Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woke up this morning to some more attacks that I am a scammer, I am a liar.. The reward is a scam... Ironically I was talking to my friend last night about all the personal attacks I have had to deal with.. As awareness spreads it seems to happen more and more but honestly I will take it to get the word out about my sweet baby boy!!! 

I don't' know what is happening but whatever you all are doing is working! I got several calls this week from people all over the country.. Texas, California, Indiana, Michigan, New York, etc, etc. SO it is spreading!!!! So thank you to all that have helped me keep spreading awareness!!

While sharing, If you deal with people that think the reward is a scam.. I assure you all the reward is NOT a scam, I just want my sweet baby home! I love him so much and there truly is not a dollar amount I would not pay to get him home.. Us being together again is worth way more than money so I assure you the reward is real.. We have always had this reward, we just never shared the exact dollar amount until recently...

I was also called a scammer because there is a baby that LOOKS like Maddox at the OKC shelter.. Seriously?!?! Well he is NOT Maddox and he is no longer at the shelter.. I know every single Min Pin that goes through the Oklahoma City shelter because we check the shelter every other day and I have connections there so I assure you Maddox will not be at the shelter without me knowing.. and actually any baby there I work my butt off to get them out of the shelter.. I can't stand any Min Pin being there so I network to get them safe.. So if that makes me a scammer so be it.. I love these babies and will do anything to save them..

I will never understand how people throw out accusations and personal attacks without even knowing the person.. I was raised if you don't' have anything nice to say don't say anything.. That is one thing that has made me sick about humanity this past year, how mean people can be to people they don't even know.. There is a quote that says don't' judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.. If anything this past year, I have become stronger and have learned to not take it personally.. I don't' really care what people think and if they think i am crazy for paying too much for my baby.. If they think I am crazy for not giving up.. Quite honestly I think they are crazy for thinking I am crazy! I LOVE my family and LOVE my sweet baby boy and I will never give up! Heck there is some blog someone wrote about me a month after Maddox got lost saying I was a crazy person for still looking.. Well I know babies are reunited years later every single day!!

And it is my family and I know Maddox needs me and so I will never give up!!! I just want him home safe where he belongs!! And we do belong together!!! He is so special and can not be replaced.. I LOVE you Maddox!!!! YOU are my special sweet baby boy and we WILL Be together again!!!! So stay strong baby boy!!


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