Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 66 (second update):

Okay so who is up for a flyer/search party this weekend?? I really need to get all the Vets and flyers back up at convenience stores and have also received some new sightings want to make sure those areas are covered with flyers AGAIN.. So I will have a list of places to take flyers to by Saturday whoever is up for helping! 

New sightings are once again all over so be on the lookout in these areas:
1) Village between Western/May/Penn/Britton/Wilshire - received several calls in this area.. I know a Min Pin that looks like Maddox lives on Oxford Way and one lives at Sunnymeade but the sightings are so far apart I do think there might be another Min PIn in the area based on what I have heard. The babies that live there stay near their homes.. No creeks nearby though so that is only thing that makes me think not Maddox but also can't rule it out.

2) Received a call in Edmond last night that a baby that looked like Maddox crossed 178th/Edmond/2nd (whatever you call it) between Santa Fe & Kelly & went into creek area there.. I was over there last night & today but saw no baby. =(

3) Have received 2 calls now that a baby that looks like Maddox was seen near Edgemere Park at 30th & Western/30th & Walker/32nd & Hudson.. This has a creek so could definitely be him!

So these are the areas I for sure want to cover this weekend & want to make sure all Vets in area are covered... So please message me or text me if you want to join the party! I am thinking we can all meet around 9:30/10am Saturday? Just let me know who is in so I can break up the areas!

Day 66:

Past few days have been really tough.. First I took Sam to rescue and that broke my heart.. I miss him even though he was a handful! I find myself being so attached to all the babies I have saved! I check on them all daily.. Bliss and Elvis are both doing great!!! But then yesterday found out Maddee is not feeling very well.. We think she might have lymphoma.. This breaks my heart as we just want her to have a good life! She is such a great dog and I can't believe her Mommy & Daddy abandoned her.. It makes me wonder if they found out she had cancer and then just let her fend for herself.. That makes me so sick that a person can do something to their child! Stephanie has been great to her and I know whatever happens Maddee has had a good past month!! But please PRAY for MADDEE!!!

Also I was upset yesterday due to the lack of sighting calls from past few days, but someone told me "Jackie don't worry, we only need that one call and calls sending you all over the place aren't helping either.".. This made me feel better so everyone PLEASE PRAY FOR THAT ONE CALL!

As you all might of seen I am blocked from posting on Maddox's page.. I can respond to other posts and personal messages but can't post on anyones page or can't even post on Maddox's page.. I am able to post on my personal page.. Hopefully the block will be lifted in a couple of days! SO ANNOYING!!

But I have a few things.. First of all want to plan a flyer party again this weekend! Maybe Saturday or Sunday? Want to hit all the convenience stores, dry cleaners, etc, etc again so once I can post again I will put a time/place! I'm open but if a certain time works better for everyone else let me know..

Also we were thinking about a fundraiser.. Maybe a garage sale? Just a suggestion and no definite plans but if anyone wants to help with something like this let me know!

And finally I need to make sure all Vets know Maddox is still missing! At one point I faxed flyers to a bunch of them but it cost me alot to do it from efax so wondering if anyone has a fax we can use?? Or if everyone just wants to add vets to the list to our flyer party saturday?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 65 (second update):

I was busy spreading the word that Maddox is still missing but seems Facebook decided to block me from going too Fast!! ughhh.. If any Team Maddox members have their own page or know of any pages to spread the word, please do so! I would GREATLY appreciate it!! I want to make sure everyone knows he is still missing and that we are still looking and we are willing to do anything for him! I was sharing our Billboard pics so they can see how dedicated we are! This was my message if you want to copy & below is a link to the Billboard Photo's..


Day 65:

Well Maddox saved another one!! I found this baby by a dumpster in Apt Complex behind Taco Bueno off 39th Expy & Meridian. I think he is a Dachshund mix? He is Male, Un-altered, Black & Tan. Very sweet but has a hurt leg! He is safe at a Vet tonight and will hopefully get rest as he was very tired and skinny so not sure if he is someone's baby or if he has been on his own for awhile but please share him! I want to find a Rescue to take him!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 64:

 Looks like I am un-blocked!! Past few days/week has been extremely rough.. Today just sharing a picture and quote someone sent to me that really made me feel better... I have been struggling the past few days with my decision to give up Sam, with everthing that happened on Christmas Eve.. I keep blaming myself for leaving my baby somewhere he was scared enough to bolt! It breaks my heart! ;(( I have so many regrets and my heart is broken now.. Past few days also people have been telling me I need to give up and go home and I just can't do that... I know reality is I can't stay forever but right now I can't go home without my baby.... I can't fathom the thought of getting on plane without him! Others also keep saying bad things (maybe to comfort me) but it just makes me worry more than I already do.. Some think that someone might have him and won't give him back or he got attacked by a large animal, etc, etc I swear my heart and God has been telling me to not give up and showing me that he is still alive and out there.. He is so skiddish I believe that is keeping him alive and away from bad things.. It is also the bad thing and why we can't seem to find him.. I think he stays hidden so thats why always pray to give him the strength & courage to come out of hiding and let someone see him! He has hidden from me several times just at home and he is so small & quiet he is good at hiding! I just have to find him!!

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.
~ Galatians 6:9
This reminded me of Jackie and all the good she is doing. And about never giving up! Don't give up!" Thanks Jenni!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 63:

 Ughhhh... Another Rough day.. ='''((( Seems like now my computer wants to crash so if I am quiet for awhile you know why... All my pictures, everything is on that computer and it wont' turn on! OMG! Freaking out!!! I will have to figure out how to fix it tomorrow! It has been raining all day but no snow yet.. I pray my baby has a warm place he is hiding.. I am so sad and I just miss him and am ready to go back to Cali.. No offense to Oklahoma but just ready to get out of here but with my baby boy!! =''((( I planned on getting a calendar and map done with all the sightings on it but my computer is making my life difficult.. It is just one thing after another!

Dear Lord,
Please Please help me find my baby, I am trying so hard to follow the signs, but just am so confused! So many people are looking and know about him but yet we still cant find him?!?! I don't understand.. I am willing to do ANYTHING to find my baby boy!! He is my heart, my soul, my everything and I just want to see his smiling face again and give him big hugs and kisses and never let him go!! And please watch over him during this storm, praying it does not get as bad as people are saying it will and praying it stays north of us.. And whatever it does please protect my baby boy! Help him find a warm place to go & a porch where someone would help him would be ideal but any warm place will work. I need to find him soon! I am so lost without him! In Jesus Name, I pray, AMEN!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 62 (second update):

Ever since I dropped Sam off I haven't been able to stop crying!! =''((( I never thought it was going to be this hard! I definitely fell madly in love with him in just a week.. I don't know if it is just that I miss my Maddox SO MUCH or what or maybe God was showing me I can love other babies.. I don't know.. But I am definitely going to Miss him!! I don't know how rescues or fosters do it.. I would want to keep all of them just like I want to keep all the babies Maddox has saved! BUT I know I did the right thing and know Sam deserves better than me.. He deserves a home that will give him their UN-divided attention and also he is a runner and got out from me twice and I know LA is not the place for someone like him! I pray he isn't mad at me and pray he understands and pray his new forever home does not let him get lost again!! I told him I loved him and he would find a better home than me.. I left him with the blanket he has been sleeping with and gave him some toys (even though he seems un-interested in toys). I wish someone I knew would take him so I could still see him and play with him!! Why is all this so hard??? My heart is SO broken.. I never thought my heart could break more but it hurts so bad.. ='''((((

Day 62:

Really Really Really Sad today... =''''((( Taking Sam to a Rescue and I will miss him & just pray he finds a good forever home!! I just want him to have a good home & would be awesome if someone in Team Maddox adopted him!!! Even though he is a handful & has consumed my time this week I will miss him & he has melted my heart.. ♥ BUT even more I just want my Maddox back & want him to be snuggled under the covers with me... Everyday I tell Sam, Maddox doesn't do that, Maddox does that so having him has been bitter sweet, on one hand he has made me laugh & smile (which is rare these days) and I have enjoyed having someone to sleep with this past week & loved having his company BUT even more I just miss my baby Maddox and want him to be the one snuggled under the covers with me!! Maddox is my everything and I feel bad that I compare everyone to him but he is my sweet baby and I just need him back more than anything!!! I hate this storm is coming and it is giving me lots of anxiety... Maddox & I have never been apart the past 7 years for more than a few days and now we have been apart for over 2 months and I hate it so much!! I can't function without him!! I don't understand any of this and as you all know willing to do anything to get him back!! My life is falling apart without him & I am in so much pain.. They say give it time but as time goes by it literally hurts more & more.. =""(((( 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 61:

Today I met some amazing people as I made some personal appearances at the Adoption Events at Petsmart on Rockwell & NW expy and Memorial & Penn! So great to meet everyone with the amazing rescues including Dogs as Family, Tiny Tails & Free to Live!! So grateful there are so many amazing rescues in OKC and appreciate them helping me with all the babies I keep finding thinking they are my Maddox! Each baby I have saved holds a special place in my heart and I just want them to all be okay and find loving forever homes that will spoil them rotten! I am actually going to miss Sam who has been with me since last Friday.. Have become a little attached and as I am writing this he is laying right by me on the couch.. He also loves to take naps in my suitcase! He is such a sweet-heart and a cutie pie! Also went to visit Elvis and he is super cute also! I wish I could keep all these babies but know I can't since MADDOX needs me the most right now! ='''((((

Also wanted to extend a BIG THANKS to Roberta Ramy for helping me with my car situation! You are amazing and I will be forever grateful for your generosity!

Actually my list keeps growing as so many of you have been so generous and I really don't know how I will ever repay all of you!! Maddox, Brandon & I will be forever grateful!!


Dear Lord, please keep watching over my baby, please give him the strength & courage to slow down and let someone help him OR just let someone spot him.. Another storm is coming and is freaking me out.. I know Maddox is strong & tough but he doesn't need to be anymore.. He needs to let his mommy & daddy take care of him and he needs to be spoiled again & eat his favorite foods like cheese & turkey.. We need to go back to Cali where it is warm and weather doesn't give Mommy anxiety attacks.. Please help me find him.. In Jesus Name I pray.. AMEN!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 60 (second update):

Another crazy day!! We got another possible sighting tonight at Britton Courtyard Apartments (Britton & Rockwell behind Sonic).. We had previous sightings in this area but Karin & Teagan confirmed this was not him before but this does not mean he isn't there now since last sighting in this area was a few weeks ago.. The baby seen had a blue collar & 3 tags & so this actually could be Maddox.. Tyrene & Shad spotted him and then almost got into a fight with a very not so nice lady.. This is not a very nice neighborhood so they had to leave and when went back they didn't see anything... Please keep an eye out if you are in this area!!

Also those of you in Oklahoma City, wanted to let you know tomorrow there is a PetsMart Adoptathon Adoption Event so all Petsmarts in area will have lots of dogs for adoption.. I was hoping everyone could stop in their local Petsmart and just make sure my sweet baby Maddox is not there.. My heart tells me he is not with anyone but also not ruling it out so would appreciate some extra eyes at the Petsmarts tomorrow!!

And our beloved "Elvis" who Maddox saved that was abandoned at Tuscany Village apartments will be at the Petsmart at Rockwell & NW Expy! He is doing great and is super cute! He is a sweet-heart and we can't wait to find him a forever home that will spoil him rotten like he deserves!!

And today's picture just wanted to share this.. This is definitely my Maddox!!

Day 60:

Well my sweet baby boy Maddox has been missing for 2 months now.. And every day I miss him more & more! =''''((( I miss his smile & his dimples, I miss his sweet adorable face, I miss snuggling with him, I miss him bringing me the ball all day long & I just pray everything I have done to find him works.. I ask myself everyday what more can I do and that is why I keep looking into more creative ways to spread the word... As you can alll tell I will do ANYTHING for that little guy!! And I will never give up or stop searching! I hope he knows I am still in OK looking for him and Pray he knows how much his mommy & daddy miss him & how much we love him!!! I need him to stop being stubborn & slow down & stop hiding so I can find him or so someone else will find him for me! I really am ready to take my baby Home!! I write this with tears rolling down my face... I am really sad today... =''''((((

Our smaller billboards in addition to our awesome huge ones will be up starting today Fri 2/22 - Wed 2/27. They are located in Bricktown - Walnut Ave @ Main St AND Western Ave @ I-44. I was happy one was in Bricktown because that one got good traffic for Thunder games and there are home games tonight 22nd, Sun 24th & Wed 27th so maybe one of the Thunder guys like Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant will see our sign! Maddox is a Thunder fan!! ;))

This picture is what it should look like.. I created this one myself... It is simple since you make it yourself but I think I did a good job if I do say so myself! ;) I will post real pics of it also later.. Another one to share Maddox's smile & melt people's hearts..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 59:

Started off the day super excited about our awesome billboards!! LOVE seeing my baby's smile all over the city! I pray this helps find my baby boy!!! We have some smaller ones that will be at a couple of locations starting tomorrow also.. I will post pics of that one also! Not as exciting as the others but still should help get the word out that MADDOX is still missing!! 

Ron is also working on our website and is making some more updates! We had some more calls tonight but no good leads.. Hopefully after the billboards are up for a few more days will get more calls!

I am trying to be so patient but honestly my heart just breaks more and more every day that goes by and can't believe tomorrow will be 2 months without my baby... I have done everything I can think of and still doing things to find him & will not stop until I find him! I do know in my heart my baby is out there and I know I will find him!! I know I have to just trust and be patient but it is SO hard! I just miss my baby and want to go home to Cali and want everything to be back to normal! =''''((((

Someone posted this at some point so just wanted to share tonight... I just feel like we all need to keep praying & I know God will answer all our prayers & bring Maddox home!!

"All things are possible through God and the power of prayer and you have a power of prayers out here and anxiously waiting for Gods reply to all our prayers..."
"And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and really believing, you will receive." Matthew 21:22

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 58 (second update):

Dog Talk show went great! It was so wonderful to meet Pat Becker & Christy Counts with OKC Humane Society & Barbara Lewis with Animal Resource Center! Show will air on March 9th on KSBI 54 (Cox 7, HD 707) at 10AM! I will remind everyone and share links closer to when it airs! 

Also had some new sightings tonight in more different areas to be on the lookout in addition to areas posted yesterday! Grateful still getting calls since signs are getting taken down!!

1st sighting: Near County Line & Wilshire - description was vague but spotted in neighborhood around there..

2nd sighting: Near Quail Creek addition (Quail Creek Rd & 122nd) - I rushed over to this one after filing show and couldn't find him but was very surprised how close this area is to where he first went missing... Hmmmm...

I am so confused though which of the calls the past few nights are Maddox or just another Min Pin lost in the city since we all know there are plenty of them since I keep finding them! =(( I am going to be working on a map that I can share of all the sightings & all the confirmed scent trails that might help everyone know where to look! I promised Karin I would do that for her so hopefully will get done tomorrow!

And speaking of Mr. Sam is still with me and we had a rough day... Let's just say he is a handful & is giving me a run for my money! But his new favorite place to take a nap in is my suitcase! He is a cutie pie!

And ending on a laughable note.. Not sure why my luck is so bad but Betsy brought the car over tonight and you will never guess what happened but I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT REACH THE PEDALS! OMG!! Apparently older Honda's are not made for short people or something! Thanks to Betsy for offering but back to square one so hopefully will find a rental tomorrow or I will be carless! =((

Day 58:

Busy Busy Busy day but got alot accomplished this morning on new ways to get the word out about Maddox!!...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 57:

It was a busy day and especially busy past few minutes.. 

I have received 4 calls back to back in different areas that I need team Maddox to be on the lookout in! As you can see all these are in very different areas so that is why it is SO IMPORTANT for everyone to put my number in their phone on speed dial, if you spot Maddox call me ASAP & snap a picture if possible And Most importantly DO NOT CHASE HIM!!!!! It appears people that have seen him have to drive around a little to find my signs since city is taking them down.. =(((

First sighting: In Cobblestone addition (it is a gated community).. He was seen going under a mock entrance (rod Iron fence) if you go west on 122nd & past the school.. I can't get in this area since gated so if anyone lives there please be on the lookout and/or let me know how to get in!!!

Second sighting: In Coppercreek addtion off of Penn between 164th & 168th. Baby was seen around noon.

Third/Fourth sightings near eachother (one posted earlier about): In Village at Oxford & Waverly and again near May & Britton.. I have received several calls in this area but this is FAR from where Maddox was scented and everytime I get over there never have seen the Min PIn but everyone is confident it is a Min Pin so know one either lives there or one is wandering!

And lastly we still have our our feeding station & cameras up near Hobby Lobby sighting (NW expy/Rockwell/Wilshire/Brookside).. I set up a little house today since another storm is coming so he can go inside & eat & get away from rain.. We were not able to confirm the picture of the Min Pin on camera since it was too far away...

So as you can see LOTS of Min pins all over and really hard to confirm where MADDOX is unless we get calls right away or get some pictures!!! Thanks all for your continued love & support!!!! Brandon & I miss our baby so much and can't wait for our family to be re-united and know we could not do this without you all!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 56 (second update):

Lots of people keep asking me about "Sam".. He is still with me.. Found a rescue that will take him Saturday so unless I figure something else out he will be with me until then.. He is very cute & sweet but also a handful and demands lots of attention! I am trying to give him attention & still focus on my Maddox so that is why have been somewhat quiet on here.. Trust me it is not because I have not been doing anything. Just have my hands full right now!

But I feel like I got a lot accomplished today even with an extra friend around... Have an exciting lead on some biillboard advertising that is affordable! Big Thanks to my friend Kim from LA that hooked me up!!! Took flyers to pet stores A1 Pet Emporium & Paws Around Town. Was happy to see A1 pet already had our flyer in window & another one inside! Our website is up & running & talked to Ron awhile about a plan to keep updating it.. So we will keep you posted! We plan to add a lot of info to make it a one stop shop! And I talked to Karin for awhile & we are putting a new plan in motion.. Stay tuned for details on that!!

And finally... I don't want to get my hopes up.. BUT we have another Min Pin spotted on our camera! It is very far away and from the back so can't confirm if Maddox or not but ears were definitely clipped & tail was definitely docked! He passed through the area very quickly but we do know it was NOT the neighbor Min Pin since he has floppy ears! Please keep your fingers crossed & pray it was Maddox & he comes back again to the same area!!!!

Sharing this pic of my sweet baby. This is one of Brandon & my most favorite pics ever!! We miss this smile & miss his dimples!! Maddox Mommy & Daddy love you and can't wait to bring you home! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 55:

Still trying to find someone to take Sam and Maddee still needs a forever home also.. As I search for my sweet baby Maddox, it is seriously breaking my heart that I am finding so many sweet babies that no-one seems to be looking for?!?! All these babies are so sweet and have touched my life forever. I have to find a good home for all of them or I won't be able to sleep! I know God sent them to me for a reason & wish I could keep them all but I can't.. Maddox has to be my #1 Priority because he needs me the most!!! So please keep sharing pictures of Sam & Maddee as they deserve nothing but happiness!!



Also trying to spread the word further about Maddox & today I realized my Twitter account (which rarely use) was linked to my facebook page so every time I update FB, twitter is also updated so please follow me on twitter and retweet to spread the word about Maddox on there!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 54: Well alot happened yesterday and I did not get a chance to update you all.. First of all thanks to Tim & my father in law Gary, they were able to capture that baby in Baxter Springs, KS & although it did look ALOT like Maddox they confirmed it was not him.. This baby ended up running into a lady's house & it turns out she found him before Christmas and she started taking care of him. She lets him roam the neighborhood but I am glad someone is taking care of him.. ;)) After that I was super sad and just drove around trying to find hiding places that my could be at with no luck.. Then got a call of another sighting way south on 23rd (between Rockwell & MacArthur) and ended up saving "Sam".. He stayed with me last night & is such a sweet-heart.. I know someone has to be missing him so plan on posting flyers of him around where I found him & taking flyers to smaller shelters.. At the same time figure I will make sure they know Maddox is also still missing and will also let them know about Maddee who we still have not found her mommy or daddy.. So many babies to be saved..It literally breaks my heart!!

Also very frustrated because still getting sighting ca lls that could be Maddox but we do not get the calls until a few days after they saw him. I feel like we have done so good at getting word out & people even say they see our signs everywhere, but still not getting the call that says I just saw him.. Well I have got a few of those but they have ended up being other lost babies or other babies that are allowed to roam the neighborhood.. =(( I am just wondering how we get it to be the opposite?!?! Desperately need someone to see my sweet baby Maddox that has my number on speed dial! =(( Please keep Praying for my baby Maddox & all the other lost babies!! And I like this tip.. Always think LOST not STRAY!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 53:

Day 53: So we had a Min Pin on our camera yesterday but it was a neighbor dog.. I still think Maddox could be in the same area we have been stalking near nw expy/wilshire/macarthur/rockwell but Maddox seems to avoid the camera or he moved on so could be circling back or went more south.. =((( 

We also found a Min Pin in Baxter Springs, KS that looks ALOT like Maddox that we are trying to capture. Thanks to Timmy Ashe, Seth Godfrey, Susan McMichael Stolte & my father in law Gary Vestal for helping out with him!! Yes this is very far and the only way it could be him if he jumped on a Hobby Lobby truck and then got off or something but Who knows.. It would be a crazy story but even if Maddox or Not Maddox I want this baby to be saved! And Timmy has already said he would make him a member of his family! ;))

And just wanted to say thanks to all Team Maddox as always for your, love, support, encouragement, etc, etc.. People keep saying how strong I am but it is you all that give me strength & I really could not get through this without all of you! There have been some really bad days but you all seem to pick me up! And I love the team effort with checking shelter, checking craigslist & all the other millions of websites, and even just uniting last night to figure out how to help Timmy all the way in Kansas capture that dog! People keep tell me there are some amazing things happening on this page & I totally agree!! that is why I have already decided to keep this page going after I find my baby and to possibly start a non-profit named after Maddox of course.. Even after my baby is found, we all have to continue to re-unite other lost babies!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 52:

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!! Honestly I have never been a big fan of this day.... Ask my sister!!! But praying this day will be my most favorite holiday because it is the day I finally found my sweet baby boy whom his daddy & I love and Miss so much!!! All I want on this day is to find him so we can be a family again!! His Daddy doesn't post on here but he also loves this little guy more than anything in this world & that is one of the many things I love about my husband! Brandon is a guy so doesn't openly share how much he loves him but trust me this is as hard on him as it is me.. While on the road that is all he talks bout how he misses Maddox!! He always teases Maddox & watching him play with him melts my heart.. Maddox also loves to steal his Daddy's spot on the couch.. It is a game they play or something!! As soon as Brandon gets up Maddox is right there where he was sitting! haha We are both so heart-broken and devastated without our baby boy... He is our everything, our pride & joy, and what makes our family whole!!! We always say Maddox is the cutest dog & most spoiled baby in the whole world! We sometimes fight about who gets to snuggle with Maddox or who gets to have him on our lap while we are watching TV.. I miss those days so much!!

Maddox - It is time for your adventure to stop and for you to find your Mommy so we can go home & be a family!! Mommy & Daddy love & mis syou so much!!

Brandon - Thanks for being such a supportive husband and being so understanding and holding down the fort back in LA while I am still in OK searching for our baby boy!!

I miss both my I miss my two boys & just want to be a family again!!! ='''((((

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 50:

Was another really tough day.. Actually past 50 days have been really bad because I miss my sweet baby boy more than anything in this world & miss his smile & HATE that he is out there & HATE that I can't find him!!! We shouldn't be in the middle of a snow storm but should be at the beach!! =(((

Maddox If you can find a place you feel safe and someone that has another doggie please go to their porch and they will help you find your Mommy!! I love you sweet baby boy!!

Dear Lord, Please keep protecting my sweet baby & please keep all his angels around him & give him the strength and courage to find someone to help him.. I know he is scared of strangers but there has to be someone that looks like me or someone he will feel safe with so they can help him... Or please just guide me to find him myself.. I just need that one perfect call!! In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 49:

I spent the day adding more flyers in the neighborhood where we think Maddox has been roaming the past few days.. Then received a few calls this evening.. First one was way south and I decided to check it out and almost saw a sweet baby girl Min Pin get hit by a car.. Ughhh.. My heart stopped for a second & was screaming in my car for all the other cars to stop!! Thank goodness she is okayand she actually ended up running home so she is safe!!! And second call was way North so just spent the past few hours searching that area but no luck.. Only thing I found was bunny rabbit.. Still hopeful we will spot Maddox on our cameras which is in the middle of the two sightings tonight!! So reminder if anyone sees a baby please try to snap a picture! Even if it isn't Maddox it will be helpful in finding that babies mommy & daddy!

And it seems everyone is getting to know me very well because received a few messages today that said I know you are freaking out about the storm that is coming but it could be a blessing so we can find tracks in the areas we are searching for Maddox.... Thanks to everyone that reached out and reminded me this can be a good thing.. ;) Keep the prayers coming!!! And thanks everyone for sending me more amazing stories of other babies re-united with their mommy & daddy's months later! I appreciate all the support & encouragement more than you know! xoxo

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 48:

Thanks to everyone that sent me new pics for our page! I love them all & will be updating our page to keep the pics fresh!;)

Today was a very stressful day... Woke up to a call that someone spotted a Min Pin right near Lake Hefner and very close to where I am staying! I got all excited thinking my baby was close and was coming home to his Gma & Gpa's but then we never found him & after doing detective work I figured out it was a neighbor dog.. Also no sign of my baby on the cameras yet either.. =(( I was told weekends are slow when it comes to sightings and it was definitely a slow day.. These days are the hardest for me... Also dealing with personal stuff catching up with me as far as work goes, money goes, etc, etc... Praying tomorrow is a better day!!!

To my sweet baby Maddox... Mommy misses you and just wants to give you big hugs and kisses!! I hate this is happening & I hate that you are still out there and I know you are a very strong & very smart little guy BUT I just want to take care of you again so please please baby find a place you feel safe & please stay there so I can find you!!! I love you sweet baby boy more than anything & my heart breaks more & more each day that goes by without you.. ='''''((((

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 47:

BIG THANKS TO Pam, Stephanie, Maddie, Both Donna's, Janie, Pepper, Vivian, Tyrene, Shad & Sticks for helping to search for Maddox and post flyers all over the city at convenience stores, dry cleaners, fast food restaurants, etc, etc!! It was gloomy, cold, icky day but was great to see so many amazing members of Team Maddox today! 

Lots of you have been confused about sightings so wanted to clarify.. We are getting LOTS of sighting calls and we have a very promising sighting of Maddox in the same area a few different times.. I want to keep the exact location private for now because trying not to get my hopes up.. It is the same area I have been stalking all week! And camera & feeding station is up so please pray and keep all fingers & paws crossed we see my sweet baby boy on camera in the next few days!! We are hoping & praying the icky weather slowed my baby boy down and this is him sticking around the same area!

Day 47 Second Update:

This Oklahoma wind is stressing me out & giving me major anxiety!!!! :((( Praying my sweet baby boy has a warm place to sleep that is protected from the scary wind!!!! :((((( 

Dear Lord, please continue to protect My sweet baby boy Maddox & keep his guardian angels around him!! And please give him strength, comfort, & courage to keep looking for his mommy who will never stop looking for him!! I feel I am very close & just want to take him home to Cali!!! We promise to keep doing what we have been doing & save other lost babies!!! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 46:

Oklahoman Story has definitely spread the word about my sweet baby boy Maddox! The online story received over 15,000 hits yesterday alone and it was still getting hits all day today & that does not even include people that read the printed version! Still getting LOTS of calls & a few babies have been saved again today!! You have probably noticed I started a new folder called "Babies Maddox saved"! If you haven't done so already please go to the article online at and comment and thank them for doing the story!!

Also wanted to share this tip in finding lost dogs.. I thought it was very fitting for the day since getting so many calls of possible Maddox sightings!!

Please share & tell everyone that if they think they see Maddox to try to snap a quick picture & then they don't have to try to remember details about collar,tail, ears, etc! This will help me to first know if it is Maddox or not and if it is not Maddox we can still share the pics on his page to help save other babies!

And to my sweet baby Maddox.. Mommy misses you more than anything in this world! Please find somewhere you feel safe and stay there so Mommy can find you!! I am ready to take you home to Cali!!! Love you sweet baby boy!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 45:

It seems the Oklahoman Story was God's gift to us!!! I was so upset that the city had taken down a lot of our signs BUT the story in the paper today definitely got the word out! I spent literally all day answering calls about sightings all over the place!! So that is awesome! Unfortunately the only calls that they said "I am looking at the baby now" we were able to confirm were not Maddox.. One was a floppy eared baby, one was a female min pin & another was a baby that lived in the neighborhood and gets out of the fence alot.. =(( BUT the words is out so I am just praying all these people that called that saw a dog that looked like him yesterday or a few days ago or a week ago will call again when they are looking at him!! Oh and I wanted to let you all know I will be on "Dog Talk" with Pat Becker on KSBI TV (Channel 52) next week!! She saw the newspaper article and called and wanted me to come on her show next week that she is doing about lost dogs.

And BIG THANKS to Ron & Tracy Schroeder for driving all the way from Tulsa to help me out today! It was so wonderful having you here to help me post flyers, check out sightings, walk creeks, etc, etc.. You are both amazing people and Maddox & I are so lucky to have you in our lives as friends!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 44:

Here is the story you all have been waiting for all day!!! Well the online version BUT Team Maddox in OKC area... 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 43:

Another crazy day... Starting off with Good News.. OKLAHOMAN is doing a story!! It should be in paper & online within a few days. We will post when it is ready! Yay!

Bad news is as I was driving around checking out possible sightings, I found SEVERAL of my signs have been taken down.. Booo!!! I am VERY frustrated to say the least!! Ughhh... 

But we are getting several calls so that is GOOD & even though signs are coming down that makes me feel better that people still know to call us!. Just not sure if any are Maddox since none of them have been the call I have been praying for that says I have him or I am looking at him right now.. And all of them were I saw him yesterday or saw him last week.. =(((

I also wanted everyone to know that I have been trying my best to respond to everyones messages but we are now at 1,185 members of "Team Maddox" and there is only one Maddox Mommy so I am doing my best to manage this page.. I admit I am over-whelmed so I asked a couple of "Team Maddox" members to help me so you will start seeing messages from Janet & maybe even Pam & others... We appreciate everyone's loyalty, support, prayers, kind words, encouraging words, etc, etc MORE than you know so THANK YOU TO ALL OF TEAM MADDOX!!!! Maddox & I are so lucky to have you all in our life!!! And I am hoping with help we can respond to messages/questions quicker! :))

And if you haven't noticed.. I wish I would of thought of this earlier but I decided to share a different picture of my sweet baby Maddox every single day until he comes home! So you don't have to just read my words but can see how cute he is!! ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU MADDOX!!! MOMMY MISSES YOU!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 42:

Lots are asking about recent sightings.. We have received SEVERAL calls daily but nothing that has been confirmed since a week ago from today at Hobby Lobby on NW Expressway & Rockwell.. =(( We had a feeding station behind the Hobby Lobby for a few nights with cameras but no sight of him.. =((( Lots of people are also asking if we have enough to bring Karin back but honestly the only way she would come back is if there is another sighting and she could get here within a day or two... So that is why our BIGGEST FOCUS at this point is to keep spreading the word about Maddox so we get calls when someone sees him RIGHT AWAY!! We have been busy posting more flyers, posting on FB, posting on Craigslist, and today I am trying to figure out if we can get an ad in the Oklahoman and even have them run our story... I believe we were also looking into a billboard advertisement.. If I figure out exact pricing for any of these great ideas I will let you know! Someone also gave me an idea to maybe get some Team Maddox bracelets so if anyone has any connections or knows how we can do any of this please let me know! As all these are great ideas - I am not from here though so have no connections or don't' even know where to begin! Thanks everyone for the continued support & prayers! And I am tring to update everyone as much as possible but it is just me so it is a bit over-whelming but I promise to try to update more often!! If I am silent, just know I am busy searching for my baby!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 41:

Maddox you have been on your adventure for 40 days and 40 nights.. Your Daddy already received a present of his Niners being in the superbowl but the best present of all would be for you to come out of hiding so we can call Daddy & tell him we are coming home!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 40:

I can not believe my sweet baby has been gone for 40 days.. Every day that goes by my heart breaks more & more.. I miss him so much & praying this crazy adventure ends soon! Grateful Maddox & I have saved so many other babies but next one has to be my own sweet baby!!!!

Update on the HOA president from Warwick West, he actually emailed me and is really nice.. I think he only called us because he was doing his job and the neighbors were complaining. He actually has a Min Pin of his own and told me I might want to check the large park/pond area in Warwick Estates (located just east of Warwick West addition). He said that would be a good area for a dog to hide out. He also said he would put his boys on a manhunt (or I should say doghunt) for Maddox!

So I will be out and about searching/posting flyers again today.. We found lots of ponds/creeks/apts behind the Hobby Lobby sighting (off of Wilshire & Lyarwood) and are praying he is hanging out there still in abandoned apts.. OR we also had that possible sighting east of 16th & Rockwell also near apts so plan on expanding my flyers down in that area.. And I will probably check out that pond area also at Warwick.. So as always if any one in OKC area is out and about those are areas you can help me search/post flyers! And call/text me please! (323) 217-9337.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 39 (second update):

 It was tough day but came home and was reading all the FB comments and you all made me feel so much better! Thanks everyone for the continued support!! 

Lots of you have been asking about latest sightings.. Well last confirmed one was BEHIND Hobby Lobby near Rockwell & NW expy.. We have received ALOT more calls but nothing confirmed.. I had a call tonight that was all the way at 16th & Rockwell but by the time I got there I didn't see any babies so no clue if it was Maddox or not... We have also received several calls about possibl neighbors having Maddox, etc but all that is just speculation so nothing for sure.. I don't believe anyone has him though & believe he is out there still since as you all know he is very skiddish/timid/shy so I don't think anyone can catch him! So he could be anywhere since he moves so fast so everyone in NW OKC should keep an eye out & keep my number on speed dial!! 

I feel God has sent me the other Min Pins.. Miss Bliss and Mr. Tiny and the third at the Apt that was abandoned that I need to name, to teach me and show me how to build trust and capture them since I have been told at this point Maddox is very feral and might not even come to me right away.. Which breaks my heart BUT Maddox is saving so many other babies and I know he will be saved at some point.. I just do not know when.. I do miss my baby more than anything and can't wait to give him big higs & kisses!!!

And BTW I LOVE the idea of everyone in OKC keeping signs on their car.. I have had one on mine since he went missing so if anyone wants one that is laminated call/text me and I will give you one! And if anyone that has extra flyers they haven't hung yet let me know since I am running out but can get some more made!!!

Day 39:

Spent all morning on the phone with shelters in TX & MO becuase saw some pics that looked so much like my baby that I had to be sure they weren't him.. Sad to say neither were him... =(( Seeing so many Min Pins at shelters is seriously breaking my heart & I have been crying all morning.. =(((

And then we got a call from the President of the Warwick West Addition Home Owners Association saying we need to remove all our signs from the telephone polls because he is getting calls from people in the neighborhood complaining about them & if we don't take them down he was going to call the city.. Ughhh.. So if anyone is free today and wants to help me remove the signs that is where I will be this morning! 

Please pray this day gets better because it has been a rough morning! =(((