Sunday, April 27, 2014

So on Facebook I get so many messages & so many comments and I really do try to read every single one of them BUT I recently realized I am missing on some of the best comments.. And that is what people say when they share our story...So today I am letting someone else's words be my post.. I like the story being from a different perspective other than mine.. I feel like I say the same things over & over again.. I think it is because I can't really find words for how I feel because there are no words to describe how a mother feels when her child is lost and no matter what you do you still can't find them and no matter what you do you feel so helpless and the part of this that is the worst is that I can't protect my baby.. =''(((

I want to thank you all for always sharing our story and staying with me and Maddox and never giving up on us! Together we WILL find my baby boy!!

This is so perfect and so touching... Made me Cry... Of course... ="""((((

"My Name is Maddox and there is something confusing me. I am being kept away from my real Mommy and my real Daddy. I wandered off from a family friend's house on Christmas Eve 2012. I haven't seen my real family since then. I am so unhappy...Mommy used to kiss me and hug me. And Daddy played football with me. Around October 2013 Mommy almost found me.. dogs followed my scent into a house in Edmond, Oklahoma but those people wouldn't help Mommy find me! If you know me or recognize my tags or collar, please help me! A vet or rescue shelter can scan the microchip under my skin. The microchip has information about my real Mommy and real Daddy and the vet or rescue will help make sure I get to go home with my real family! My little doggy prayer is to go back to my forever home where Mommy and Daddy are waiting for me. I even seem my real Mommy and Daddy when I sleep and dream of them...I wake up so sad...please copy and paste and share until some kind person returns me to my real family! Thank you Maddox."

 — with Jackie Robben Vestal and Maddox Vestal.

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