Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Video here --> http://youtu.be/lfXNRUSZyQE
Lately we have no updates.. Just still spreading awareness and trying to reach that one person that knows where the love of my life is...

Someone asked me to share how Maddox came into my life... I shared it forever ago but I know we have new people following our page and Facebook really is hard to read to find the full story so I am sorry if you haveheard it before or you have already seen this but for those that do not know I am going to start going back to the beginning and might share videos/pictures I have shared before..

This video I know I have shared before but it was my first video I edited several together. It isn't perfect but Maddox LOVES playing ball and I believe this video truly shows him. Shows him happy. Shows his BIG personality.. Shows his cute smile.. Shows his cute little dance he would do when waiting for me to throw the ball.. Maddox is so full of life. So full of energy.. He is 8 years old but still exactly like a puppy.. Gosh I can't explain how much I LOVE this little guy.. I miss him beyond words..


And so how did he come into my life..

Well Brandon travels a lot (he is a Stand Up Comedian). .We both love doggies and so we decided we would get one to keep me company.. I have to admit, I always wanted a yorkie..but Brandon grew up with doberman pincher and did not want a small fluffy dog.. LOL I also LOVE JRT's... and Brandon's Dad has a Min Pin.. His name is Montana. So Brandon said what about a Miniature Pinshcer.. And I said what about a Jack russel terrier.. Well we started looking at both breeds.. And then one day, Brandon sent me a picture of a little baby named "Pistol".. It was LOVE at first sight and I said I want HIM! Brandon called the breeder and she said they had some other Min Pins.. They had some females.. But I said no I want the one in the picture!!! And that's how Maddox came into my life.. It was a very weird experience.. He came from Oklahoma and we picked him up at the airport... As soon as I saw that adorable face, tears started flowing!!! So when I say love at first sight.. It is so true!! I knew the moment I laid eyes on this little guy he was my little soul-mate.. I knew he would be such a special part of my life.. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he would be lost and away from me for so long... I would do anything to have a chance to see my sweet baby boy again... Some say with Grief, it gets better with time but I don't know if this will ever get better.. I miss him and my heart literally is so broken without him... I LOVE YOU MADDOX! SO VERY MUCH!!!!! PLEASE COME HOME!!!! ='''((((((
 — with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

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