Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time to lighten the mood.....

What is your Easter Bunny name? What is your Fur Babies Easter Bunny name?!?! I normally don't like these but thought this one was cute so please share with us your name(s)!! We would love to hear from you!

Maddox = Sparkle Sugar Kiss 
Me = Daffodil Sugar Kiss
Brownie, Bliss & Brandon (My 3B's ;)) = Whisper Sugar Kiss

Maddox does give good kisses and always has a sparkle & twinkle in his eyes that I miss so very much!! =''(((

Sparkle Sugar Kiss Mommy & Daddy LOVE you and MISS you and we are STILL SEARCHING and BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH that our Family WILL be TOGETHER again and WE WILL BE SOOOOOO HAPPY & SPARKLY & GLOWING!!! :)))    xooxoxox

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