Friday, April 25, 2014

Several of you have probably seen this by now but today wanted to just share the story about Molly.. Click here to read full story..

 Molly was stolen from her family's backyard a year ago and her family searched desperately for her, but lost hope after months passed with no word. Molly was found roaming around a few months later, just skin and bones. Her rescuers cared for her and adopted her into their family for 7 months. Molly slipped her lead on a walk and when she was found, they scanned Molly for a microchip. Well she did have a chip and it was still registered to her first family!!! When they called Molly's owners, they were in disbelief that Molly was safe after a year away from them. And then.. Just a few minutes later, they received another call asking about Molly from the rescuers! The rescuers showed tremendous selflessness in being willing to give up a furbaby that they love so much so she could go back home to her original family... They were very sad to say goodbye to Molly but they were so happy to hear that Molly was going to be reunited with her family, including young children who had missed her all this time. 

This story brought tears.. First of all I do feel in all my heart that this might be how I get my sweet baby boy Maddox back.. I feel like he will get away from whoever he is with and that is how I will get him back..

Also strangely as I was walking my girls just the other day, I though to myself, how could nobody be looking for my little girl Bliss. She is so cute and sweet and loving and a total goofball. And I thought to myself she is all over Facebook and I thought what if someone called me and said Bliss is their baby.. I thought well that is going to be the hardest thing I ever do to let her go but I would have to let her go back to her original family with visitation rights of course :)) But I would have to because that is the right thing to do and how could I not considering I expect whoever has my sweet baby Maddox to give him back to me.. I can't be a hypocrite..

And if there is a family that has loved Maddox for the past year.. I would give them visitation rights.. Because they have taken care of him when I couldn't and I am sure they love him too.. Heck thousands of people have fallen in love with Maddox and they haven't' even met him.. He has that effect on people.. When he was a baby.. this is strange but people would want to buy him from me.. Of course I would say Hell NO I a not selling my baby to you even if you paid me a million dollars but you get the point.. 

Always Praying and always believing in my miracle!!! Love you and Miss you Maddox!!! Wherever you are know that Mommy is still searching and I will never give up on you so I hope you have not given up on me!! =''((((

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