Monday, April 14, 2014

Maddox was picked up after May 2013. He may still be in the OKLAHOMA CITY/EDMOND area, but he could have easily been taken many miles away. As often happens with a found dog, his microchip has yet to be scanned. It’s very likely whoever has him has no clue we are looking for him.

Maddox is an 8 y/o, microchipped, black and tan, neutered male Miniature Pinscher. Tracking dogs followed his scent into a yard in Edmond, where the scent stopped. This means he was picked up. We need your help spreading the word. $5000 reward! As we’ve seen time and time again, microchipped pets have turned up months or years later and hundreds of miles away, because the pet wasn't scanned for a microchip when first found.
Maddox Miniature Pinscher Lost in Okc
405-28F-OUND! (405-283-6863)

All calls confidential.

Shares and a prayer to Bring Maddox Home! I’m sure you’ve seen more dogs reunited with their owners, just this week, due to someone finally checking for a chip. How wonderful for those dogs and their owners! And there’s something I really didn’t think about until yesterday. Media Influence! The more "reunions due to chips" hit the news, the more engrained it becomes in ones mind.

As these stories continue, peoples' thought process begins to change. Normally, when I think of media influence, it tends to be about something negative. Not this time! As more people read and hear about these reunions, soon it will be more commonplace for everyone to think, “I wonder if that dog has a chip...” rather than, “I wonder who abandoned that dog.”

So, shares and a prayer.... WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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