Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 38:

It has been a very adventurous day.. Started off walking creeks with Joanna and then received SEVERAL calls about this little guy whose name is "Tiny" that was roaming the streets near Penn Square Mall. We rushed that way and saw that this adorable baby must have chewed through his leash since it was still attached to his collar.. He was all over the place on an adventure and is a very quick little guy! We were like how in the world are we going to catch him?!? But then thanks to some guys that had a female doggie we were able to snatch him up! He had no contact info on his tags BUT he had his rabies tag on with Neel Vet's number so we took him there and they were able to find his Daddy!! SO Happy we were able to save him from the street!! He is such a cutie & became my BFF today! Tiny is home and now Maddox it is your turn to be home!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 37:

Brittany, Brianna & I got into the fenced creek area and searched for Maddox.. AND We found lots of footprints!! My feeding station in area of recent sighting was also empty this morning! Praying it is Maddox!!! And also found out our news9 story aired all the way back home in Cali! 

And mark your calendars! Let's try the collective power of prayer and good thoughts. At 9 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 31), let's all pray and hope that Maddox stops where he is, backtracks to where his mommy is, and we are reunited so we can go home!! Thanks for the great idea Kim!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 36:

Karin & Teagan confirmed it was Maddox in Hobby Lobby parking lot around NW expy & Rockeell yesterday.... I have been driving around her all day & plan on waiting to see if he comes out again... If anyone is around this area & wants to help post flyers call/text me! (323) 217-9337

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 34:

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the news story since the golf tournament went longer but here is the story... 

Day 34: Second Update

We tracked all day today and Karin is going to post more details later so you all can see where Maddox is traveling.. Cade found Maddox's scent at the Farm with the pond & told us he stopped to take a nap under a big tree.. Sounds like my baby for sure!! ;) The farmer hadn't been home for a few days so explains why he did not see him.. Then we continued tracking around the pond & in & around creeks... My sweet baby boy is not stopping but please keep praying we catch up with him SOON!! =(((( I love and miss him so much!!!

Day 34:

Following Maddox through thick and thin.. By Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I. &her amazing team....

Today’s work was rather grueling. We tracked through fields, woods, waterways and of course Maddox’ favorite… the creek beds.
We ran into some trouble with private property and an angry coyote, probably with pups, that growled and snarled as we tried to track by. Needless to say we u-turned and got out of there quickly. We then had to detour to the north and try to figure out how to get out of there without actually going on the property.
Channel 9 came out and we worked with them to get Maddox’ photo across the OKC and Edmond area. . We checked sightings and found that these were not Maddox but did find Maddox’ trail heading south when the huge creek he was on branched off and turned south. He just followed his nose and went south along the creek eventually going through a tunnel that sent him further to the south.
I have included maps of the overall search for Maddox. I am sure many of you will be surprised at how far and wide the little dog has traveled.
Paws crossed that the news will give us that recent sighting we need to begin to attract and capture Jackie’s little wanderer.

Day 34:

Thanks to everyone that helped make this happen!! Channel 9 News is here!!!

Day 34:

Teagan says Maddox isn't here.. Both Cade & Teagan just confirmed It was not Maddox at copper creek... :(((

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 33: Fifth Update

Our new signs are up around Edmond & Karin, Cade, Teagan will resume tracking Maddox tomorrow.. We were hoping to get some sighting calls today but the signs took longer to get up than we anticipated.... So we still need your help as the longer Karin stays the more expensive it is.. So remember even if you all just donate $1.00, that goes a very long way since we have over 900 members of "Team Maddox". Thanks all for the continued support, prayers, kind words, generous donations... Maddox's family will be forever thankful & we can not wait to have him back in our arms!!!!

Day 33: Fourth Update

PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! We just got the baby girl we found scanned & she has no chip... :(( maddox is my priority & I have no place to keep her.... Can anyone take her for the night until we find her home??? I am not going to leave her on street!!

Day 33: Third Update

While posting flyers I found this sweet baby girl who is now napping in back of my car... Has anyone seen anything about her on Craigslist or anywhere else?? Trying to finish flyers for my baby & then taking her to get scanned but she might need a place to stay.... Please let me know...

Day 33: Second Update

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers for helping search & post flyers in Edmond this morning... We are still at it.... Karin & her amazing team are not tracking today as they are in standby... We have been trying to get up flyers quickly so we have new sightings to continue tracking... We are doing this to save money....Once Karin starts tracking again it is an hourly rate so donations will still help us out tremendously....

Day 33: First Update

New signs... Moving search to Edmond since Maddox was last scented around 150th/164th/MacArthur by the amazing Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I., Cade, Teagan, Yuri, Paco & Camden! ♥

Day 33:

Yep.. Past 32 days have been really bad days & that is because my sweet baby Maddox is lost... I can't wait to have a good day again when we find Maddox & I can take him home to Cali! =((((

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 32: Update 4

Photos from today's search for Maddox.... We are getting closer! I can't wait to have my sweet baby boy back in my arms!! Maddox I LOVE you!!!

Day 32: Update 3

Strategizing now... Have to move search almost 3 miles to the north... Redesigning & ordering additional signs... Any volunteers available to help post signs In Edmond tomorrow?? Call/Text/Email me at (323) 217-9337. Looks like best idea is for Karin to stay... Karin will post today's findings tonight... Stay tuned...

Day 32: Update 2

Still tracking Maddox scent on creeks in Edmond.... Stay tuned...

Day 32:

OMG!!! Cade confirmed it was Maddox in field behind McD's on Macarthur south of memorial!!! BUT then Teagan tracked Maddox UNDER the Kilpatrick!!! OMG!! We will keep you posted!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 31:

As you all know we raised enough to bring Karin back for one day to help track Maddox but every little bit still helps. As we might need to keep Karin here longer, we might need more signs or we might just need the money for a REWARD . So for those asking & for those that want to donate to help find Maddox below is the link.

Bring Maddox Home Donations

Thanks so much for the continued support! Maddox is such an extra special guy and we know all of Team Maddox has fallen in love with him! We can't wait for everyone to meet him! 

Day 31: Second Update

Maddox - We have the best of the best here looking for you!! You are strong & brave & Hold on tight because Mommy is going to find you! Can't wait to see your smiling face & wagging tail & give you kisses & big hugs! Mommy LOVES you more than anything & all of Team Maddox also loves you! You have helped saved lots of other babies but now it is your turn to be saved!!! And I promise when we are back in Cali we will continue saving other lost babies like you!! Mommy needs your help and we need to go back home to the beach where I know is your most favorite place in this world! Love you sweet puppy baby SO MUCH!!

Day 31:

Day 31: Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I. & her amazing team of dogs are on their way back to OKC to help us find Maddox! We raised enough for one day of tracking. We will then figure it out since after that it is an hourly rate and we might not have to keep her longer but pray Cade & the other amazing dogs are able to help us narrow down the search within one day! Thanks everyone for the support, prayers, generous donations, kind words, etc.. We could not do this without our amazing supporters!! Team Maddox you are awesome! 

Maddox - You are strong & brave and can do this! Hold on tight and Mommy is going to find you! Can't wait to see your smiling face & get your kisses & give you a big hug! Mommy LOVES you more than anything & all of Team Maddox also loves you! You have helped saved lots of other babies but now it is your turn to be saved!!! And I promise when we are back in Cali we will continue saving other lost babies like you!! Mommy needs your help and we need to go back home to the beach where I know is your most favorite place in this world! Love you sweet puppy baby SO MUCH!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 30: Second Update

Just wanted to give an update on the baby girl Min Pin we rescued earlier this week. We named her "Bliss". She was scanned but has no micro-chip. We have been searching to see if anyone is looking for her with no luck. =(( We think she was out there for atleast a week or longer given how hungry she was when we found her. BUT currently she is in great hands with a local foster. I check on her daily and was told she is doing really good & is active & is adjusting to her current foster home. I will post some better pics of this sweet baby girl when I get some. She is definitely a cutie pie!

Day 30:

Me & My baby at beach.... Can't wait to bring him home so we can go back there!! I miss this smile so much!! :(((((

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 29: Second Update

Wish Maddox wasn't on this collage anymore.. Please keep praying for my baby boy to be safe & found soon!! I miss him so much!! =(((((

Day 29:

Definitely needed this this morning since feeling really sad & heart-broken & missing my sweet baby Maddox so very much... =((((

My prayer partners and I are praying for Maddox to be returned safely to you. Nothing is impossible with Him! (Mark 9:23) I’m so sorry this happened. But nothing is impossible with God.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 28: Second Update

Here is the adorable baby girl we spent all day rescuing today.. We named her "Bliss" She is super cute!! Sorry picture isn't so great.. This was end of day after we finally got her & she is in a big crate & she was really full & exhausted.... Her eyes were watering so we think she got something in them & her left leg was hurt BUT she is in great hands & with a local rescue organization already.. They will be scanning her for a microchip tomorrow.. I will keep you posted on this sweet baby girl who literally melted my heart today... And will post more pictures when I get better ones of her! I should of took some while I was chasing her all day but was a little distracted.. Wasn't going to let this one out of my sight!! ♥ ♥ ♥ her!

Day 28:

Well was at the latest sighting since about 5:30am... Was there way before sunrise & it was not my sweet baby.... It was another very adorable female Min Pin...I've been trying all day to catch her with no luck.. BUT we are trying to trap her now!! Silly girls went into trap twice already but she is so little the lever did not work but she seems to be staying in area so confident we will catch her! I will keep you posted!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 27: Second Update

New Possible Sighting ALERT: We got 2 different calls that a baby that looked ALOT like Maddox was all the way out on 150th between County Line & Council... We ran out the door so that is why posting now.. By the time we got there he had disappeared in the dark again & there are ALOT of places he could be hiding.. Two different people saw him & both tried to stop but said he was really scared & ran away...

Day 27:

Another day from Sunrise to Sunset out searching for my sweet baby....Today is one of the first days I felt like I got a lot accomplished & that's because I had lots Of helpers!!! Big thanks to Nicole, Geoff & Ariel for Walking trails with me & helping me post mire flyers!! Thanks to Pamela for running errands for me & dropping off flyers at the places on my list!!! Maddox & I greatly appreciate all you are doing for us!!!! We can't wait to be reunite & go home to Cali!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 26:

Question for all my fellow Min Pin LOVERS: I am a member of several Min Pin Groups but keep stumbling upon more so want to make sure I have them all.. Please let me know if I am missing any! These are the ones I have so far.... Min Pin Fan Club, Min Pin Crazy, Min Pin Talk, National Min Pin Rescue, Miniature Pinschers, Miniature Pinschers Fan Club, Miniature Pinscher Fans Los Angeles, Min Pin Heads, SoCal Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Picasso's Place Min Pin Rescue, Min Pin Miliita, Min Pin Rescue, Save Senior Min Pins, Min Pin Gang of New York & IMPS - Internet Min Pin Service..

Day 26: Second Update

Well... We received a few calls about sightings.. One was not Maddox.. It was another Min Pin that lived in the neighborhood.. He was super cute and gave me some kisses! Second we got a few calls from some kid that thinks he is funny to call us over & over & tell us he saw the dog last night a couple times & then even called & said he was looking at the dog but as soon as I said where are you? He hung up.. =((( Ughhhh.. Not funny! 

Day 26:

Plan today is to post more flyers and replace some of our old white ones that look icky from the weather.. If anyone has extra time and wants to help please call/text me at (323) 217-9337!! We have ALOT of area to cover!! Thanks!!

Day 26:

This is Jackie (Maddox's Mommy)... I have been getting lots of questions what the experts are saying & have been answering individual quetons but thought I would do one answer.... As you know we are doing everything posisble to find our sweet baby & take him home to california! We love that little guy more than anything in this world! 
We have been working with Karin K9 PI and some other full time Animal rescue people. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 25: Second Update

Here is our newest flyer for anyone that wants to share or use as their profile pic.. We updated it to make sure it says Reward to maybe grab some more attention.. Thanks all for the continued support & prayers in our search for Maddox who desperately wants to go back home to the beach!!

We have our 500 flyers made that will be distributed Saturday to over 100 magazine racks around where Maddox went missing!! BIG THANKS to Angie Bye, her friend John, my amazing father in law Curtis Liles & his assistant for helping make this happen!! I greatly appreciate your help more than I can even express in words! I pray this helps get the word out!!!

Day 25:

Woke up this morning thinking I have been posting everyday about how I feel & possible sightings, etc, etc but today wanted to talk about Maddox and let eveyone get to know Maddox instead of me.. I want everyone to understand why this has been so difficult & why I will never stop looking for my sweet baby & how extra special he is.. We adopted Maddox when he was itty bity (only 8 weeks old) & for the last 7 years that little guy has been right by my side every single day, I have litereally never left him but only for a few days.. He is my pride & joy, my everything, my heart, my soul...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 24:

I have been quiet past few days because unfortunately it has been quiet with no new sightings but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy looking for my baby... I have actually been really over-whelmed dealing with a million things.. I have been posting more signs have been going to the same creek every single day and spending ALOT of time there.. We have a feeding station there & I am hoping by me leaving my scent there daily, Maddox will find his way there..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 23: Second Update

I received a call because there was a baby under a bridge growling.. As soon as I got the call I ran over there thinking it was Maddox but it was this little girl.. She wouldn't come out from under the bridge & I was So upset thinking this was the 4th baby that would not let me help them.. BUT GREAT NEWS! As I was driving around looking for my baby saw a flyer and this little girl is named Roxie and just talked to her Mommy & she came home in the middle of the night! YAY!! So Maddox you are saving so many other babies but now you need to come home and save yourself!! Mommy Loves & Misses you SO MUCH!!!!

Day 23:

I sat by the same creek area & even walked some trails but didn't find my sweet baby but hoping to leave my scent so he can find his way there.. 

Also Lots of people are wanting to know what they can do to help.. 

OKC people: Three things come to mind.. 
(1) 7 Eleven's & other convenience stores seem to be taking signs down after a week or two so if anyone wants to make sure all convenience stores still have them up, that would help alot.. Within the past couple of days think we covered Rockwell & MacArthur but there are other areas to cover.. I can meet anyone and give you some flyers.. 
(2) If anyone sees areas where you dont' see our big laminated signs .. Please let me know! I have been finding that some are being taken down & we want to be sure to make sure ALL Areas are covered.. So please just message me & I will get some signs back up in those areas.. 
(3) I would say if you want to drive around.. Go anywhere the recent sightings are.. Which is Lansbrook addition, WalnutCreek addition/Francis Tuttle & we even had sightings around 122nd & MacArthur a few weeks ago but he could be circling back there.. OR if you want to walk, I would walk any of the creeks.. We think he is following the creeks that go down 122nd & down MacArthur... There is also a creek called Hidden Creek that alot of dogs are found at.. I try to post all sightings on our page so please keep checking.. We haven't received any calls in the past few days though.. =(((

Everyone else not in OKC: I think everyone is doing this already but I appreciate everyone keep searching all the millions of FB pages, websites, etc that have found/lost/or even dogs for sale!! If any of them look like Maddox you can send it to my email or text me or even message me on here.. My email is or phone is (323) 217-9337.. 

Lastly THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE CONTINUED SUPPORT, ENCOURAGING MESSAGES & PRAYERS!!! That is actually what is helping me ALOT more than I can even express in words... This is a very difficult time & I miss my sweet baby SO MUCH but having so much support is helping me stay strong for him!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 22: Second Update

Came to a creek to get some peace & look for my baby... Feel better already!!! So peaceful here & now I see why he has been up & down these areas.. And remembered my dream from last night.... Maddox was home & snuggled up on my lap!!! It must be a sign.... thanks all for the support & encouragement!!! Maddox is lucky to have so many people looking out for him & his mommy & daddy!!!

Day 22: January 15

Day 22 of my sweet baby being missing & it has been one of the worst days ever... =((( First I went to the shelter since they listed another Min Pin.. It was the worst place I have ever been in my entire life.. All those cries & barks & sad faces.. I will never forget.. EVER & will probably have nightmares about it.. I haven't stopped crying since I walked into that place.. My heart hurts... =(( 

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14 at 9:35pm

So today was a slow day as far as calls go & we had no sightings.. =( But someone very special that is helping me ALOT these days did alot of walking the creeks for me & found some small dog footprints by some new Villas they are building which is near the recent sighting at Walnut Creek addition!! Everyone must of known I needed some encouragement because even though today was slow with calls, the day was filled with beautiful poems, super cute pictures & encouraging words & stories!

January 14 at 8:04pm

This Candle Will Burn Till Maddox Comes Home... Thanks so much Sheila!! ♥ ♥ ♥

January 14 at 1:08pm


From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"
or "that's a lot of money for just a dog."

They don't understand the distance traveled, the time spent,
or the costs involved for "just a dog."

Some of my proudest moments have come about with "just a dog."

Many hours have passed and my only company was "just a dog,"
but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
"just a dog," and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch
of "just a dog" gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it's "just a dog," then you probably understand
phrases like "just a friend," "just a sunrise," or "just a promise."

"Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
trust, and pure unbridled joy.
"Just a dog" brings out the compassion and patience
that make me a better person.
Because of "just a dog" I will rise early, take long walks and look
longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it's not "just a dog"
but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future,
the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

"Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts
away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that its' not "just a dog"
but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
"just a man" or "just a woman."

So the next time you hear the phrase "just a dog,"
just smile,
because they "just don't understand."

January 14 at 11:46am

Thanks for the encouraging words Carrie Hull! That is what is helping me the most get through this nightmare.. Getting encouragement & support from those that really get it! I am glad I am not the only one because there is NOTHING I won't do to find my sweet baby.. I miss you Maddox SO MUCH & Mommy is doing everything in her power to find you & take you home! ♥ U more than anything in this world! 

"Stay positive...and lean on those who are there to support you through this, strangers, family, friends, fellow fur-baby owners - all who feel exactly as you do about yours...there is nothing i wouldn't do to find my baby if she was lost..."

January 14 at 11:42am

Dear Lord,
Every creature, in every forest, field, and home, belongs to you, and is under your loving care.
May your blessing be upon Maddox, and, in your great kindness,
Keep him safe from all harm.
We pray that you would show forth your eternal love and mercy, in the companionship and friendship that Maddox provides. Amen

Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13 at 10:43am

Maddox is still missing... I was looking at another FB page "Bring Rudy Home" & it appears everyone may be missing 90% of the posts courtesy of FB changes. If you don't want to miss any of his updates, please add his page to your FB interests.

Also Please remind others to like/share/retweet our page..

January 13 at 3:46pm

Well today we received a bunch of calls that there was a Min Pin at the OKC shelter today.. This baby had a long tail & he was dropped off sometime in the night through the drop off box... So this is NOT Maddox.. =((((

January 13 at 11:17am

I was told to check out this page.. Bring Rudy Home.. Wow how our stories are so similar.. From every detail that they escaped from a pet sitter, ran away because they were scared, etc, etc... =(( poor Rudy has been gone for a year & he needs to be home with his mommy & daddy But very encouraged that little guys like Rudy & Maddox can survive that long out in the cold all alone.. I pray we Bring Maddox & Rudy home soon!!! Both these little guys just need to let that one person see them that will help them & also both of these guys have parents that LOVE & MISS them so much that we will never give up on them!!! Maddox & Rudy we are going to bring you both home!!!

January 13 at 10:28am

Reposting this beautful prayer..Thanks Carrie Hull! 

To St. Francis, the patron saint of animals,

We ask you to help us find Maddox. We know that you placed animals on the earth
for many reasons, including companionship for man.
We therefore ask you to help us find Maddox,
and pray that You will keep him safe
and protect him from harm until he is found.
We join our prayers with St. Francis,
St. Anthony of Padua, and all the saints,
and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12 at 8:01pm

Last update for the day.... Looks like the sighting at Walnut Creek could of definitely been him if he was following the same trail.. It is even near a feeding station we set up yesterday that food was missing from today! I keep telling Maddox to stay by that creek & go to the red brick house where I left food for him & some towels with my scent on it that he can snuggle with since it is cold out.. =(( Please keep the prayers coming for my sweet baby!! I desperately need to find him & feel like we are so close!! I love you Maddox & Mommy is going to find you!! I just have to & can't wait to take you back to California!!

January 12 at 6:52pm

We received another call of a possible sighting... This one is closer to where he went missing though so not sure if it is him or not.. This one & the one I just posted in the Walnut Creek edition clearly are two different dogs but wanted to post anyways in case anyone is in this other neighborhood.. A guy called us and said he saw a dog that looked like Maddox in the Village yesterday walking around the driveway of townhomes at 91st & Waverly. They are called Waverly Gardens.. He saw our flyer today so wanted to call us in case this could be our baby...

January 12 at 4:38pm

No idea if this was my baby or not but we were posting up more flyers around Walnut Creek edition (off of 122nd & Rockwell) & a lady stopped and said she thought she saw a dog that looks like Maddox around 2pm today walking down Walnut Creek drive towards Rockwell..

January 12 at 2:10pm

Just wanted to send a BIG THANKS to Tyrene & Shad Turoczi, Pamela Disel, Roberta Ramy & Brenda Myers & anyone I missed that was just driving around for helping me out today in my desperate search for my sweet baby Maddox! I greatly appreciate the support from complete strangers! You all are the best & I feel like I have made alot of new friends!

Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11 at 8:24pm

For those who want to search for Maddox tomorrow, Thanks to Pamela Disel for coordinating!! Plan is to meet at the convenience store at the NE corner of MacArthur and 122nd at 8a.m. Pamela drives a light blue Toyota Matrix with a "baby on board" sign in the back. Jackie (Maddox's mommy) is driving a white SUV (you will know me because have Maddox's flyer on back of car).. See you all in the morning!!

January 11 at 8:00pm

Well.. Found another lost baby today that I tried to help... This sweet baby girl was hanging out on the fenceline on MacArthur near Bluff creek edition.. (Pretty sure this is the dog we have been receiving calls about & though it was our baby Maddox)... I tried for about an hour to lure her into my car to get her off the busy road & gave her about a whole bag of treats but she wasn't having it. 

January 11 at 6:32pm

Update from today... We put some feeding stations out around the recent sighting behind McDonalds off MacArthur & Memorial... Please pray it works to keep him from moving so much!!! Also tomorrow I know a few people are getting together to search... Thanks so much! I appreciate everyone coming together to help me find my sweet baby more than you know!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10 at 10:55pm

And one more post tonight to show how happy my baby is.. Please help us take him back to LA so we can go to his most favorite place in the world! The Beach! — atHuntingon Beach Dog.

January 10 at 5:30pm

Here is a pic of my sweety baby that shows his unique ears since people keep asking me about it... He has a little cast on in this picture because he had an ouchy on his elbow... =((( I miss this sweet face so very much.. I miss his puppy dog eyes he always gives me & he has the best personality ever!! He makes me laugh & smile every day but these days without him all I do is cry & my heart aches without him.. Please keep praying for him!!

January 10 at 5:22pm

Well today we didn't receive very many calls but it was raining most of the day so thinking he just stayed hidden all day.. We did have a call of another possible sighting at Britton Apts behind Sonic off Rockwell... I searched there this morning & posted flyers near mailboxes and gave them to anyone walking around...

January 10 at 8:26am

As I have mentioned before the desperate search for our baby boy has allowed me to connect with so many people including others that are missing their babies.. The other day I had to report sad news about Rocky (the other Min Pin) =((( But Today I am reporting some happy news! This baby Conan has been reunited with his Daddy!! Yay! Glad there are happy endings to some stories!! Now I just need a happy ending to mine!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9 at 8:26pm

Another update from the day... I have been posting alot but it seems people are missing my updates.. Sorry about that.. Not sure what is going on with facebook.. =(( 

January 9 at 7:40pm

Please continue to pray and help find Maddox. There is a reward for anyone who finds him and also donations are much appreciated to help with the cost of making the signs that they are using to flood the area. If you feel it in your heart to donate please do so.

January 9 at 9:56am

We have another possible sighting of a min pn that was running towards the field behind Legacy Bank next to McDonald's on N. MacArthur just south of Memorial..

January 9 at 7:30am

Lost Dog - Miniature Pinscher in Oklahoma City, OK 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8 at 4:37pm

These could be promising but not sure.. We first had a call that a lady saw 4 dogs running together in Northhaven edition.. She saw them at entrance on Hefner road.. Her address is 7516 NW 107th St.. I don't think this is Maddox though since he is more a "loner".

January 8 at 8:00am

Anyone missing this baby??? While looking for my baby Maddox found him & we are at Crestmont Drive & Roxbury Blvd.... He is really cared & won't come To me but I can't leave him!!! Please help!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7 at 10:40pm

Update on possible sightings from today... 
We had several calls today and we even might have 2 possible sightings of Maddox.... These have to be 2 different dogs but one could be Maddox.. One was all the way at 16th street between Rockwell & MacArthur.. If he is following the creek from Lansbrook edition, this could be him.. And the other was in Northridge Edition which is south of NW Expy on off Council.... I don't know exact address but someone said a Min Pin had been hanging out in her neighborhood... As our search continues it is so eye opening how many lost dogs there are & how many are black so we have been checking out all calls but we realize not all are our sweet baby.. We do check out the sightings though in case it is a different dog we can save take home to their mommy & daddy.. I feel like I need to quit my job and become a full time lost dog rescue person... So sad & heart-breaking.. =((((

January 7 at 7:27pm

Spent another full day posting more signs & posting on any page I can find... Please keep praying & sharing out page to spread the word our sweet baby Maddox is still missing!!! We just need that one perfect call that says I'm looking at him right now so we can bring him home!!

January 7 at 10:33pm

Just wanted to share another pic of my sweet baby boy.. My heart sank a few minutes ago when my sister sent me a pic of a sweet baby in Tulsa that looks almost identical to my baby! I think I was hoping & praying it was him that I at first thought it was (wishful thinking messing with my eyes) but had to give it a few more looks & my Maddox has very unique ears so that was not him.. =((( I'm still desperately searching for him so please keep spreading the news he is still lost & please keep sharing our page!! We appreciate all the support & prayers!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6 at 9:48pm

Well.. Our signs are working and we are getting way more calls of possible sightings but still no luck finding our baby..=((( We checked out 3 different locations today and only the sighting at 12500 Arrowhead Drive seems like it could of really been Maddox based on our scent trails from the amazing Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I. & her amazing team (Cade, Teagan & Trump).

January 6 at 6:51pm

Please accept my apologies for this late update. These cases can take allot out of me… Eight hours driving down then 8 hours working and then 4 more hours working and another 8 hour drive. By the time I got home, it was 9:00 PM and I was beat. So were the seven dogs I traveled with on this trip

January 6 at 10:43am

We had another possible sighting yesterday at 12500 Arrowhead.... This is near where we found a trail from a creek off of 122nd between Meridian & MacArthur.. Not sure if this was Maddox but I was praying this morning for any sign so I am praying this is the sign that we need to find this little guy!! Please keep Praying!!!

January 6 at 10:24am

Heavenly father craddle. Maddox in your arms and lead him to his mommy she misses him greatly she needs him now please father bring maddox home very soon let there be some sightings.....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5 at 6:00pm

I miss this little guy so very much!!!! I am not giving up & have to find him so I can take him back to LA & do all his favorite things.... Dog park, Dog beach, Runyon, play ball, look out the window & of course snuggle & burrow under the covers..... Maddox is such a special doggie that I can't live without!! Please keep Praying!!! We just need that one sign!!

January 5 at 5:27pm

Please, keep praying and searching for Maddox.

January 5 at 2:00pm

We are busy covering the area with our signs!! Please pray & keep fingers crossed these signs give us an even better sign of where our sweet baby boy Is hiding!!! We love & miss him so very much!!!

January 5 at 1:03pm

In the name of Jesus, I pray... Please keep watching over my sweet baby boy Maddox..I know he has a few guardian angels watching over him & is out there somewhere....Now we just need any sign as to exactly where he is so we can bring him home! So please guide him to ask for help or let someone Atleast see him & call us!! His mommy & daddy miss him!!!!

January 5 at 12:59pm

Karin & Trump & Teagan & Cade did some more tracking this morning...Teagan found a trail by a creek off 122nd between Meridian & MacArthur going north but he deginitely did not go as far north as Val Verde & Meridian..Maddox definitely seems to be following creeks & staying off the roads which is good & also bad because we need someone to see him & call us!! We are going to be putting up more 100's of more flyers all over today! Please keep spreading the word that our sweet baby is still missing!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4 at 9:05pm ·

Todays work... The search for Maddox in OKC, OK.
We began our day at the home where Maddox escaped from. Cade and Teagan both confirmed the trail that witnesses reported when he bolted down the street. Like a typical Min Pin, Maddox followed his nose weaving in and out of streets. I am sure he was out of sight by the time the woman who was watching him returned with her car. He had already turned off the street she was looking on and was on to the next neighborhood.

January 4 at 5:25pm

Any volunteers in OKC??? Unfortunately Brandon is leaving tomorrow.. =((( But I will be meeting Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I. in the morning at 8:30am so if anyone in OKC wants to join us and see the amazing dogs in action let me know & I will let you know where to meet! I would also love any help posting signs, etc since we already know we have to greatly expand our sign coverage... We are hoping tomorrow Karin & her dogs can narrow down the search to see where our sweet baby is!

January 4 at 2:30pm

Here is Teagan... Another awesome dog helping today!!

January 4 at 2:00pm

Here is Cade!! What an amazing dog!! So AMAZED that Cade took us to the exact parking spot at Petco that we parked in when we took Maddox there!! He is truly VERY special and I am so grateful he is here helping find my baby boy!!

January 4 at 1:34pm

Well....Cade brought us to Petco where we took Maddox the day he went missing....he even took us to the parking spot we parked on...Pretty amazing!!! But now we are at Starbucks to re-group & see if it is a coincidence or what is going on... Please keep praying!!!!

January 4 at 12:45pm

Oh and by the way there was no scent of him anywhere near that gated house or that lake!!!! 2 different dogs could not find it!!!!

January 4 at 12:34pm

We have tracked him to a grassy area behind some houses at Sutton & Redlands & are still on th trail!!! Just trying to figure out why no-one has seen my baby & here the heck he went!!! Keep the prayers coming!!!!

January 4 at 12:16pm

This is "Trump"... One of the amazing dogs helping us find Maddox today! He has been hanging in the car with me while not working & whines he wants to worK so bad!!! He's my little friend & amazes me what he can do!!!

January 4 at 11:16am

Karin is here with all her dogs & good news is we have confirmed that was Maddox at 8900 Kensington in Lansbrook edition!! 2 of her dogs have confirmed the trail & both dogs have found a trail out of the area the other tracker stopped at! So now we are on his trail!!! Yay!! We will keep you posted!!! And please keep praying these amazing dogs find my baby!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3 at 8:57pm

Words can not describe how sad I am & how much I miss my sweet baby boy... I love my Wildcats but unfortunately can't even watch the game without crying because I have watched every single game this year with my sweet baby & he always gets so excited when I put his KSU collar on... :(((( I'm even supposed to be at the game!! Life sucks & this so isn't fair.... :((((

January 3 at 4:00pm

KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories - A Family's Dog Goes Missing on Christmas Eve: 

January 3 at 2:04pm

Karin TarQwyn... the K9 P.I. is on her way to OKC! She will be starting her investigation tomorrow morning!! We will keep you updated on our progress! Thanks everyone for your continued support & prayers! PLEASE keep sharing & cross-posting our page & sharing our FundRazr which will help bring Maddox home to his mommy & daddy who miss him SO very much!!!