Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 217:

Today just wanted to share a couple of stories about babies saved by Maddox.. ;))

First one.. I wanted to share because it is PROOF that SHARING SAVES LIVES! I was sent a picture last week of this sweet baby boy named "Dewey" who was an owner surrender at age 15 and was informed he only had 24 hours left!! :(( I wasn't about to let anything happen to him & I know that is why Team Maddox members Donna Badger & Joanna See sent him to me.. This huge smile melted my heart so I started sharing him everywhere I could think of all night long.. Next day I was so scared to look but then got the best news ever that a rescue in Ada, Oklahoma saw his picture and saved him! Yay!!! Ironically Maddox is from Ada, Oklahoma.. ;)) Anyways, I talked to his new mommy and she said "Dewey is doing wonderful! He is a happy happy little guy! I can't even imagine why they gave him up!" After I found out he was safe I was so happy for him!! I was literally jumping for joy and told a few friends... Now that smile is why I can not stop saving babies! That smile makes it all worth it! Enjoy your life sweet Dewey!!

Second one.. Just yesterday Team Maddox member Vivian Sparks Wheelock was able to save a missing dog!!! Add another dog saved by Maddox! Vivian found a white cute dog that was covered in stickers. She worked at climbing a fence, hanging out on the ground all before work (while in a dress w/high heels!) to save him. With the help of her neighbor she was able to get him into a crate.Two other Team Maddox members Stephanie Sessions & Jennifer Fors Stephenson went by and picked him up and took him to a vet to check for a chip. He had been reported missing & had a microchip! He was reunited with his Momma Dog yesterday & she was so thankful. He had been missing for about 5 days! Now Tiger Bear - 10 yr old American Eskimo is home safe where he belongs!!

Is it a sign? Are stars aligning? I'm hoping & praying... I just want my baby to come home and can't wait to see his smile! Dewey's smile reminds me of Maddox's so much! Maddox's smile is one of my most favorite things in the entire world.. I know i have said that before but i just love it and love his dimples! It melts my heart!!! Maddox and I have this special connection that I can't even describe.. There are no words to describe it but we are a match made in heaven and I can't wait until we are together again!! I will never let him out of my sight! =''((((

One more thing to share.. I spent the last 2 days sharing a Min Pin mommy & 8 babies that were at the OKC shelter and I am very happy to report all 8 babies and Mommy are all out of the shelter!!! If this does not prove that sharing really does save lives.. I don't' know what does!! ;))) You never know who will see it!! So please share Maddox's page and tell your family & friends about Maddox even if not in Oklahoma.. We need the entire world to know about Maddox!

I will post a good sharing poster or something tomorrow so when I say SHARE SHARE SHARE.. PLEASE DO! It only takes a second and really does make a difference.. I am begging & pleading for everyone to help! We need to get my baby home safe! xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 216:


As some of you are aware since my sweet baby Maddox went missing, I have sort of stumbled into this crazy rescue world.. While searching for Maddox, I found several other min pins and have even started saving them from kill shelters and even started networking them to get a rescue save them ... One of the most common things that has been so frustrating when it comes to saving lives, is the lack of fosters! I will be the first to admit that I always said "I can't foster because I will get too attached".. Or "I don't have room", etc, etc.. BUT while in Oklahoma City when I found Sam.. I technically fostered him for a week and I seriously did fall in love and got really attached and when it was time to take him to the rescue I cried all day.. It broke my heart but I knew it was what was best for HIM! I wanted him to be happy and have a great life and I knew I couldn't give that to him.. I don't know where he is these days and I do think of him daily.. I pray he is happy and with a loving home and being spoiled rotten like he deserves!!! He has put a paw print on my heart forever..

And then I came back to Cali.. I have started helping to network babies from all the very high-kill shelters out here.. In Cali, all the shelters are very over-crowded and it breaks my heart.. I started networking them and then I learned that people pledge money to help rescues save them since it is very expensive out here.. And the common thing is we need a foster! One little girl.. Somehow grabbed my attention.. I was watching her feed and couldn't comment since I am in FB jail and they had a new forevever home, hundreds of pledges, but all they needed was a temporary foster.. At first I thought she was in AZ but hten realized she was in Cali.. I private messaged them and said if you can't find anyone else I can temp foster.. It seemed to be life or death situation and I couldn't sit back and let this poor girl get PTS just because she didn't hav ea temporary foster... Well now I am fostering little Sylvia.. She is very sweet and loving and just wants to be loved.. It broke my heart because her family dropped her off at the shelter on her 12th birthday!!!! But now she is safe and happy and being spoiled!! She will be going to her forever home in Washington DC and that makes me so happy!! I admit I will be sad when she leaves and I will miss her but I know I did the right thing and stepped up to foster when nobody else would..

So PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER IT!! Fostering really does SAVE LIVES!! I promise you.. You won't REGRET IT!! Fostering doesn't cost you, the foster mom anything .. the rescue pays for any expenses!! You can always try once and then if it isn't for you, then you don't have to do it anymore.. But atleast you tried and saved a life!!!

And you will make a difference in their lives and it will be good for you too.. It has been for me. I love her and she has been good company and she has taught me alot.. She has taught me that fostering is good and saves lives. She has taught me how to share my attention and love with 2 different babies.. And I think she has taught Bliss to share.. Well sort of.. LOL I think it has been good for all of us so we will be ready when Maddox is home.. ;)) Maddox has inspired me to do this and I do this for him.. I do everything for him..

I have rescue connections in Oklahoma and California that all need fosters!! I have friends with rescues that are breed specific and some that take a little bit of everything so if you are interested and want to consider helping to save lives.. Please private message me with your contact info and what type of dog you would want to foster and I will put you in touch with the rescues that I strongly support and want to help them to have more fosters so they can help more babies!!! And right now we are desperately needing fosters to save 8 MIN PIN Puppies and their Mommy in OKC & SEVERAL other MIN PINS at shelters in Cali... ='''((

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 214:

Maddox Montage - Maddox & his cousin Bella :))

Today just wanted to share one of my most favorite pics ever.. This is a picture that I took while we were in Denver for the holidays visiting my sister.. It was so cold there I had to buy Maddox a hoodie.. He doesn't' need them in Cali but in Denver.. Yes he does! He actually loves his camo hoodie! ;))

After we took the babies outside in the snow they were chasing each other all over the place and I captured some great photos.. I love this one because the way Bella is looking at Maddox is priceless and of course he has his amazing Min Pin smile that melts my heart and makes his mommy smile!!! I know Bella misses her cousin.... =''(( We all miss Maddox more than anything and our entire family is not the same without him!! =''((( Anyways enjoy this picture!! It makes me laugh but also makes me cry... Makes me cry because I miss him so much... We LOVE you Maddox!!!

"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

"I'll never stop dreaming that one day we can be a real family, together, all of us laughing and talking, loving and understanding, not looking at the past but only to the future."

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 213:

Since Maddox went missing we often refer to a typical min pin behavior, a roaming dog, a skiddish dog, etc, etc.. And Maddox has all the characteristics that are making him so difficult to find.. =''((( I don't know why I never thought about this before but today thought I would share more facts about Min Pins to help you all understand how they are if you are not familiar with the breed instead of just hearing from me & my thoughts about Maddox & Min Pins, etc...

FACT 1: The Miniature Pinscher dog breed was originally bred in Germany to hunt vermin, primarily rats, in homes and stables. Many people think that the Miniature Pinscher was developed by breeding Dobermans to progressively smaller sizes, and indeed, the Miniature Pinscher looks similar to a Doberman. However, the Min Pin is a distinct and much older breed. Known as the "King of Toys" for his stately appearance and self-assured attitude, the Miniature Pinscher is a fearless, energetic, and alert dog,.

FACT 2: "Min Pins rule" — that's the attitude you'll discover when you get acquainted with the Miniature Pinscher, a small, elegant dog with an arched neck and well-muscled body. Weighing in at a dainty 8 to 11 pounds, this toy breed is a tough little dog with a lot of attitude.

FACT 3: Although he's a rather delicate-looking toy breed, the Min Pin is a sturdy dog with a dynamite personality. If given the chance, this King of Toys will rule you and your household. If you're considering owning one, you must be willing and able to be a strong yet kind pack leader. It's safe to say the Min Pin is his own dog, both in breeding and attitude.

FACT 4: The diminutive Min Pin is a bundle of energy, full of vigor. He's highly curious and tends to investigate — and possibly eat — everything. He must be watched closely so he doesn't get into something he shouldn't. He's a skilled escape artist and should never be outside off-leash — in fact, you'll have to make sure he doesn't dart out whenever you answer the front door.

FACT 5: The Min Pin is also an elegant-looking dog. His arched neck and muscular body gives him a confident air. His sleek, easy-care coat of red, black and rust, or chocolate and rust glistens. Min Pin ears often are cropped, but they can be left natural; the tail is usually docked. He is known for his high-stepping gait.

FACT 6: Not surprisingly, the self-assured Min Pin is a great watchdog. He's suspicious of strangers and is typically fearless when faced with a threat, be it real or imagined.

So maybe this helps you understand Maddox a little more.. He is definitely a typical Min Pin with all the characteristics to the tee.. He was socialized as a little baby but was always very fearful and suspicious of strangers.. He has also always been curious and a LITTLE escape artist.. Which is why I never let him off leash or left him with anyone.. And why all of this is even more heart-breaking & seems so unfair since I am always careful but the one time I left him with someone they weren't as careful and they lost him within a few hours... ='''((( Maddox has always had so much energy and intelligence and the tyrant in our household.. BUT that is why we love him so much and we miss him more than anything.. And why we know he has been Able to keep himself alive during this entire time.. The same thing that is making him so difficult to find is what is keeping him alive and safe!!

So please keep praying for Maddox and for all the stars to align for us so we can find him & bring him home!!!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 212:

You all have probably noticed the past few weeks I have been sort of at a loss for words.. Since Maddox went missing it has been such a crazy roller coaster ride with ups & downs & emotions, etc, etc.. I hope & pray every single day that today will be the day that I can share the best news ever but instead our journey continues.. ='''((

Calls have still been coming in, but there are fewer since July 4th ...which is likely due to fireworks beginning. Maddox very well could be staying more hidden from people after that or his roaming area has grown again. It is easy for us on this FB page to think everyone in Edmond/NW OKC should know about him, but that it's just not the case. Many are still unaware. I got a call yesterday and the lady told me none of her friends were aware of Maddox.. :(( So targeting new areas is our main focus. Postcards, flyers, posters ... etc. We even decided to start back at the beginning and postcards back near the crime scene.. It is hard to reach everyone especially those in their own world.. And it is like a whole new set of people to inform, even if he moved just a mile in any direction. or even if he moved back into an area that was flooded with flyers and postcards 6 weeks ago, many people don't think a dog that is lost for a few weeks can survive ...

BUT that really is not the case at all... Dogs wander primarily in residential areas where water, food, and places to shelter are easier to find. They can settle in one area for weeks, months, or years as long as basic needs to survive are met. ....Min pins are hunters and killing their own food (mice birds, etc.), is not at all uncommon. Min Pins were bred to hunt vermin, primarily rats.. Plus a small dog doesn't have to find much to eat and has better hiding skills than a big dog.. And Maddox is only 12 lbs! As I walk Bliss, I study her behavior.... Never did that with Maddox but even on a leash, I can see how these silly Min Pins blend in the bushes and can walk through the smallest places so no wonder Maddox is so good at hiding.. He is so small and camouflage.. They find paths you didn't' even notice were there before.. So I can see how Maddox disappears within seconds.. =''"(((

Even though this is an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs.. We do believe the stars will align for us when it is time for Maddox to come home.. And this week I believe God is sending me signs of hope and courage...

I have been apart of and have been sent so many stories of miracles happening all around us so I know our miracle will happen and Maddox will be home!!!

Yesterday shared our story about Black/Rascal that Team Maddox helped... Also today a Team Maddox member told me a story about a donkey that was lost and just recently re-united with his family after 6 years!!! The story gave me chills.. And several Team Maddox members all over the country are helping to re-unite babies every single day by just sharing or looking at Craigslist.. It is SO inspiring & every story gives me so much hope! And then right before I was going to post... I was sent this story about this baby that was a stray and survived on his own for 4 years was just re-united with his family!! He was 100 lbs and when found is only 60 lbs but he looks great and is healthy and HOME!!! ;))

Check out this video.. Be ready for tears.. Happy tears!!!

Please pray for all the lost babies and their mommies and daddies! They all need to be home!!
— with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 211:

Maddox saved another baby and it truly is a story about team work and how the stars were completely aligned & everything worked together when it is supposed to.. I wanted to share because it gives me so much hope that everything will come together when it is supposed to when it is time for Maddox to come home..

Lots ask about sightings.. We are still getting calls and this story is one of the calls we received last week....

You may remember that I mentioned last week that we had found a baby and were looking for his owners and later on I mentioned he was sick. I just wanted to tell you more about him. It so happened that he got scared and bit the girl who called us about him. A Team Maddox member (Stephanie) and the caller were able to capture him and then we took him to the Vet to keep him safe while we tried to find his family. We knew his family had to be missing him! He is adorable and a sweet-heart!!!! A couple days after being at the vet, he started crashing. He could not stand and would not eat anything. We had him on IV's and were doing everything we could for him.

After several tests, we found out the poor baby had prostate cancer and was really sick. =''(( He still had his "jewels" and we knew the best way to treat him was to remove them. We had to wait though until he was strong enough and had to wait a certain number of days since we technically needed his families permission. Obviously if it was a life or death situation we would of just done it.. But luckily after a few days another Team Maddox member (Vivian) had a customer at the bank who saw her Maddox poster and told her that a friend's baby went missing on Tues July 16th during the storms. His name was Black, 7 years old, 10 lbs, ears straight up, docked tail, no chip. He was wearing a silver chain collar. Vivian promised we would keep an eye out and posted on our private group page. Immediately we all knew it had to be "Rascal"! Team Maddox named him "Rascal" because of his cute little personality..

This is such a great story and gives me chills.. All the stars aligned when we needed them to and everything worked out and it is a very happy ending!! Maddox truly saved him with Team Maddox working together for Black's best interest!!! That is one of the things I am so proud of is every Team Maddox member has the babies best interest at heart and will do anything to make sure these babies are safe.. I think we all need to align and start our own rescue or company or something.. ;))

Black might not be alive if we didn't find him. First, we got the sighting call since our signs are everywhere for Maddox, then Team Maddox and the caller were able to lure him and capture him, then a Team Maddox member helped us to get him to a Vet and take care of him, then another completely different team Maddox member was at the right place at the right time and is always talking about Maddox to find his Mommy.... Just think if the friend of the mommy didn't' go into he bank or the caller didn't call or if someone else would of found him.... But we do not have to think about all that because he is safe now!! And tonight he is sleeping in his own bed with his Mommy with his "jewels' removed & hopefully cancer free!!! We love you Black (aka Rascal) !!! Pray he is healed!!!

BIG THANKS to Team Maddox members that helped with saving Black! Toby, Stephanie, Jenni, Brenda, Vivian.. xooxoxo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

American Dog Magazine ;)

Maddox is going to be in a magazine! Seeing his picture made me cry but I am praying this will help bring my sweet baby boy home safe! I am still in FB jail for 60 days & no idea when I will be bailed out of jail so can't comment from "Jackie" but I did go to their page from another account I created "Maddox Vestal" to thank them for including my baby in the magazine.. It means more to me than you will ever know!

If you will, please go to their page and thank them. We would greatly appreciate it.. We want to them to know how much it means to us and how honored we are to share the page with Maddox's other lost friends.. Praying they are all home soon! Bring Brody Home, Bring Penny Home, Help Bring Bridgett Home, and Bring Rudy Home are all featured with him. Look at how cute they all are!! ;))

If you want, you can PRE-ORDER a copy of American Dog Magazine's "SUMMER 2013" issue directly their website store.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 209:

PLEASE SHARE! Team Maddox is still reuniting lost & found babies!! Be vigilant in your search!! This was just last week!!! ;))))

To see other babies saved, check this out!
our website (We have 4 more to add but we are saving them so quickly our website administrator can't keep up! ;)))

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 208:

Maddox Montage - Puppy face that never went away!

I am sure I have already said this a few times but one of the things I love and miss the most about Maddox is his cute adorable sweet puppy face.. Even as an adult he never lost his sweet puppy face.. I think it is the thing that just melts your heart and sucks you in.. He would always give me this face.. I was talking to friend about all the things I love about him and I also love his cute ears! I love that his ears are very unique and not so perfect.. They give him character and show how special and unique and silly and one of a kind he is and just how perfect he is.. I always call him "Prince Maddox".. Yes he is quite the Diva and quite the character and yes he always gets his way.. ;)) He got his way from day one.. I think he knew right away how much a sucker his Mommy is.. Especially when you give me that puppy face and sort of tilt your head! I fall apart!! Gosh I miss this little guy more than anything.. It hurts my heart that he is probably out there looking for me.. I know that is why he ran away to find his Mommy.. I just pray God brings us back together again! I need him and I know he needs me too.. I would do anything for him.. I hope he knows that.. I hope he knows his Mommy is still looking for him.. I hope he knows that I will never stop looking for him!

Mommy loves you Maddox!! Please come home!!!! =''(((((

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 207:

PLEASE SHARE!!! We have not posted a lost flier for awhile and decided it was time because we need to keep spreading the word that Maddox is still missing and we are still looking and we will never ever give up on him!!!! I heard recently that someone near Lake Hefner had no idea about Maddox.. We have had posters all over around there.. =''(( So please keep sharing!! Even if you don't live in Oklahoma or don't even know anyone in Oklahoma.. You never know where leads will come from and they can come from places we would never expect.... So share this flier all over! I am still in FB jail so can't even share myself.. =''((

We recently sent out postcards in the Camelot area (where Maddox went missing) and are working on sending out more and put new posters up this week.. We are also working on some new fundraising ideas, etc, etc.. So even though some days I have no words.. It doesn't mean we are not still doing everything we can to find my sweet baby.. I am grateful I have some amazing new friends in Oklahoma City that have assured me they will be with me until the end.. They are amazing people and I don't know what I would do without them!! LOVE you Janet, Jenni, Stephanie, Jennifer, Tara, Shirley, Brenda, Betsy, Joanna, Donna.. list goes on & on... xoxo

Maddox you have such a big family waiting for you!! You now have lots of new Aunties that want to spoil you rotten so please come out!! We have a new bed for you that I know you will LOVE since you can burrow in.. Thanks to Auntie Donna! ;)) New toys, bully sticks, etc, etc..


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 206:

Maddox Montage - Snuggle Bug :))

Does your baby like to burrow or snuggle under the covers??? Maddox is ALWAYS under a blanket no matter what.. He would build these elaborate igloos out of blankets that even had tunnels to get in & out of them.. Not joking.. This picture his head is actually showing but normally you can't see him at all.. Maybe a foot but usually he is all tucked under the blanket with a big lump or igloo.. I pray he has found something to burrow under... I pray he is comfy.. It hurts my heart thinking he isn't home with me where he has more blankets than he can ever want...

Thanks Carrie Hull for all the beautiful poems & quotes you send every day.. You have probably noticed we have started to use alot of them on our montage.. Thanks to everyone for your continued support & prayers for Maddox!! It means more to me than you will ever know!!

Please keep praying and believing!! I can't stand that he is still not home.. I want him home more than anything in this world and my heart breaks more and more everyday that goes by that he isn't home with us.. his family... I'm sorry that my posts haven't been so "uplifting" lately.. It has just a crazy roller coaster but I am ready for some good news! I am ready to be on the top of the world when I get that call that Maddox is safe! I can't wait to see him and snuggle with him and never let him go! There are no words for how much I love this little guy.. i guess you all have figured that out by now.. So thank you for riding this roller coaster ride with me and loving Maddox too.. xoxo

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 205:

This has been one of the worst weeks by far since Maddox went missing.. All the babies that crossed the rainbow bridge from car accidents breaks my heart.. I still can't get DeeDee off my mind.. And another baby Mustang crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday because he was so sick.. And two other babies that were found because of Maddox are sick now too.. =''((( So today I walked to the ocean for the first time since Maddox went missing and sat there and watched the waves and prayed..
Prayed for Maddox.. For Mustang.. For DeeDee.. For Rascal. For Billie.. For Jett.. For all the other lost or sick or injured babies.. I'm SO sad.. And can't stop crying.. =''((( For all these precious babies..

I am ready for some happy news.. So pray for happy news! And I saw this picture and knew it was a good one to post.. I pray God gives us all the strength to get through the tough times.. And like this quote says "Tough Times never last, but tough people do." So we have to trust in God to get us through this rough patch and I pray when we come out it will be this cute face waiting for me to pick him up in OKC and bring him back to Cali!! Maddox's eyes just draw me in and melt my heart... I was looking at this pic and it is like he is telling me "Mom I am okay" and "everything is going to be okay".. =''((( While sitting by the water I even envisioned him being back in my arms again and crying and licking my face... I know I am going to find him.. I have to find my sweet baby!! Maddox Mommy LOVES you so much!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 204:

Since it has been such a rough past week & when trying to figure out what to say or post today I decided on this one.. Maddox's smile and dimples are my most favorite thing in the world and it brightens even the darkest days!!! I miss this smile so much!! =''((

One random morning a few years ago I ran into a complete stranger and she told me "Have a nice day and Love yourself on Purpose!".. I can't explain it but I got in my car and giggled.. I had never heard that before and loved what she said and it made my day.. So wanted to share to brighten and make everyone else day since it has been rough & I know in Oklahoma City is has been gloomy and rainy and I know I can't stop crying.. With all the bad news lately I need something to make me smile.. LOVE YOU MADDOX!!

Please pray for good news & that Maddox will be home & his mommy & daddy & little sister can see this gorgeous smile in person! And love on him!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 203:

Well another rough past week...

We have been devastated beyond words because we have received calls for 3 different babies that were hit by a car that were Maddox lookalikes.. First one, we received over 28 calls and he looked a lot like Maddox. Of course, we had him scanned & we contacted the family. Second one was a female Min Pin... And third was another little black and tan fellow.. All these stories break our hearts. I'm sad for all the babies & for their families... And for Team Maddox. They get the call .... they have to drive there and wonder the whole way if they will find out it's Maddox.

The female Min Pin was one we have known for months now, because she seemed to roam all the time and would somehow make it home ... but not this time. Her poor brother, a little Jack Russell, was with her and came home freaked out.. I know it was because he was with her and he saw his sister and his best friend get hit and couldn't help her.. =''(((( When I heard the news about her.. I admit tears started flowing and did not stop.. I am so upset about this because I feel it could have been prevented.. I am upset because this isn't fair to her or her brother. She didn't know better and just wanted to have fun & go on an "adventure".. Her brother always went with her.. Every call we would get about them we knew it was them when they said there is a Min Pin and a Jack Russell roaming together.. Cutest duo ever! Now he doesn't have his sister anymore.. My heart hurts so bad for him.. And even though I never met her.. Part of me feels as if she was part of my family... And what the saddest thing to me is she isn't the only dog that roams all the time in Oklahoma City area...

While searching for Maddox we have found several that roam..We know because we get calls and people think they are Maddox. After so many calls, we have pictures of every one of them.. I just pray that the rest of these precious babies stay safe and their family prevents them from roaming..

Spay/Neutering helps with roaming.. If your dog gets out one time, that needs to be the last time it happens. The dog will not just “learn” to stay home, and punishing the dog will not change the behavior. It must be made impossible for the dog to get out....
Prevent dogs from dashing out doors by using two barriers at any door leading to an unfenced area. Make sure the dog is behind a second door, in a crate or on a leash before anyone opens that exterior door. Do the same at gates and car doors..

Please Say a prayer for these little ones ... for DeeDee, the baby girl now at the rainbow bridge. For Lucky, her brother. For all the roaming babies....

....For Maddox.<3 <3 <3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 201:

Just wanted to Thank all of Team Maddox for the continued support!! I am blown away by the support for Bliss.. So many comments brought tears to my eyes... So many kind words made me realize I worry a lot.. clearly too much.. Thank you so much for the love & support for my family!! We can't wait to be a complete family! =''(((

As for sightings of Maddox.. Another thing I have been worried about... We are afraid that fireworks might of scared him off... We are getting calls.. actually getting lots of them but none have been him... =''(( Actually a poor baby was hit by a car late last week and we received 28 calls! Yes I said 28! So I know that made me feel better that so many people are aware of Maddox.. I am sad that someone else lost their baby though.. =''(( He was another one that looked like Maddox but the amazing Team Maddox scanned him and even notified his family.. Everyone that called was very upset since the baby did not make it but were happy to hear it was not Maddox and assured us they will keep looking for him.. I was also informed our signs are still up! And I hear it is raining in Oklahoma City so we are hoping & praying that will make Maddox come up off the creek and make an appearance again!

Someone asked me yesterday "who I have in OKC searching for my baby".. Well we do still have 20+ volunteers that help with feeding stations, cameras, hotline, and signs.. But summer has been busy for alot of them so if anyone wants to help them out please let us know! If interested in helping out in OKC area with Maddox search, please private message us on this page with your contact info..

And lastly just wanted to share this.. I read daily scriptures and this is what it said today.. ;)) Very perfect for me.. Please keep praying for Maddox to be home!!!

"DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW! This is not a suggestion, but a command. I divided days and nights, so that you would have manageable portions of life to handle. My grace is sufficient for you, but its sufficiency is for only one day at a time. When you worry about the future, you heap day upon day of troubles onto your flimsy frame. You stagger under this heavy load, which I never intended you to carry."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maddox's Little Sister, Bliss!

I guess you know by now there’s very little I don’t tell you … but I did keep this from a lot of people. I decided to take Bliss home with me when I left OKC in April. I didn't want to say anything at first, because somehow, I felt like if I said I brought her home, maybe some would doubt me and think I was not only giving up, but replacing Maddox, too. Which I could never do!! But the longer I waited, the harder it’s been to say anything especially since there are so many babies that need homes & I realize that all of you that have been following my story for awhile know that Maddox can not be replaced nor will I ever give up on him!!! EVER! He is the love of my life!! Anyways here she is!! Maddox’s little sister.. Bliss!!

Bliss was the first to really teach me about a panicked dog and how to approach them. See, if you weren't on the page back in January, you might not know, Bliss was my first real “I think I see your dog” call. On January 21st, I got the call right before sun went down, so it was dark when I got there. I left socks and food and woke up WAY before sunrise and went back to wait for the sun to rise.. I fell asleep in my car it was so early. As soon as the sun rose I walked everywhere and finally, behind a shed, there she was! She let me come up to her and feed her snacks, but when I tried to grab her, she bit me and ran. For the next 6-8 hours, I followed her and kept an eye on her. I called a friend in rescue and she came right away with a trap and this little girl went right in it, but she was too small to set off the lever!! But, finally, she got tired and we slipped a leash on her and she went to rescue and was fostered by someone until Maddox could meet her and decide. That was my plan for him to decide so we could all come home together but clearly this isn't all my plan & it is all God's plan..

When I found her I told Brandon.. I swear she was brought to me for a reason.. I can't explain it but I was attached immediately and Brandon would not stop talking about her and he never met her!! I could not commit because I wanted Maddox to meet her and choose! But as time wore on and it came time for me leave, I knew, clearly it is God's plan and not mine. So, Brandon and I decided to bring her home with us to California, make her Maddox's little sister and make her an LA Diva.. She is a Daddy's girl and is very opposite of Maddox.. Maddox is a Mommy's boy, so I know they will make a great team! I know that she will help comfort Maddox when he comes home and he will never left alone again.. EVER!

Bliss has really helped me smile again and laugh again.. She is a very goofy little girl & even does handstands & cartwheels to pee! LOL The rescue called her "Heavenly Bliss" because she is such a sweet-heart we believe she was definitely an angel sent from Heaven.. Like others I know she was brought into our lives for a reason.. She is anxiously waiting for her brother to come home and to meet him! I tell her everyday to tell him to come home if she can send some Doggy vibes out there & I think she is listening! So Maddox's whole family is anxiously waiting for him to come home!

This entire year has been the most difficult time of my life and I just want people to know I will never ever give up on finding the love of my life.. Maddox is my everything.. He is such a special baby boy and will NEVER be replaced!! Everything we do is for him!! We were given another blessing and that is Bliss.. But that just means our family has gotten bigger! We all miss Maddox more than anything and just want him home!!! We LOVE you Maddox!! Mommy, Daddy & your little sister Bliss <3 <3 <3

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 199:

Maddox Montage - Birthday

Today is July 13th so wanted to share this pictures since Maddox's 8th birthday is exactly a month away.. We are praying he is home to celebrate his birthday with us!! As you all can imagine we always do something special for Maddox's Birthday.. His first birthday I had a big party with a cake and all his doggie friends over and he got lots of presents! He was funny because he actually pouted in the corner while his friends played with his toys.. So after that we decided to always have family birthdays. We would go to the beach, or just stay home.. He always got to open lots of presents and got a special treat from the Doggie Bakery.. Our favorite place Three Dog Bakery! ;))) One birthday he had a special "lei" he wore at the beach and he walked around the beach so proud like he was saying "look at me, it is my birthday and I am the cutest thing here." This was last years birthday. He didn't like the hat so much and was mad that mommy was taking too many pictures.. This year I pray he is home for his birthday so we can open lots of presents, he can wear a lei or hat or whatever he wants! ;)) Or maybe we can all just have a big party celebrating him being home and his birthday at the same time! How awesome would that be? Please keep praying for my baby boy!! I miss him so much and want nothing more than for him to be home.. =''((( WE LOVE YOU MADDOX!! Please come home so we can be together as a family on your birthday!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jett - Another Baby saved by Maddox!

Have you ever just known someone came into your life for a reason??

Well I know Jett came into my life for a reason... The more we have gotten to know him the more we feel strongly he might be Maddox's brother or came from the same breeder or somehow is same family. He resembles Maddox in so many ways it gives me chills.. He has same markings, same ears, and is exactly the same size.. Even his temperament is the same.. Rescue told me "if I didn't think Maddox came from Cali I would think they were part of same litter." Well ironic thing is... Maddox didn't come from Cali & was born in Oklahoma.. He is a true Okie!

Yes I admit we got him from a breeder.. Knowing what I know now about this world I would not get a baby from a breeder but would never change getting Maddox for anything in the world! When I found Maddox I knew he was the one and I told my husband I want HIM!!! It really was love at first sight! ;))) ♥

Anyways update on Jett.. The little guy is doing really great! He is now able to stand & able to pottie outside on his own!! This sweet baby boy is a Fighter & has come a long way since his first surgery.. He still has a rough road and we are taking it day by day so please continue to pray for him! Also as youknow he will have several surgeries and so please donate to this amazing rescue that stepped up for him and saved him when nobody else would! Not many would do for Jett what this rescue is doing so I am forever grateful! Dogs As Family is a non-profit and gifts are tax deductible.

**Make sure to Note Donation is for Jett.. With 2 T's! ;))

Donations can be made on the Dogs as Family FB by clicking “Donate Now” button at top of their page. But, if you're on phone/mobile device through FB app, you won't see a donate button. Only if on safari or other browsers :

Or by Mail: Dogs As Family P.O. Box 13457 Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Or directly via Paypal:


Thursday, July 11, 2013


Maddox ~ Sweet Baby Boy. There are no words that describe how much Mommy & Daddy LOVE you & MISS you & We will NEVER EVER give up on you.. EVER!

I admit this picture is hard for me to look at.. Snuggling with my sweet baby is always my favorite part of every day! I can't look at it without crying... I think this picture says it all so today letting the picture speak my words & show how much I love this little guy... ='''(((

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maddox Pack!

Today Maddox wants to share a Tip on what to keep in your car for a lost dog search... Tip includes items that you might need if you get a sighting call OR even everyday in case you might see a stray dog roaming the area.. ;)) All these items will help you to lure a lost doggy and hopefully re-unite them with their family! Also it includes items that will come in very handy when putting up signs for a lost or found doggie! Team Maddox in OKC already has their "Maddox Pack"!! ;)))

Please keep praying for Maddox to come out of hiding! We don't know where he is.. We are worried the fireworks might of scared him since we have had no calls..=''(( Mommy is very worried.. =''((

But we do plan to up the game and go door to door again this weekend and are even going to go back to the beginning and send out postcards where he went missing.. We will never ever give up on him!!! Maddox it is time to come home!!! We LOVE you sweet baby boy!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 195:

Maddox Montage - Monkey on Back

Just a silly picture to share today.. Here is one of Maddox's favorite toys.. I believe I got this for him at the San Diego Zoo. I forgot to share that yes he gets new toys for every holiday but he also gets new toys if I went ANYWHERE! LOL I always had to find something for my baby.. Spoiled Rotten! I have still been buying him new toys.. Waiting for him to come home! So Maddox sweet baby so many people want to buy you new toys.. Mommy has been buying you new toys.. You still have a laundry basket filled with them so come home please!! Please continue to share our page.. Lori said maybe Maddox is waiting for 4,000 likes?!?! We have been hanging out around 3,800 for a month or two now so please continue to share our page! We are continuing to try to spread awareness as much as we can! We want everyone to know Maddox is still missing and we are still looking and we will never ever give up on him!!! He is the love of our life & I can't begin to even express how much I miss him! So please keep praying & sharing & sorry I haven't had much news lately.. =''(((

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 193:

Maddox Montage - new toys & snacks from Doggy Bakery! ;))

The days I have no news to report I like to share more about Maddox so you all can get to know him better.. I know him.. I have had him since he was only 6 weeks old & I realize many of you only know what I have told you. So thats why I do these "Maddox Montages" so you all can get to know my baby boy too! :))

I have taken millions of pictures of Maddox. Think I have taken several a day since he was adopted.. I can not help it... He is just too cute!! I do wonder if that is why he seems to be "avoiding" our cameras though.. =''(( He would look at his Daddy like help me!! LOL One Christmas I wanted to make a card out of him and I swear to you I took a hundred of pictures of him in his holiday outfit!! He was not happy with Mommy!! I ended up using the last one I took though!

Another thing about Maddox.. Oh my goodness.. If you knew how many toys he has! He has a whole laundry basket full that is over-flowing! Since he was a baby he always gets a new toy for every single holiday St. Pattys, 4th of July, Halloween, etc.. and then on Christmas & His Birthday he gets SEVERAL! He LOVES opening presents and NEW TOYS! I can't even bring the new toys in the house or he just knows they are in the bag and will not stop jumping or trying to get them so I usually leave them in my car & wrap them at work! LOL He also knows any pet store bags for some reason.. Guess it is the smell? he would basically steal the entire bag from me if I brought it inside even if I just went to the store to get his food or the Doggy Bakery to get him some yummy snacks!! In this pic you can see he is getting his presents out of the bag! He couldn't wait any longer!!

The day he went missing.. Christmas Eve.. He had tons of presents and he was so mad at me because I had to lock him out of the room to wrap his Christmas presents.. We flew to Oklahoma City the night before so I didn't have a chance to wrap them before.. He opened them on Christmas eve because we were leaving that day.. He also got a bunch of turkey so had a full tummy! He was so happy because he got lots of squeaky balls! His favorite.. It kills me that he didn't get to play with his new toys more than that day..

Maddox sweet baby boy. ALL your toys are waiting for you when you get home! Even your stuffed Girlfriend is waiting for you! And I promise you will get lots of new toys! Please come home! Your mommy & daddy miss you so much! Like Carrie Hull said "Your family is not whole. We are missing a piece, and that piece is you." Our family will never be whole without you.. Please come home. WE LOVE YOU MADDOX!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 192:

The past week has been incredibly rough... Well guess the whole year has been rough.. =''(( Ever since my sweet baby went missing I have seen so much good and bad in this world.. It has been a crazy roller coaster ride for sure of emotions.. Sad, Anger, Anxiety.. Then comes the happy tears, the stories that people tell me about how they found out about me & Maddox & how they have fallen in love with my sweet baby boy.. I can't begin to even explain how much I miss him.. I look at pictures & just cry.. He is the love of my life & I hate this has all happened.. But then I know that I would not of met some of the most amazing people in this world.. I would not of not of been able to make the rescue connections I have.. I would not have so many new friends that I love dearly.. I would not have been able to save so many precious babies that all have made pawprints on my heart and life foreer.. I hate this for my baby boy though.. It is all so bitter sweet & the emotions are over-whelming.. I literally don't think there has been a day since Maddox went missing that tears do not flow.. Sometimes I can't stop crying.. i just want to thank you all for being there to support me & Maddox. Some of you have been there since the beginning. Some I have known you forever and some I just met you.. Some I have never met.. But thanks for being there for us!!!

This picture is Maddox's cousins Madden & Willy. Willy is the Cairne Terrier & Madden is the Jack Russel Terrier.. His other cousins are not in the picture Zoey & Bella (both Jack Russell Terriers).. Yes we have lots of Jack Russell's in the family! ;)) Willy is one of Maddox's guardian angels helping him find his Mommy & Daddy!

Please keep praying for Maddox to be found soon! His whole entire family & friends miss him more than anything!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 191:

Maddox hopes everyone had a good holiday.. In regards to sightings of Maddox... Unfortunately we did not get that one call we had hoped & prayed for last night of our sweet baby boy running around or seeking safety at someones porch.. Admit I was getting my hopes up my dreams were going to come true on the holiday.. =''((( But then again it was dark when fireworks were going off so we are not surprised since we all know Maddox is smart & seems to have it figured out to keep himself safe.. We are assuming he was hunkered down hiding from all the scarey noise.. =''((

We do hope & pray he went back to his "safe" place where he has been sighted & scent confirmed a few times now.. So keep praying my stubborn baby boy comes out of hiding soon so we can lure & trap him and bring him home to Cali where he belongs! We are never giving up on him and guess this journey is not ending yet.. =''(((

On a different note..

Meet Jett… The newest baby saved by Maddox!

You may have seen him posted on Maddox’s wall by many who thought he was Maddox in the OKC shelter. I even got calls and texts from people hoping it was him. Although thinner, I thought this might be the call I’d been praying for. Team Maddox went to check, but it wasn’t him. I swear he could be Maddox’s twin brother though & can’t explain it but know he was brought into our life for a reason and he was another one God wanted Maddox to save..

I posted him in rescue groups hoping to save him. A few days later, I was told he was going to be put down, since no one claimed him and he was “growly” and “snippy”. =”((( This is something I’ve been so afraid of for Maddox. I know he will be snippy too at a shelter and I worry if he ever ends up at one, they might not even put him online to be saved … and if they didn’t scan him, well, I just worry. I can’t explain it but this little guy melted my heart and reminds me so much of my sweet baby boy. I was terrified and frantic thinking they might put him to sleep.. So, I started posting him everywhere and fast as I could. Because of my pleas, a rescue in Okc, Dogs As Family, saved him. They said he was full of kisses when they took him out of the shelter! They saw he was hurt (no WONDER he was "snippy"), so he went straight to the vet.

Jett needs help … a lot of help. =”((( Poor baby has been through A LOT.. He has three broken legs.. Yes 3!! The vet said he may have been hit by a car or could have even been in the tornado. The injuries are about 6 weeks old. He has already had one surgery to repair his left hip and start skin grafts on his right rear leg and they cleaned out some of the terrible infection in his leg. Yes, he sat 3 days in the shelter in pain and getting sicker. ="((( BUT, the vet said he is very strong and said Jett will one day be jetting around! But before that can happen he has to have more surgeries and it’s going to end up costing about $2,000.00.

If you can help GREAT!! As much as anything, I hope you will share this. Share for prayers, donations, or just love & thoughts for this little guy that has been through so much but now has a second chance at life!! I want to get the word out, since this baby was thought to be Maddox & could be his brother … like the ones in the past that were able to get into rescue or back to their home.. We feel strongly all have been brought to us for a reason & want these precious babies to be happy & be okay!! Jett needs our PRAYERS for a speedy recovery!!

This amazing rescue is local and I know rescues all over Oklahoma have had so many hardships with homeless babies. I just want to give them a Maddox paw-up! Dogs As Family is a non-profit and gifts are tax deductible.

**Make sure to Note Donation is for Jett.. With 2 T's! ;))

Donations can be made on the Dogs as Family FB by clicking “Donate Now” button at top of their page. But, if you're on phone/mobile device through FB app, you won't see a donate button. Only if on safari or other browsers :

Or by Mail: Dogs As Family P.O. Box 13457 Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Or directly via Paypal:


(Donation link on right margin of website is being fixed right now so it may not work)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

America's Day

Maddox says Happy Independence day to his new family!!

Today is a rough day for his mommy.. I am worried sick about him and was remembering last year what we did.. We spent the day with our friends and of course Maddox was with us! This... entire year has been sucky and no holiday is the same without my little baby boy.. But at the same time I am grateful for so many amazing people that have come into my life.. I have so many friends that I love dearly and have met in person and some I have never met.. But friends all over the country that I find we all have a common bond.. Our LOVE for our babies! Hope everyone keeps their babies safe!!!

Maddox Mommy & Daddy love you so much! We hope you found a safe place and the fireworks don't scare you too much... We know you have been through ALOT and hate this is happening.. We just want you home SAFE with us! We can't wait to see you again and give you big hugs & kisses & spoil you rotten!! Mommy promises you will get lots of new squeaky balls & toys & will get all your favorite snacks! LOVE you SWEET BABY BOY more than ANYTHING!! My heart huts without you.. =''(((
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tip from Maddox... Be safe on 4th of July!!

Please share this Tip from Maddox and let's keep one less baby from becoming lost this 4th of July...

More pets go missing around 4th of July than any other time of year. There is a 30 percent increase in lost pets nationwide from July 4th - 6th!!!

While you are enjoying a spectacular light show, your furbaby is experiencing terrifying explosions attacking their senses. Without understanding these noises, the babies become frantic and often run away... =''((

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 187:

Thank you, Team Maddox, for all the kind words about my sweet baby boy being picked to be in American Dog Magazine. I am so happy they added a spot to feature lost dogs!! I made a plea to put all the lost babies on there and looks like my ...plea worked! Maddox, Brody, Rudy, Bridgette, Penny, and Rudy will get much needed awareness!! I wish they were doing ALL the lost babies in the US though!! When I made my plea I tagged all the others I am aware of but hopefully this will be the start of sharing lost babies with the world! There are so many & have to admit before Maddox was lost and my whole world changed, I never knew how many lost babies there were. There are so many and their families are just like us in that they will never ever ever give up on them!

And also thank you to everyone who wrote something on America Dog Magazine's wall .... being in FB jail I couldn't post anything there to say thank you. Not even on the other lost dogs pages!!! =(((( But I sent private messages to the other 'lost dog' moms & we have decided we need to keep working together so all our missing babies do not get lost in the shuffle!! All the lost doggie mom’s deserve to be recognized for their efforts to bring their babies home. That is one thing we share a common bond. WE all just love our babies so much that we will do anything for them!

Also Maddox has helped inspire me to do so many things for him! Team Maddox is saving babies in Oklahoma for him and I am saving babies in California! This weekend I did my first transport of two precious babies from a high kill shelter to their new foster home ... I had helped all week to network and save these babies. I network a lot but this is the first time I got to meet them!! Their intake picture melted my heart and they looked so scared! I was quiet all weekend because Saturday spent literally half the day in the car transporting them from San Fernando Valley to Orange County but it was so worth it to save their lives!! They were very scared but so sweet & adorable! Meet Lois & Clarke! Brother & Sister that are VERY attached & you can see in pics an Extremely bonded pair! They were dumped at the shelter and seem to be abused but have been in touch with the foster mom & she says they LOVE playing in the yard with the other dogs!! Lois & Clarke it is time to enjoy the rest of your life and be spoiled rotten!!

So I do believe this is all part of God’s plan.. He is showing me so many things and I feel as if he is calling me to keep saving babies for Maddox until I can save him! I can’t explain how great it felt to pick up these babies and put them in my car!! And now knowing they are SAFE & FREE is awesome!! I just want them to be okay!! I can’t get either off my mind and both have put paw prints on my heart and life forever!! I’m excited for them and excited for them to be happy!!!
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