Friday, April 4, 2014


We really need help spreading awareness.. And since FB is messing with us I feel like we have to share it even more than normal..

Awhile back there was lost pet awareness day and I do feel like we should try that again this weekend!!! There are so many ways you can help us without even knowing it.. 

Some options to help are:
(a) If everyone takes this poster and shares it on their personal page and 5 other FB pages/groups imagine how many people we can reach!
(b) Or even if you just want to create one or two Craigslist ads in your city that will help too.. 
(c) Or you can print it out and take it to your local vet, shelter, petstore, dogpark, groomer, anywhere
(d) If you are on Twitter, you can tweet for us to any of your favorite dog lovers!

(e) Post on Pnterest
(d) Post on Instagram (I want to make one for Instagram in the square format)
(e) any other creative way to share Maddox!

I wanted to share it today because I know lots of us can't be on facebook during the week but the weekend we have more time to be on here!!! (Atleast I do... ;))

Thanks everyone for your continued love & support. Together we WILL BRING MADDOX HOME!!!! 

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