Friday, April 11, 2014

Late last night I realized yesterday was National Sibling's Day... So HAPPY BELATED SIBLINGS DAY to everyone!

Maddox has two very special sisters that I can't wait for him to meet... I can't explain it but I know both Bliss & Brownie were sent to me from God... They are both my little angels..

Bliss is the sweetest little girl ever.. Not your typical Min Pin.. haha! Well except the fact that I am pretty sure she is a roamer like her brother since that is how I found her and she scares me to death so I don't let her out of my sight and I am reluctant to leave her with anyone..

Brownie on the other hand I don't think is a pure Min Pin but all she wants is to be around people and be loved. She never wants to be alone.. Follows me everywhere and is a big cry baby.. haha.. Outside she follows her sister around.. She is always in my lap or Brandon's.. She is a funny girl.. I call her flash.. she zooms all around the apartment and is fast.. I thinks he is party Italian greyhound.. thank goodness I don't think she would ever run from me because I can't even catch her in my apartment.. ;))

Same with Maddox.. He was SO fast.. I could never catch him when we played in the apartment.. I miss him so much.. I know he wants to meet his sisters. I know his sisters want to meet him.. I never thought I would have more than one baby.. Maddox was always my one and only but now I have three. And each has a special place in my heart.. I just wish my heart would be whole again.. A big piece of it died when Maddox got lost .. I will never give up on him.. I can't even explain how much I miss him.. I look at him and he is SO PERFECT! He is SO BEAUTIFUL! He has the BIGGEST PERSONALITY! He is truely one of a kind!!! He is SO SPECIAL! And I knew it the second I laid eyes on him.. I have my girls but Maddox is my soul-mate.. I will never be whole until he is HOME!!!

Dear Maddox, Mommy and Daddy and your sisters love you and miss you so much.. Please keep the faith.. Please stay strong.. Please be a good boy.. and know Mommy & Daddy will never give up... We pray wherever you are you are safe.. you are being loved.. you are being spoiled.. But know this.. wherever you are we WILL FIND YOU!! Love you to the moon and back a trillion gazillion times sweet baby boy!!!! 

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