Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 96:

Well I received a few different sighting calls yesterday but once again all 3 calls from just yesterday were in 3 different areas and wasn't able to confirm any of them.. Oh How I miss Karin & Cade.. =((( Feeding stations and cameras are up but no Maddox.. About to go check today.. Please keep praying for Maddox to be found safe so we can go home as a family to Cali!!! I miss my sweet baby boy more than anything.. I tried to enjoy my Bday but honestly didn't because it isn't the same without my family... I usually get a card from Maddox with a funny message (yes he can write ;)) and lots of kisses and hugs and so yesterday pretty much sucked... =''((( My heart hurts & I just want my family back together!!!!

Thank you God, St. Anthony, St. Francis & all the saints for protecting my sweet baby Maddox and guiding him back to his mommy and daddy safe and sound. Thank you for re-uniting my family and wrapping your arms around all of us including Team Maddox. I know you are planning our re-union and it is all you time. I trust you Jesus and am trying to be patient (which is hard for me).. In Jesus Name I pray.. AMEN!

I don't know if everyone has seen all the videos on our website of Maddox.. If not you should check them out.. ;)) Yes he is very protective of treats and bones but I promise he is a sweet-heart... He just likes to play games.. I LOVE YOU MADDOX!! PLEASE STOP HIDING!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 94 (second update):

I know several of you just started following this page, majority have never met me, etc, etc so I wanted to take a quick second to share our adventure...

I want you all to know the main purpose for this page is to find my sweet baby MADDOX who has been lost in OKC since Christmas Eve.. We are from Cali and all we want is to go home to the Beach!! =((( He is my everything my heart, my soul and I miss him so much and will NEVER EVER stop looking for him!!! ='''((((

Along the way to finding him we have also helped save SEVERAL other babies.. I can't help it.. I can't turn my back on anyone I know needs to be saved and have an extra special place in my heart for Min Pins.... Those of you that have met me or have known me forever know this is how I have always been.. I would NEVER just leave a baby on the street OR abandon someone that needs my help and people sending me babies that need saved, I can't turn my back on them.. People have told me they don't like seeing all these babies that need to be saved and trust me neither do I.. But I can't turn my back on them either so that is why I share them on Maddox's page.. I share them here because that is what we have always done & all the stories have HAPPY ENDINGS!!!

Past few days have been several posted because it seems to be raining Min Pins in OKC... It breaks my heart... I always say MADDOX SAVED them because if it wasn't for him so many babies would not be okay..

For those that just joined our adventure here are all the babies saved so far.... We love them all and are so happy MADDOX gave them another chance!!! So I know lately some things have been sad that are posted but we only post because we know there will be HAPPY ENDINGS LIKE ALL THE OTHERS MADDOX SAVED ALREADY!!! ;)

Day 94:

Last night I could not sleep.. So many babies to be saved and it is breaking my heart.. I genuinely just want to save them all!! Also just want to save my own little baby!! I know he is not a "baby" anymore and he is so tough & so strongbut he will always be my little baby boy... I miss Maddox so much & can't wait to see him again!! I was trying to figure out what to tell you all besides the same thing.. We still have all our 14 feeding stations up and we have 5 cameras set up also.. So far no Maddox on any of the cameras.. ='((((

Also I am sorry for the delay on this but remember when I told you Maddox crossed a big pipe and I found his muddy footprints well I wanted to share them with you.. I was trying to figure out how to share so I did a collage of the pipe, footprints & all of Maddox's new friends that we are catching on the cameras eating his food! Praying just a matter of time it will be Maddox on one of the cameras instead of all his new friends!!

Thank you God, St. Anthony, St. Francis for protecting Maddox & keeping him safe and guiding him back to his Mommy & Daddy so we can take him home to Cali.. Thank you for guiding him to one of the many feeding station options we gave him so we can get him on camera and then trap him.. Thank you for guiding us to know where to put our feeding stations. I can't wait to get hugs & kisses & hear Maddox squeal when we are re-united. In Jesus Name, I pray.. Amen!

"For The Eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 92:

Sorry for being quiet again.. Trust me it is not quiet around here! I almost need another Admin that is here in OKC so they can help me update... Any volunteers?

It was a very busy past few days.. We spent yesterday putting up more posters in the new area, setting up some more feeding stations, setting up cameras at some of the feeding stations, and I did my first radio show!

As for our feeding stations, we have some hits on them and that is why we set up cameras.. We are praying we get my little man on the camera!!! So you all know we now have 14 different stations & 4 of them have cameras on them. We have been putting Maddox's most favorite toy in the world - Kong small squeaky balls - at all of the feeding stations.. He literally goes crazy for these things!! We have had the ball disappear at 3 of our stations.... And at a couple the same stations the second ball we put there after the first one disappeared had definitely been played with.. One the squeaker was falling out of the ball it had been squeaked so much & Maddox does that within a few seconds of getting these balls! ;)) We also found a big huge pipe that I can't get out of my head.. I told a couple people last night.. "that pipe is bugging me and we have to figure out where it goes!" This pipe is bugging me because it is new & big & he could easily be in there and feel safe.. It is also near the sighting by a house and a straight shot to the other station where the ball has been disappearing.. Please keep praying for my baby!!! And please only positive thoughts & words!! I have been told to envision Maddox coming home and when praying have Gratitude prayers so that is what I have been doing and I have never been more confident I will find my baby...

Thank you God, St. Anthony & all the Saints for keeping Maddox safe and keeping him in the same area and guiding him back his Mommy & Daddy who miss him more than anything in Jesus Name I pray.. AMEN!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 90:

It has been a very busy past few days...
I wanted you all to know our "Attract & Capture" plan is in motion & explain a little what that means to those that are not here... This is the first time we believe we know exact area Maddox is hanging around but this is a square mile area... We have 13 feeding stations in area & a couple cameras up so far... We are searching for some more cameras... We also have sand all around the feeding stations to track footprints where we have no cameras to see if we are feeding him or cats or raccoons or skunks or any other wildlife... This is the "Attract" plan... We want him to stay in area & choose one of our many options we gave him to eat! Then he will keep coming back... Then as soon as we can get him on camera & know he keeps coming back that is when the "Capture" plan will be implemented & we will set up a trap... One he won't find scarey.... So this is all a process & can take some time... We are very close & at this point have had several sightings of him in the area!! So keep praying & I will keep you updated!

I keep envisioning my reunion with him & thought this was the perfect video to share with you all.... I can't wait to see that smile with his dimples, hear that squeal & whine, and mostly get a big hug & lots of kisses! When we have been apart for only a couple days... He licks my face off so can't wait for him to do that again!! Love you Maddox! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you God, St. Anthony & all the Saints for keeping Maddox safe and keeping him in the same area and guiding him back his Mommy & Daddy who miss him more than anything in Jesus Name I pray.. AMEN!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 89:

So got home very late last night and tried to update last night but FB was not cooperating.. So here it goes now.. 

Wanted to let you all know we set up a total of 13 feeding stations yesterday with sand to track footprints and one even has a camera on it!! Also our PR team hit every single business in the new sighting area with flyers and sent mass emails out and went door to door in some of the areas & talked to a lot of people.!! We have some possible new sightings in same area from talking to people!! We are not sharing exact locations of the sighting because we do not want to scare Maddox out of the area.. We want to keep him near all our feeding stations not scare him away!

We promise to keep you updated with any new exciting news and I will be sharing the muddy paw prints soon! I just need to edit my picture since it is hard to see if you don't know what you are looking at!

Thanks so much for all your support & continued prayers for Maddox!! Maddox & I are so lucky to have so many amazing supporters!! Dear St. Anthony Please come around, Maddox is lost and can't be found.. Dear St. Anthony Please come around Maddox is lost and can't be found..

PS Thanks to Bring Rudy Home & Lost Dogs of Wisconsin for these awesome Tips!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 87:

It was a very productive day! This is the first time we have a certain area we believe Maddox is still in from our tracking and we now have an Attract & Capture plan! Our plan includes setting up SEVERAL feeding stations and we were able to get 7 out tonight and have plans for atleast 3-5 more that we will get up tomorrow! We have a team that will monitor these feeding stations and then we will set up some cameras! We are searching for some deer cameras so if anyone sees any for sale let us know! Also we will be posting more flyers and spreading awareness in the new area! We have a whole team dedicated to that part of it!

Thanks to everyone that came to our meeting and is part of our plan! We had over 20 Team Maddox members there.. I am so grateful to have met so many amazing people! I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you & can't wait for everyone to meet Maddox!! Maddox is a dare devil and literally walked on top of a round pipe across a creek! We have some muddy footprints to prove it! I will share them soon & a picture of what he walked on!

Please keep praying for Maddox!!

We LOVE you MADDOX! It is time to come HOME!! ♥

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 86:

Past few days have been crazy! The Yahoo story has generated so much more awareness of Maddox & my phone has been ringing off the hook! 

It makes me feel so much better to have so many people that truly get it and get that I am not a crazy person. I am just crazy in LOVE with my little sweet puppy baby who is my Child.. So Yes I would do anything for him and I will NEVER EVER give up on him!!

I appreciate all the very supportive comments like "You have officially won Min Pin Mama of the Year!" and "Your story is so inspiring! You have such a sweet soul and a big heart for animals, praying you find your sweet Maddox!" and "Just wanted to tell you how amazing you are! You really inspire me!"

So updates from the Yahoo story..
#1 - as most of you are all aware already Karin is coming back this week! Camden has actually been here since she left in training and he has been tracking Maddox.. We have confirmed sightings that we will report after Karin double checks the findings. She always likes to use more than one dog when she is confirming sightings so that is why we haven't reported them yet.. She will be tracking tomorrow..

#2 - If you haven't seen it already check out the awesome video Janet created for us! That is below this post.. Please share it!

#3 - A blog was written about Maddox.. Check it out! Link below!

#4 - As always please check out our website! The amazing Ron is always updating it! He added new videos to it this week! And we are always updating sightings on the calendar and adding new photos, etc, etc..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 84:

Just wanted to Thank Everyone for the very kind words, support, prayers & encouragement!! The Yahoo! story has expanded the awareness greatly about Maddox! I appreciate the support more than you know!! 

Please keep sharing/liking our page and check out our website which tells the story of how Maddox went missing, has several pictures of his adorable smile, you can see our calendar of all the sightings!! Last possible sighting was just this past Wednesday/Thursday in Edmond area so we do believe he is still roaming!

And also donations are always welcome & appreciated!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 83 (second update):

This weekend, I have been busy posting and sharing our page so make sure the awareness remains high that Maddox is still missing & we are still searching for him!!! Below is a picture and blurb with links to our website/FB Page & Twitter a
ccount that I have been sharing all over if anyone wants to share on their own page and any other FB pages they think need to be aware Maddox is still missing!! =''(( Thanks everyone for your continued love & support!!!

My sweet baby Maddox a Min Pin is still lost in Oklahoma City!! =''(( Please keep praying for Maddox and sharing/liking our page to keep awareness high! He is so little he needs everyone keeping an eye out for him!!

Day 83:

Hey Team Maddox.. 
I was sent this yesterday and wanted to share.. I think it is amazing that not only has Maddox helped save 13 other babies in Oklahoma City, he is also saving countless others by efforts I didn't even know about! Two new pages were created by a Team Maddox member to help search for him.. The pages are lost and found animals, b/c the word pets was already taken, and Min Pin Rescue Militia... She got tired of just passing all those pets by she looked for Maddox, so decided to put them all in one place.. ;))

"Dear Maddox, what you have done for others .. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 82:

I miss this little guy more than anything in this world!! =''(( I want so badly to see this smile when I take him to our favorite place.. The Beach!! My heart is broken and I can't function without him.. =''((((

I’m a happy dog at the beach
If I had the power of speech
I would tell you all
To throw my ball
I’m a happy dog at the beach

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 81:

Hi Team Maddox~
I know you all look forward to my daily updates but right now I am very over-whelmed and confused so I have decided I am going to start only posting news or updates. Or you might hear from the other admins on the page like Janet or Ron instead of me.. 

Every single day that goes by this process is becoming even more painful and so it is getting harder and harder for me to type something every day ... Every day I hope and pray I have some exciting news to report like a new sighting or even better a confirmed sighting or the best news ever that I found my sweet baby and we are going to have a big party but instead my search for my sweet baby boy continues.. =''(((

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 80:

As you can all probably tell from my posts the past week I have been frantic.. I have been freaking out to put it mildly!! I feel as if I have spent the past few months all over the place.. Sightings north, sightings south, sighings all over the place! And not even knowing if I am searching in the right areas.. I feel so helpless & confused & like I am losing my mind! =(( I am trying to listen to the signs but feel as if I am being pulled in multiple directions.. I don't know how to tell which directions are the correct ones and which are the bad ones.. It is very frustrating and I feel very over-whelmed!! =''(((

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 79 (second update):

Maddox saved another baby girl today!! And she was re-united with her family!! ;)) Thanks to Debbie for helping me out with Izzy! 

Also there was a story in the Edmond Sun today! It wasn't in the printed edition but it was online so that is good! And also some awesome Team Maddox members are working on some T-shirts for us. Stay tuned about that for more info when we get that all figured out..

Day 79:

Longest 79 days of my entire life.. =''((( Words can not describe the pain I am in... I am at a loss for words... I love my sweet baby Maddox more than anything in this entire world... My heart aches and I am trying to make sense of all of this.. Maddox has saved so many lives but I don't understand why he hasn't been saved yet?!?!?

It isn't fair and he doesn't deserve this... He deserves to be a smiling & happy doggy at home in Cali where we can go to the Beach and go on Hikes and just play ball all day long.. I honestly don't know how to function without him and I am SO scared for him! It kills me that we have been searching in the completely wrong area for a month now & I feel like my baby has to be so confused!! I have done everything imaginable to find him and yet it has been 79 days and I still can't find him???? I don't understand.... I write this with tears rolling down my face.. I'm SO Sad and feel SO helpless!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 78 (second update):

Another tough day... =''(( No new sighting calls and hate days like this.. But I did re-unite a baby that had just got out of her yard with her family!! I was driving around and found a very sweet doggie that ran right up to my car! She had a collar but no tags.. She was playing in a creek when I turned the corner...

I got lucky and was about to start knocking on doors when her family realized she was missing and came running outside! I feel if I wasn't there at the most perfect timing to stop and play with her who knows where she would of went and I'm so glad the owners came out!! I was about to put her in my car and take her to Petsmart to get scanned!!

Day 78:

The past few week has been SO crazy I realized I haven't posted every little thing going on... I'm VERY Sorry!! I have not slept at all and also have been very emotional and having an extremely rough time lately and am losing my mind!! Had a melt-down last night because I swore day 77 was going to be the day of my happy ending...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 77:

I am re-posting something from Bring Rudy Home. She said it better than I can so sharing...

I will never stop searching for my sweet puppy baby Maddox due to a VERY loving bond that we have always shared and that is why I can't fathom the thought of leaving Oklahoma without him.. I feel SO CLOSE to finding him!! Hopefully today is the day!!! 

Within LOVE lies all POSSIBILITY…...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 76 (second update):

I seriously am so tired about to fall over... =((( Thanks to everyone for helping get up our big flyers up before noon today! It definitely helped spread the word in Edmond area and got several calls today (3 in same area!:))! Usually get no calls on the weekends so that is great and at least now we know what vicinity he is in!! We have a new feeding station up and are praying he stays close!! Now that we have confirmed sightings we are starting to see a pattern so I feel really good about the past few days and I do feel SO CLOSE to finding him!!!!

Day 76:

Flyer party, Flyer party at 10am & 1pm!! Meet me at Grove Valley Elementary at 3500 NW 192nd (East on 192nd & Portland)... Think I said wrong school last night.. Sorry not much sleep past few days.. =''(( Bring a hammer and staple gun!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 75 (second update):

I'm exhausted.. Such a crazy day.. BIG HUGE THANKS to Stephanie, Donna, Vivian, Carol & her sister, Rita, Debra, Carol, Jenni & her hubby for all helping me post flyers and go door to door!! Also big thanks to everyone else that was out just searching!!!

Unfortunately I literally just got our new big posters so we still need to get those up tomorrow at all the major intersections.. Anyone that is available to help, would be greatly appreciated.. I have over 120 signs to get up but figured if I have just 5 volunteers + me to post them we can all just take 20 each and hit 5 intersections and put 4 in each intersection and we can get done really quickly!! Of course if we have more volunteers we can team up and one can drive while the other hops out and hammers the flyers that will be on posts into the ground!

Day 75

Don't forget about Dog Talk this morning at 10am!

Also I will be busy out and about posting flyers & searching the new area.. If anyone needs me please call/text!! I probably won't have a chance to check FB all day but will catch up later on today.. 

And just wanted to re-post this beautiful prayer. Thank you Heather!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 74:

Team Maddox.. I am SO Sorry for being silent all day.. I know you were probably all anxiously waiting for me to update.. Karin is here & we were SO busy confirming & ruling out the sightings all day that I didn't have a chance to update facebook at all... 

I have good news & bad news... Bad news is we have been looking in the complete wrong area & the sightings where I swore was definitely Maddox was NOT him.. =''((

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 73:

Lots of stuff happening this week!! Praying my sweet baby is home soon! Have been constantly looking at pictures of him & decided to share this pic because it just melts my heart and shows how silly and adorable my baby is! This was when he was itty bitty but as you can see from this pic, he has always been a silly little guy that makes me smile & makes me laugh. I love him so much!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 72 (second update):

Team Maddox I have GREAT NEWS but we need your help!!!

After begging and pleading... Karin has agreed to come back to OKC this week to help us confirm all the sightings of Maddox!!! ;)) 

She has agreed to do this for Maddox and me at a very discounted rate!! All we need is for 30 Team Maddox members to donate $20/each, this will help us at least pay for her expenses for lodging, gas, etc. 

Day 72:

Maddox says Peek A Boo!! I strongly believe Maddox is good at hiding and that is why days go by that no-one sees him.. I know he is hiding under bushes, under porches, in drainages, etc, etc.. BUT even if he just peeks out and someone sees him and they call we will find him!! That is exactly how Mr. Thomas Snow was found (the beautiful white cat) that was recently saved! He had been hiding in a drainage system and someone saw him go into it and called and he was rescued the next day! ;) So everyone out looking please be sure to check any nook or cranny where he could squeeze into and hide!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 71:

Past few days I have been busy organizing all the sightings into google earth & on a calendar so we can track pattern of travel and time in between sightings.. It took me forever since had to teach myself Google Earth but I love it and we think we know where Maddox could possibly be hanging around based on our maps?!?! No definite sightings but we have a strong feeling where he could be hiding... We spent the day in the area and put flyers everywhere and I walked around the area all day... I miss my sweet baby so much & each by that goes by it rips my heart apart more & more!!!! ='''(((

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 70:

Today is one of Maddox's BFF's Birthday! Happy Birthday Colty!!! Praying they will be able to play again very soon!! Colty loved giving Maddox all his snacks & of course they became BFF's! ;))

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 69:

Today I spent the day meeting some amazing Team Maddox members & spent some time with two sweet min pins Maddox saved.. Elvis & Bliss! They are both too cute and doing so great! They both melt my heart.. ♥

Thanks to Heather for helping me spread the word about Maddox with a very unique idea.. We will be putting a booth up at the Sugar Barn sale this weekend! See details below.. I hear it will be a big event with lots of people there so going to be there to help spread the word about my baby Maddox!! Pray it works!!

Feeling a little at loss for words today for some reason so just going to share these quotes that were sent to me and made me feel a little better....Thanks Margaret!

"Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you strong."

"Good things come to those who believe, Better things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who don't give up."

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 68 (second update):

As always since Maddox has been missing, weekends are not much fun for me.. =''(( 

Sightings are slow but I have been told that is normal since everyone isn't on their normal routine.. I was productive though and finally finished adding all the sightings into a Google Calendar! We will be adding it to our website soon so that should help everyone see when/where are sightings are! We will be re-launching our website soon!! Stay tuned... 

Also Big Thanks to Madison for creating a new flyer for us today!! As soon as I can figure out how to save it as a JPEG I will share it!

Everyone please keep praying for my baby and PLEASE keep sharing our page!!! I miss him SO MUCH & can't believe he is still missing & can't believe it is March already.. =(( I was telling someone today that in the past 7 years I have never ever been apart from him for longer than a week.. He is normally attached to my hip and I literally feel so empty without him.. Praying he will be home by St. Patty's day! He is my heart, my soul, my everything and I know all the other babies would not of been saved and would not of met so many amazing people but now I am so ready to save my own baby! I am ready to go home to Cali and keep saving other babies in need! There are so many in OK but there are even more in Cali.. Maddox and I will always save them but now it is time for us to do it together instead of separate!

Maddox - Mommy & Daddy love & miss you more than anything! It is time for this adventure to be over and for us to be a family again! Please let someone help you or just let someone see you so they will help you find us!! ♥

Day 68:

No flyer party today since didn't have any helpers so will be working on other stuff today.. I am still organizing the sightings (taking longer than I anticipated) so we can study and track time in between sighting and see if we can find a travel pattern.. Also we are making lots of improvements on our website so we should be re-launching soon! And finally trying to plan a fundraiser event like a garage sale to help bring Karin & Cade & Teagan back! Stephanie is helping me plan already but we need to find a place, and need some more helpers if people have stuff they want to get rid of! We want to do this in the next few weeks.. It is hard for me to do this since I don't live here so need Team Maddox's help if it will work.. If not then we will have to figure out a Plan B... So please call/text/private message me if you want to help plan or just have stuff you want me to take off your hands and get rid of to help Bring Maddox home to Cali!!

And don't forget we still have a couple billboards in OKC! They will be there through March 6th at 13431 NW Broadway WS/SF (Faces South/Left side) and I40 0.3 miles East of Penn (Faces East/Right side)!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


URGENT!! Someone please save these babies in Irving, TX! 
RESCUED 3-2-13
NAME: Amy **SENIOR** -- ID 19168524, 10lbs
NAME: Lil Bit **SENIOR** - ID 19168514, 7lbs
BREED: Min Pin
SEX: female
EST. AGE: 8 years
EST. WEIGHT: 10 lbs
HEALTH: appears healthy
ADDITIONAL INFO: owner surrender


To adopt or rescue:

Transport info:

Day 67:

 I have been trying to organize all the sightings so I can share on a map and on a calendar... We will be publishing a calendar of all the sightings on our website and I am trying to work on a map with all the sightings (confirmed or not confirmed) so I can share that with everyone also so you can just look at that when you want to drive around or walk some creeks. In the mean time I decided to post all the maps of the confirmed scent trails by Karin TarQwyn & her amazing team so you can see Maddox's travel pattern up to point last time she was here.. Those of you that just started following our search, Karin has come to OKC twice now. First time she was here on Jan 4-5th & again Jan 25-28th. I would love for her to come back since we have sightings all over the place the past few weeks but right now I can't afford her. =(( We are thinking of having a Garage sale or another fundraiser to raise money to bring her back so please let me know if anyone is interested in helping out with this!

Below is a link to the maps so far.. Enjoy!

New Photos - Maps

I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album ""