Maddox or what but tears started flowing... =''((( As you all know Maddox LOVES balls and he would throw them at me all day long.. So I think it was a sign that he is ready to play with his Mommy & Daddy again..

Don't forget about our Mary Kay Fundraiser. Time to get pretty for Maddox! And if you have not yet bought a copy of Maddox's book "For the Love of Maddox" you should check it out! Lots of cute pics of him in this book that will melt your heart! Links below..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 169:

Past few days have been really busy and crazy and we have some new sightings!! ;)) As always I get really freaked out with lack of calls and not getting Maddox on camera, etc.. But then my sweet baby throws Mommy a bone and pops out to let ...a couple people see him and says "Mommy I am okay" but then he gets scared and goes back into hiding..

So... Team Maddox in OKC has been working their butts off putting up new flyers that say "Recently Seen" in the Area, moving some cameras & feeding stations around, adding others, etc... We are working directly with Karin and have been sending her maps & she is helping us come up with a game plan to keep Maddox in area and figure out how to lure & capture him.. Per Karin "This is the best information we have received since he went missing... it appears that he has slowed down some and is now staying in an area..."

Lots have asked if Karin is coming back but honestly tracking doesn't often "find" dogs, it brings us to the area to put up signs,etc., and in this case, area isn't the issue. We know the area and Karin is coaching us on behaviors, etc.

Karin also told us to be very careful... And to do nothing out of ordinary and to stay out of the area!! So for that reason I am being very vague since this is one of the best capture opportunities we have had & do not want to risk scaring him away!!

Today I was looking for what picture to post and I saw this one and I realized it was perfect.. Maddox is so strong & tough & has amazed his Mommy.. I have realized my sweet baby is stronger than I ever gave him credit for and he has made me be stronger.. He has inspired me and showed me that together we can do the impossible and together we can be great.. He has saved so many and he really has saved me & made me stronger.. He is so special.. I have dealt with so much but it is all worth it for him! He is the ultimate prize and is worth the wait & I can't wait to see my baby again!! I am so ready to see that little face and those eyes that melt my heart! LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 167:

Tip from Maddox to save some lives!!!

During this journey of searching for my sweet baby.. I have learned so many things about the world.. Good and Bad.. And one of the things that has bugged me from the beginning is the fact that so many never spay/neuter their pets... I just don't understand.. One of the first things we ask people now when we get sighting calls is if the baby is in tact or not... If not & suprisingly majority of calls they are not.. we can rule it out quickly since there is no way it could be Maddox.. ;))


When Maddox was a baby I researched all sorts of stuff and one of the things that I found that suck in my head was the fact that spay/neutering helps them to live longer and also helps with their roaming tendencies.. It wasn't even a debate with me.. Brandon made me take him and it made me very sad since he was so out of it when I picked him up.. Poor baby but it was what was best for him!! I want him to live as long as possible!!!

Anyways with this journey, I have realized that not everyone is educated about the benefits of spay/neutering their pets so we wanted to help save some lives and help educate everyone that might not know... So please share this Tip from Maddox about spay/neutering.. It could save many many lives!!!

And honestly there are additional benefits we did not put on this tip.. One benefit I see is now that he is out there somewhere and I have no idea where he is.. I am so grateful he is neutered.. People have said so many times He is so cute someone could try to breed him or he could end up at a puppy mill, etc, etc.. I am always like they will have some issues with that! I hate my baby is out there but I am so grateful he can't end up at a place like that! One thing I dont' have to worry about..

Thanks all for the continued prayers & support for Maddox!!! I know this is all God's plan and he is teaching us and Maddox is helping others so for now we have to go with the plan.. I know God will bring my baby back to me.. I am hoping soon as I miss him so much!!! He has touched so many lives and I knew when he was a baby he was so special.. I am glad I have been able to share how special he is with the world!! We LOVE you Maddox!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 166:

So, we've had so many ups and downs this year... Times of no calls and many calls. People claiming hoaxes and those sending love and inspiration. Signs being put up and signs being torn down. The good and the bad (and sometimes, ugly). It's no different than anything else we do in life .... the obstacles we face.

Of course the obstacles get me down and they get you down as well. But at the end of the day, obstacles aren't the point. The point of all this has always been Maddox. It all comes down to one little word!

And it's when I remember that, the obstacles really don't seem so bad.

Maddox is all I want and Maddox is my little sweet baby boy and no matter what obstacles come my way he is worth it & I will never let anything or anyone stand in my way And all these challenges and obstacles are just making me stronger...

All I want is my baby Maddox and all I want is for him to feel safe again and be spoiled rotten again and be home with his family!!

Maddox Mommy is so proud of you and you have faced so many obstacles that you shouldn't have had to deal with.. I pray I can make this all up to you soon.. very soon.. and spoil you rotten.. and love on you.. and hug you and kiss you.. and never let you out of my sight ever again!!! I love you so much!!! And I am so sorry I left you at a place where you were so scared that felt you had to run away.. Mommy should of trusted her gut and I will never forgive myself for not doing that.. I just want you home safe so I can protect you and make this all up to you and be happy and play with you!!! My heart is broken and I miss you and I know you miss me and I know you are looking for me.. I know you ran away to find me.. I know you were scared and just wanted your Mommy.. I have been so scared and just want my Mom also.. I know your Grandmother is one of your many guardian angels watching over you.. And I know God is just trying to figure out how to get you back to me.. I believe it will happen and look forward to that day we are back together again and can't look back and it will be like these past few months never happened that we were apart! you sweet baby boy!! ='''(((

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 165:

When I created this page, it was to tell the world Maddox was missing and to be on the lookout. Now, it’s not only that, but it’s a place where family, Team Maddox, keeps me going … inspires and believes in me … where family asks how they can help. While I never intended for it to be a way to get donations, many here ask me about it. And I’m not good at asking for money. I finally came home to California to my job knowing if I was going to be able to continue the search, I had be able to pay for it. But I often have those who ask how they can help. I am grateful … and I feel bad about answering the cost questions ...then I feel bad because I don’t answer. The Mary Kay fundraiser and ebay auctions are different. I know you're buying something... maybe something you’d be buying anyway.

And I’m continually reminded I shouldn't feel bad about answering a question of cost if someone wants to help. I'm also reminded I have enough things to feel bad about these days that this shouldn’t be one. I know if you want to give –you will. And whether you can or can't, you pray, hope, cry, share … and together, we’ll get my baby home.

The most important part of this page is spreading awareness and about knowing people believe and sharing that belief with others. This page is about sharing Maddox and it’s about everyone knowing he needs to be home.

We did just print new posters and do a large postcard mailing. Some have asked if the storms ruined posters .. and the answer is yes, and we had them reprinted. So, here’s the cost of the latest printing and postage, but I didn’t include the cost of mailing lists. Mailing lists tend to be expensive and this isn't about asking for you to pay for everything. Actually, it isn’t about asking at all ... it’s about answering a question I’m often asked when I say there’s been a mailing or printing.

$650 for postcards & postage prices (no labor. That was free!!)
$700 for laminated posters

Paypal link:

Thanks to everyone who shares or comments or bids on an auction, who donates or places a Mary Kay order this month, or flashmobbing … thanks for everything. More than anything, for just being here. :-)))

Here's the Mary Kay link for those wondering
.. I've also pinned it to the top of the page).

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 164:

Last night I was sent a message that a baby named Nahla was found after 8 months! ;)) Also read a comment from her mommy and wanted to share.. She said "Thank you for all the support and prayers, I felt the love throughout the last 8 months and it kept me going. Never give up on your loved ones no matter how slim the chances are. All things are possible if you truely believe you can do it!" This is SO true! Team Maddox is what helps keep me going & I do believe in miracles and I know anything is possible with God. We all just have to BELIEVE and we WILL find my sweet baby Boy!!! He is out there somehwere and I know he is looking for me just like I am looking for him and will never stop looking for him! Maddox Mommy & Daddy Love and Miss you so much!! It is time for this journey to end and start a new one!! I promise you.. Lots of cookies & squeaky balls & hugs & kisses when you come home!!!

PS please do not forget to FlashMob Miranda and don't forget about our Mary Kay fundraiser.. Ladies time to get pretty for Maddox!!! ;)))) And we have our book still called For Love of Maddox!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 163:

Faithful Dog and Faithful Parents.. Coming back to reality has forced me to tell Maddox's story to so many people including doctors, dentists, co-workers, friends, strangers, neighbors, etc.. and it seems not everyone understands and everyone has their opinion.. But it is simple to me...

Maddox is the LOVE of MY LIFE and he has been so LOYAL to me and has been there for me every single hour of every day for the past 7 years.. He would greet me at the door everyday with whimpers & crying & kisses & lots of excitement.. No-one else ever greets me like that.. When I was sad after losing my Mom.. He licked the tears from my face & snuggled with me and comforted me all day & all night.. No-one else does that.. He would get mad at something but would get over it in a few seconds.. So yes I am lost without my baby and yes Maddox being lost has consumed my life but that is because he has always consumed my life..

I admit I live every second of every day for him!! I get it from my Mom & Dad. They lived every second of every day for Me & My sister and so I guess my Mom & Dad taught me to do anything for my baby! And that is why I will NEVER EVER EVER give up on him or NEVER EVER STOP Looking for him because he would never give up on me and my Mom & Dad did not raise me that way... I am so much like my Mom and I hope she is proud of me.. She always told me I am too nice and I need to stand up for myself.. Well this has taught me to not only be strong, but to stand up for what I believe& for those that I love no matter what people think..

Anyways I wanted you all to know that we are still getting sighting calls still coming in. And as usual, sometimes there are weeks in between ... But this is normal and I have experienced this since the beginning. .. Some sightings are ruled out and some not. The ones not ruled out have still been in the area confirmed by Karin but the area is still about a mile or so radius. There are even sightings that we can't rule out because he runs off the moment people make eye contact ... or even raise their hand to take a picture. .... "if you've ever read much about a skittish dog that has been lost for quite some time, this is exactly the way they are said to act ... so base on behavior and on description, that's why I feel sure it's him." And yes, there are those who call his name and chase him and then call the hotline. And as upsetting as it may be, people just don’t understand that even just walking one step in the direction of a skittish dog sends them into a panic...

So yes it is taking forever to find my sweet baby but if anything we have stepped up our game. We have ordered hundreds of new flyers and put them up again all over Edmond & NW OKC.. We have sent out mailings this week of postcards. We are going door to door back in the area where he went missing & other neighborhoods.. We have been tackling a list of notifying all small towns in Oklahoma.. We are messaging all newspapers in Oklahoma.. And have been faxing Vets and Shelters all over Oklahoma. And are even trying to do some flashmobs to get attention from celebrities.. So even though it seems like all of Oklahoma knows about Maddox, there are still people in their own world that do not know about him but we are working as hard as we can to reach them any way we can..

So thanks everyone for the continued prayers & support! We are going to find Maddox and we are going to bring him home! We will NEVER EVER give up on him and I can't wait until the day he is home again with his Mommy! There are no words to describe how much I love and miss him!! =''(((

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 162:

A member of Team Maddox (actually, a few of you along the way) have suggested a flashmob. As you all may know, Miranda Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton, are country singers from OK. You may have even seen her performance at the Oklahoma benefit concert. And, you may also be aware she’s in rescue and has a huge place in her heart for animals! Her facebook page alone will show you that. =)))

So it’s time to start flashmobbing about Maddox to raise awareness and who better to go to, than an Oklahoma girl who loves animals!!

Go to her page, click “like” and then say what you want - however you want. Whatever you write, start the post with either his website or copy/paste his
and you'll see it pop open at the bottom of your post, then delete that link and start typing your message!

You can tell her what happened to Maddox, things that have been done find him, the tracking, dogs that Maddox has saved along the way. Tell her why are writing... that you’d like her to bring attention to Maddox's story so more people can be on the lookout for him. Maddox needs awareness … he’s too skittish and scared to go to anyone for help!

Here’s Miranda’s page
Go flash! If you tweet too …. @mirandalambert

I’ll pin this post to do each day through Sunday! And, I don’t mean 100 times a day … you can do it more than once, but don’t be like me and go to fb jail for posting too much!!
Awareness is the key! Thank you!! =)))

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 161:

Within the past few weeks it has been extremely rough with the tornado devastation, some negative comments, some claiming we are a hoax, etc, etc.. I try very hard not to let the negative in but admit sometimes it sneaks in and gets me down even more than I already am.. =''((

But wanted to THANK YOU to all of you who offer nothing but positive and encouraging and uplifting support! This adventure has been a crazy roller coaster ride with good and bad.. but the Good ALWAYS outweighs the bad and I am truly so very thankful to have you all with me every step of the way. All I want is my sweet baby boy to be home safe and I never asked for any of this.. I actually would never wish any of this on my worst enemy.. It is one of the most heart-breaking, gut-wrenching times in my entire life.. They say time heals wounds but with this it honestly hurts more each day that goes by....

A Team member posted this picture on our page and I think it is fitting and I know we all need some encouragement and something good to happen with all the sadness that has happened the past few weeks..

And another Maddox sent me this today.. ;)) "I have had Maddox on my mind all day (as usual)... but today Maddox has been on the minds of almost everyone I have come in contact with... WE LOVE YOU MADDOX.... and We ARE going to find you soon!!!! I am super-energized with all of the GOOD VIBES I have received recently about Maddox!!!"

She was all over the place today and every single person knew about Maddox and every single person said they are always searching for my baby boy.. Someone even came up to her and said "Hi... I live in Edmond and my daughter and I are ALWAYS looking for Maddox everywhere we go... he can't hide from ALL of us forever"!!!" ;))

And I have received other stories about a kid that was at an adoption even that saw a Min Pin (not Maddox) but ran away to his mom shouting "Mom I found Maddox!" and another lady called me because she had found a black & tan dog and her Grandkids said "That's Maddox!".. I hear stories like this weekly and get calls all the time so that shows me that lots do know about Maddox and so many are still looking so the lady that said he can't hide from us forever is right!!!

We ALL just have to believe and it will happen!! And we do all just need to send POSITIVE THOUGHTS to the universe and believe in our Miracle! Anything is Possible with God!

So please everyone check out this video on our website. and envision Maddox's reunion with his Mommy & Daddy. Specifically the 2nd vertical one in the 2nd row.. It is a video of him greeting his Daddy.. I envision every night that cry and him jumping up and down because I KNOW that is how it will be when I am re-united with my baby again with LOTS of tears & kisses!!!

Prayers for MADDOX

Please keep Praying for MADDOX!! And don't forget about our Organized Time of Prayer for MADDOX every night at 9PM central time. We all have to believe and think positively!! I told myself over and over tonight that we will find Maddox! I ...know we will find him! We have to! We just all have to believe!!! Anything is possible with God & I know he is working on delivering me my miracle!!

Maddox Mommy & Daddy Love and Miss you more than anything!! We can't wait to see you again and bring you home!! Bringing you home when you were an itty bitty baby was the best day of my life and bringing you back as an adult will be the second best day of my life! I love you sweet baby boy!!!
See More

Monday, June 3, 2013


So I am really bad at fundraising and even worse at asking for help BUT I have some amazing Team Maddox members that want to help raise money for the Maddox fund. This was all their ideas and not my doing at all but I love the idea so I am sharing! Please share!!

We have a Mary Kay Consultant that is part of our group that has offered to donate 20% of all sales during the month of June to Maddox! How awesome is that!!! So ladies stock up and you can help contribute to the funds for searching for my sweet baby Maddox at the same time!

Here’s how simple it is. Just go to and click “Sign In” at the top of the page to create your account (name, password and email).
Then go shopping!!

When you are finished shopping or want to review your order, just click “View Bag." There you will see "Check Out." Step four (4) of checkout is where you need to type "Maddox" in the notes/message. That way, she will know it's a Maddox order. (Don't key it into "promo event" code which you see earlier in checkout)

Also I know I haven't mentioned Maddox's book lately, but I just noticed there is a promo code for it. The book is one that a member of Team Maddox did for him! $5 from each book sold goes to Maddox (some stays with the company that makes it, of course).

If you are interested in the book, you save 20% with the code JUSTFORDAD which is valid through 6/10/13. I love my book and it is a gift I will cherish forever!! I admit I even bought 2 copies for myself.. ;))

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 159:

Maddox Montage - Maddox's Girlfriend

Does your baby have a toy that is their "girlfriend" and they are very protective of & love more than anything??

This is one of my favorite pictures of Maddox. This is his "girlfriend" he is flirting with... A stuffed yorkie. He loves his girlfriend so much and she has been his pride & joy since he was itty bitty.. He is very protective of her!!! When we go on vacation if I don't take Maddox's girlfriend with us.. He literally would run as fast as he could upstairs and would run right to her and twirl her around and dance with her and take her back to the room! I have his girlfriend and I know he misses her.. I can't wait until he is home and he can play with his girlfriend again!! My heart hurts so bad.. I miss my baby boy so much!!! =''(( They say with time it gets better but not this time.. Time makes me heart hurt even more every day.. I never knew I could hurt this much.. =''(((

Please keep praying for our miracle and my baby is re-united with his family and his girlfriend soon!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Prayers for Oklahoma continue!! Lots have been worried about Maddox and we just want to thank everyone for the continued prayers for Maddox and all of Team Maddox that lives in the areas impacted by the storm.. Luckily the storm missed Edmond area where Maddox has been spotted but I know he has to be so scared & his Mommy is so worried about him!! I keep praying these storms bring him out of hiding and he will finally go to a porch and let someone help him!!! I miss him so much!!! =''((

I want assure everyone even with what is happening in OKC we are still desperately searching for my sweet baby Maddox.. I still have 20+ very dedicated and amazing friends helping me on the ground in OK.. They help with the feeding stations, cameras, flyers, etc, etc.. And they have not stopped saving other babies in Maddox's name either!! Just yesterday we saved a Mommy whom we named Bonny and her 6 little babies that are only a week old! They were all saved within an hour of the storm hitting!! Thanks to Debbie & Betsy for saving this precious family!!!

We do need your help! We are searching for a rescue to take Bonnie & her babies. She is only 8 months old and has 7 one week old babies.. They believe she is a lab.. shar pei.. shephard mix. If interested please call Betsy at (405) 229-5432 OR Debbie at (405) 226-3622. We just want this precious family to be okay!! I admit I have already fallen in love with the two black & white babies.. ;)))